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MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1971 AT 4:30 <br />.. <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, VanVall <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. (1s <br />SOUTHDALE LIQUOR STORE PROPERTY ACQUISITION APPROVED, SUBJECT TO HODIFICATI <br />BY MAYOR. Mr. Erickson advised that Mr. Dalen has negotiated with Red Owl <br />for a price of $98,000 for property located just South of the Southdale Re( <br />Owl Store at 6775 Yorlc Ave. S., closing date for which would be October 29 <br />1971. Mr. Erickson said that agreement had been reached in all matters ex( <br />that the Village is to confer with Red Owl on the site location of the bui: <br />ing but that the Village is to have the final say on where the buililing is <br />be located. Councilman Courtney then offered the following resolution and <br />moved its adoption: <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the Edina Village Council authorize execution of the pi <br />chase agreement with Red Owl Stores, Inc. in the amount of $98,000 for the <br />following described property, subject to such modifications as would meet <br />approval by the Mayor: <br />RESOLUTION <br />The Westerly two hundred fifty-five feet (255') of the following descril <br />parcel : <br />The tract or parcel of land lying and being Zn the County of Hennepin <br />State of Minnesota, described as follows, to-wit: All that part of <br />Tract F, Registered Land Survey No. 629, files of Registrar of Titles, <br />County of Hennepin;State of Minnesota lying South of a line drawn '. parallel with and 40 feet South of, as measured at right angles to, tl. <br />South line of vacated West 68th Street as dedicated in the plat of <br />"York Terrace" and its Westerly extension and lying Northerly of a lir <br />drawn parallel with and 140 feet South of, as measured at right angle: <br />said South line of vacated 'Nest 68th Street and its Westerly extensior <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution ~7% secunded by Councilman Shaw and ( <br />rollcall there were four ayes and no nays and the resolution was adopted wj <br />Councilman Johnson abstaining from voting, Mr. Erickson advised that the 7 <br />will be subject to all restrictions imposed by Daytons on all its propertit <br />FEASIBILITY REPORT DROPPED. As recommended by Mr. Dunn, no action was take <br />on the feasibility reEort on the extention of State Highway Dept. storm set <br />Our Lady of Grace Church. <br />SIDEWALK SNOW REMOVAL POLICY DISCUSSION CONTINUED to October 4, 1971, as rc <br />mended by Mr. Dunn. <br />TOPXCS PROGRAM AREA 3 DISCUSSION POSTPONED; Mr. Hyde called Council's attc <br />to Mr. Dunn's memo which noted that the Village has now been requested by I <br />epin County to enter into another agreement for TOPICS encompassing both P1 <br />I and Phase 11 for Study Area 3; estimated cost to the Village would be <br />$2,972 .OO. Councilman VanValkenburg's motion was seconded by Councilman Cc <br />and carried that action on this request be postponed until something concrc <br />results from the Area 1 investment. <br />SANITARY TRUNK SEWER CAPACITY EIPLARGEMJINT DISCUSSED. Mr. Hyde recalled thz <br />Mr. Dunn had aetended a meeting with the Metropolitan Sewer Board relative <br />going through Eden Prairie (in Sanitary S6wer:District 4) rather than throi <br />Sanitary Sewer District 1. Mr. Dunn recommended that it was not feasible t <br />go through Eden Prairie because we would then be expected to participate ir <br />costs of all interceptor sewer lines in District 4. No action was taken. <br />METROPOLITAN SEWER BOARD BILL DISCUSSED., Mr. Hyde advised of the receipt c <br />the final Metrapolitan Sewer Board Gill, cost of which is approximately <br />$368,000. Mr. Dalen suggested the possibility of raising the. sewer rates t <br />$48 or $50 annually so that there would be a stable rate. He said that he <br />presently making a break-down indicating use by the various types of users, <br />Discussion ensued as to the possibility of the Village refusing to pay so t <br />the additional cost would be levied with property taxes as Burnsville has F <br />posed to do. As Mr. Daleq the matter was continued until mc <br />definite information is available. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 901-A1 GRANTED FIRST READING. As recommended by Mr. Hyde, <br />Councilman Courtney offered Ordinance No. 901-A1 for First Reading as follc <br />ORDINANCE NO. 901-Al <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 901, TO ALLOW SALES OF <br />ELECTION DAYS OTHER THAN DAYS OF ANY STATEXT.DE ELECTION <br />NON-INTOXICATING AND INTOXICATING LIQUOR ON MEMORIAL DAY AND ON <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL <OF EDINA, 'MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />m- <br />% <br />2pt <br />i- <br />to <br />C- <br />zd <br />md <br />3 <br />: <br />to, <br />1 <br />:h <br />illage <br />3. <br />1 <br />:r by <br />:om- <br />ition <br />snn- <br />ISi? <br />irtney <br />:e <br />:0 <br />:h <br />) <br />i <br />) <br />-s <br />iat <br />re <br />r0- <br />JS :