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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF <br />OF REVIEW, HEXD TUESDAY, <br />THE EDINA BOARD <br />JULY ;13, 1971, <br />AT 4:30 P.M., AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL . <br />Councilmen Courtney, Shaw, VanValkenburg and Nayor Bredesen served as the <br />Board of Review. <br />was also present. <br />Nr. Robert Martin of the Hennepin County Assessor’s office <br />The meeting convened at 4:30 p..m., pursuant to “Notice of Board of Review Meet- <br />ing” published in the Edina Sun on July 1, 1971, and posted on Village bulletin <br />boards on July 2, 1971. <br />Village Assessor, Kent Svanson, presented the following *tabulation: I <br />Preliminary reports on the 1971 assessment indicate a net <br />addition to Real Estate values $ 2,997.781 <br />Auditors reported 1970 Real Estate value 77,145.878 <br />Estimated 1971 Real Estate value 80,143,659 <br />.This represents a. gain of approximately 3.9%. <br />Early estimates indicate personal property values 3,627,000 <br />ESTIMATED GRAND TOTAL TAXABLE VALUE FOR 1971 $83,770,000 <br />Personal property values included in the above figures are based on projections <br />rather than final figures and assumes that the Legislature will continue the <br />Personal Property Tax. <br />No persons register complaints, Councilman Shaw’s motion that <br />valuations for the year 1971 be certified as presented by the Village Assessor <br />vas seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. Adjournment at 5:30 p.m. <br />Village Clerk 1 <br />.