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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />.. . . -_ . FRIDAY,'.J&U4RY. -_ 21,. 1972 <br />- . . 4:OO P.M. <br />Members answering rollcall were 'Councilman Courtney, Johnson, Shaw and Van <br />Valkenburg who served as Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Bredesen. <br />POLICE SALARIES ESTABLISHED FOR 1972. <br />Calvin Lundberg and Craig Swanson represented the Police Department. <br />.Cyrus Smythe, Labor Representative, recommended strongly against granting the <br />request of the Police Department and pointed out to the Council the fact that, <br />as of July 1, 1972, the Village will be under the new State Public Employees <br />Labor Bill. <br />the Department to settle on any one of three bases: <br />Sergeant Lowell Holman and Patrolman <br />Professor <br />Officer Swanson said that the representatives were phhorized by <br />1. The original proposal submitted at the January 17, 1972, Village <br />Council Meeting, reflecting a 5.5% increase with hospitalization cost <br />for dependents to be paid by the Village and deducted from the 5.5% <br />increase. <br />2. A new proposal as follows: <br />$976 Base pay for top patrolmen. <br />1% PERA cpntribution to be paid by Village. <br />$33.08 fire pay with the election by the individual to receive <br />Fire pay unique to Police Department. <br />Converting .fire pay not a choice to other Village employees. <br />Escalating hospitalization costs could be assumed by fire pay <br />Base pay for various steps of police wages would be the same. <br />Fire pay would be an optional payment in the form of additional <br />gross pay or family paid hospitalization. t <br />Tax shelter of 4.27% of income. <br />Can be changed if Village goes to another format. <br />As originally proposed by Mr. Hyde, Gith the exception that the <br />Village could not legally pay the additional 1% for PEW. <br />thereof, payment for fire Eighting would be increased from $30 to <br />$45 monthly. <br />his fire pay as gross income or family paid hospitalization. <br />which could also escalate. <br />3. <br />In lieu <br />Thereupon, Cbunctlman-Jghnson ofgeared the :foZlokfhg "kesolufion and-ioved its <br />adoptibn--as follows : <br />RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING SCHEDULE OF <br />MAXIMUM POLICE SALARIES AND WAGES FOR 1972 <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the maximum salaries and wages for the'Xdina,Police Department <br />Ebr the-yi?ar'1972, be established as follows: <br />PUBLIC SAFETY 1972 <br />B OLI(3E.d <br />Director of Public Safety & Police Chief <br />Captains - 2 years service <br />1 year service <br />First Year <br />Detective Sergeants (School Liaison) <br />2 years service <br />1 year service <br />First year <br />1 year service <br />First Year <br />1 year service <br />First Year <br />Patrolmen- 4 years service <br />3 years gervice <br />2 years service <br />1 year service <br />First year <br />Sergeants- 2 years service <br />Detectives02 years service <br />Dispatchers-Desk clerks i Dispatchers-Desk clerks (Hourl9) I <br />PER MONTH <br />$1,835 <br />1,255 <br />PER MONTH <br />$1,750. .- 1,235; <br />1,175 <br />1,120' <br />1,075 <br />1,060 <br />1,040 <br />1,055 <br />1,040 <br />1,010 <br />1,025 <br />1 , 005 <br />990 <br />970 <br />925 <br />885 <br />8 40 <br />765 <br />4.00 <br />,725 <br />1; 185 <br />1,125 . <br />1,085 , <br />1,070 <br />1,050 <br />1,065 <br />1,050 ' <br />1,020 ' <br />1,035 <br />1,015 <br />1,000 <br />976 <br />929 <br />883 <br />840 <br />7 50 <br />7 80* <br />4.00 <br />Off Duty - Part Time l<O% of regular hourly rate, with a <br />minimum of 2 hours for each off4duty <br />call. $4.25 per drill. <br />9; $750 January 1 - $780 August 1 <br />Members of the Police Department will receive an additional $45.00 a month <br />as payment for taking at least 30 hours off-duty training from the Fire <br />Department in fire fighting techniques, for aiding in the extinguishing of <br />fires and for qualifying for Red Cross First Aid Certificates.