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NINUTES OF THIS WGULARMEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VIUE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1972 <br />Nembers answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw , Van Vallcen- <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. <br />PIINUTES of February 28, 1972, were approved as submitted by motion of Council- <br />man Courtney, seconded by Councilman Shaw'and carried. <br />BANTAM, PEE WEE AND MIDGET HOCKEY TEAHS CONGRATULATED. <br />offered the following resolution and moved its.adoption: <br />IJHEREAS, during the 1971-1972 season, the Edina Bantam Hockey Team under the <br />direction of Bud Sorem, Gene Nieland and Don Norwich, and the Edina Pee Wee <br />Hockey Team under the direction of John Sweetland and Howard Tucker, and the <br />Edina Midget Hockey Team under the direction of Bart Larson and Bob O'Connor, <br />have continued to exempliEy the highest goals of good sportsmanship and out- <br />standing proficiency; and <br />WHEREAS, the above three named teams have been deservedly rewarded by finish- <br />ing first in the Minnesota State Amateur Hockey Association Tournament; and <br />WHEREAS, during the past hoclcey season, these young boys have represented <br />Edina in the highest manner; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Village Council that the out- <br />standing accomplishments of these three teams be noted at this time; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Mayor and the Village Council wish the best <br />of luck to the Edina Bantam Hockey Team, the Edina Pee Wee Hockey Team and <br />the Edina Midget Hockey Team as they participate in the National American <br />Hockey Association Tournaments. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Johnson <br />and the -resoheion .was .adopted. <br />Councilman Courtney <br />RESOLUTION <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811-A24 ADOPTED ON SECOND READING. Mr. Luce recalled that the <br />zoning of the Yorktown property had been continued from March 6, 1972, so <br />that traffic problems could be studied. Vith the aid of the view-graph, Mr. <br />Luce reviewed the proposed ring route road patterns which would extend from <br />Highway 35-IJ across T. H. 100 to Bush Lake Road. <br />ing, he clarified that no interchange is recommended at Interstate 494 at <br />York and/or Xerxes Avenues, but that there would be an interface or access <br />to Interstate 494. <br />a drawing of York Avenue from W. 70th Street to the Xerxes Avenue bridge, <br />noting that there is enabling legislation under which the Village can use its <br />condemnation power to obtain street right-of-way and assess the cost against <br />the project. <br />involved have indicated their willingness to consider dedication of their <br />property for street purposes. <br />tacted. <br />that the technical task force of the corridor study was given copies of the <br />D,M.J.N. Report, which report; will be released on April 4, 1972. Mr. Rubin <br />said that the report indicated the following three different aspects to the <br />494 - T.H, 100 corridor which must be solved together, and that no one of <br />the three will work by itself: <br />I To clear up a misunderstand- <br />A Traffic Engineer employed by Mr. George Ablah, showed <br />He indicated that three out of the four property owners <br />The fourth property owner has not been con- <br />Mr. David Rubin, Project Manager for the Metropolitan Council, advised <br />1. <br />circulate between Southtown, Southdale and the office complex located <br />at Interstate Highway 494 and T.H. 100 and tie into an express transit <br />system on the freeway; <br />2. Land use in the gravel pit area to the South of Yorktown would have <br />to be restrained, but the Yorktown proposal is within these restraints; <br />3. Completion of York Avenue to the Xerxes Avenue bridge and the elimina- <br />tion of Xerxes Avenue as a thru road. <br />Extensive, but inexpensive transit system of mini buses which would <br />I Nr. Rubin added that the Metropolitan Council will make its recommendations <br />at a later date, but discussed the possibility that frontage roads along <br />Interstate 494 be made one-way streets and that York and France Avenues be <br />treated as a one way pair. Mr. Lawrence Jolliffe, attorney representing home- <br />owners' associations which are opposed to the project, introduced Mr. Gordon <br />Nevers, representing 400 South Garden Estates and Lake Edina homeowners, Mr. <br />John Mortison, representing 230 Southdale homeowners and Mr. Harold Wilson, <br />representing 100 home owners in the Del-Edge area. Petitions were presented <br />which requested that rezoning of the property be delayed until a definite plan <br />has been formulated to solve the traffic problems, until a policy has been <br />determined as to future overall densities in the Village after residents have