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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD <br />MEETING OF THE <br />AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1971 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Cburtney , Johnson and Mayor Bredesen. <br />NINUTES of Hovember 1 and 15, 1971, were approved as submitted by motion of <br />Councilman bohnson, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />PRESTIGE SECOND ADDITION PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL CONTINUED to December 20, <br />1971, by motion of Councilman.Johnson, seconded by Councilman Courtney and <br />carried. . <br />BRITTANY ROAD PROPERTY SALE BIDS REJECTED. <br />ber 15, 1971 Council Meeting, Council had authorized the holding of bids which <br />had been received for the property at Brittany Road and W. 66th Street for <br />thirty days and had also authorized taking alternate bids on the property as <br />two single family lots. Bids received for the property as two lots showed <br />Eberhart Company high bidder at $14,000 for both lots and R. A. Soderberg <br />bidding'$4,600 for one lot at the corner of Brittany Road and W. 66th Street. <br />As recommended by Mr. Hyde, Councilman Courtney's motion rejecting all bids and <br />holding the property for later sale when the market would be better was second- <br />e'd by Councilman'3ahnson and carried. <br />." <br />I Mr. Hyde recalled that at the Novem- <br />MORNINGSIDE AREA GARBAGE HAULING CONTRACT AWARDED. Mr. Hyde presented tabula- <br />tion of two bids received for Morningside area garbage hauling. Tabulation <br />showed Edina-Morningside low bidder at $45.00 annually and Lake Harriet and <br />Edina Sanitation at $51.00 per year, each for twice a week service. <br />mended by Mr. Hyde, Councilman Courtney's motion awarding the contract to <br />Edina-Morningside Sanitation was seconded by Councilman Johnson and carried. <br />As recom- <br />BRAEMAR PAVILLION DIRECT FIRED >--UP AIR UNITS BID AWARDED. <br />sented tabulation of three bids received in response to 'tAdvertisement for <br />bids published in the Edina Sun on November 25, 1971, and in the Constwction <br />Bulletin on November 25 and December 1, 1971. Tabulation showed WeatherRite, <br />Inc., low bidder at $4,098.00, Commercial Air Conditioning,.Inc., at $5,437.00 <br />Councilman Johnson's motion awarding tbe bid to <br />recommended low bidder, WeatherRite, Inc., was then seconded by Councilman <br />Mr. Hyde pre- <br />I _and Cronstroms at $6,242.00. <br />- Courtney and carried. <br />POLICE DEPARTMENT CARS BIDS APPROVED IN COOPERATION WITH HENNEPIN COUNTY. Mr. <br />Hyde presented tabulation of bids received by Hennepin County in which the <br />Village proposes to purchase'ten Police cars and two cars for the Detectives.. <br />Tabulation for Police cars showed Central Motor Sales low bidder at $3,452.06,. <br />Iten Chevrolet at $3,460.70, Barrett Chrysler at $3,504.60 and Harold Chevrolet <br />at $3,644.49. Tabulation for Detectives' cars showed Penn Auto Plaza, Inc. <br />low bidder at $2,921.76, Central Motor Sales at $3,037.57, Malkerson Motors, <br />Inc., at $3,088.00 and Harold Chevrolet at $3,198.40. As recommended by Mr. <br />Hyde, Councilman Courtney's motion awarding bid to Central Motor Sales for ten <br />Police cars and to Penn Auto Plaza for two Detectives' cars was seconded by <br />Councilman Johnson and carried. <br />. <br />LOT 1, LIMBACK ADDITION, LOT DIVISION CONTINUED. As recommended by the Planning <br />Department, Councilman Courtney's motion wag seconded by Councilman.Johnson and <br />carried, to continue the lot division of Lot 1, Limback Addition, to December <br />20, 1971. <br />LOT 9, AUDITOR'S SUBDIVISION NO. 325, LOT DIVISION CONTINUED. <br />by the Planning Department, Councilman Courtney's motion was <br />Councilman Johnson and carried, continuing the division of Lot 9, Auditor's <br />Subdivision No. 325, to December 20, 1971. <br />As recommended <br />WASHINGTON PLAZA PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL DATE SET 'for December 20, 1971, by <br />motion of Councilman Courtney, seconded by Councilman Johnson and carried. <br />ZONING ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS HI&UING DATE SET. <br />Bepartment, Councilman Courtney's motion was seconded byCouncilman Johnson <br />and carried, setting December 20, 1971, as hearing date for the following <br />zoning matters : <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />As recommended by the Planning <br />Procedure for determining density in Planned Residential Districts <br />Requiring payment of costs in connection with rezoning to Planned <br />Residential Districts <br />Restricting one dwelling unit to a lot or plot