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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD <br />OF REVIEW 'HELD TUESDAY, MAY 2, 1972, <br />AT 5:00 P.M. AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Councilmen Johnson, Shaw and Van Valkenburg, acting as Hayor Pro Tem in the <br />absence of Mayor Bredesen, served as Board of Review. No County represent- <br />atr'ive attended the meeting as in the past, inasmuch as certain functions <br />have now been assigned to the local Assessor in c-ommunities over 30,000. <br />The meeting was convened at 5:00 p.m., pursuant to "Notice of Review Meetingt' <br />published in the Edina Sun on April 20 and posted on Village bulletin boards <br />on April 21, 1972. -I Mr. Swanson advised that 1972 assessments have been established which have <br />resulted in a value of $278,387,975 representing an increase in market <br />value of approximately 15%. 9 to 10% of this increase is the result of <br />revaluation, 4 to 5% is the result OX new construction in the Village and <br />the remainder of approximately 1% has come abrout because of lekislative <br />action in assessing commercial and industrial property at 43% of their full <br />value in comparison with the 40% that has been used up to this point. Mr. <br />Swanson recalled that this increase is subject to a mill rate to raise <br />revenues. for the municipality, the School District and the County and that <br />40% of the di'fference between 40 and 43% is shared on a metropolitan wide <br />basis. <br />selling prices of residential property to the Assessor's market value which <br />indicated that selling prices are increasing. <br />has increased generally at a rate of 5% per year. <br />Mr. Swansod caLled attention to a chart which compared monthly <br />He added that market value <br />Mr. David R. Mulligan, 7128 Br,istol Blvd., requested re'duction of the market <br />value on his house in view of the fact that his market value had increased <br />25% since he purchased the house four years ago. Market value in 1968 was <br />given at $27,900; $33,370 in 1970, and $37,100 in 1972. Mr. Swanson will' <br />examine the appraisal which Mr. Mulligan obtained from the Spring Company, <br />wh'ich set market value at ,$34,900. <br />. <br />Vr. John G. Jones, 5500 McGuire Road, requested'reduction of hi.s property <br />from 1972 market value of $51,600 in view of the fact that he had purchased <br />ihe house for $49,000 in August, 1972, and that the purchase price included <br />carpeting, drapes and appliances. Mr. Jones added that Mr. Herman Strauchauer <br />of Edina Realty had said that he believed that $48,000 would be a fair market <br />price. .Mr. Swanson cited comparison of another similar property in the area <br />and said-that he would be able to get information on sales of other similar <br />properties in the neighborhood within two weeks. <br />Mr. A. L. Remingtoq, 5505 Knoll Drive, objected to the 1972 market value of <br />$61,500 on his property'which had been increased from the 1970 market value <br />of $59,640. <br />other houses in his neighborhood were not consistent with his property and <br />that municipal sewer and water are available but that his house is not con- <br />nected to these improvements. <br />house has not been inspected for six years-but that he will make an inspect- <br />ion of the property in the next few days. <br />Mr, J. R. Watson, 5605 Heather Lane, objected to the increase in his 1972 <br />market value of $47,600 which had been increased from the 1970 market value <br />of $44,490 on the grounds that he had paid $38;000 in May, 1968. Mr. Swan- <br />son recalled that the County had denied Nr. l?atson's request for an abatement <br />in 1970 and had established the ~arket value at that time of $45,300. <br />Swanson told Mr, Watson that he would review sales made in his area if he would <br />furnish him with the addresses of houses which had been recently sold. <br />I ' <br />Basis of Mr. Remington's objection was that market value of the <br />Mr. Swanson said that the interior of the <br />Mr. <br />Mr. L. Ridinger, owner of the apartment building at 4415 Valley View Road, <br />objected to the 1972 market value of $400,000 being placed on his 17 unit <br />apartment building at $23,500 per unit, noting that Mr. Schuyler of Thorpe <br />Bros. had said that $21,000 per unit, or $357,000 for the building would have <br />a-more realistic value. Mr. Swanson will get together with Mr. Schuyler and <br />review the market value. <br />Mr. John Hedberg, representing Hedberg & Sons Company, 3725 W. 76th Street, <br />objected to the market value placed on his property. <br />ued indefinitely so that Mr. Hedberg and Mr. Swanson could meet together and <br />review the valuation. <br />This matter was contin- <br />3ks. GladstoneStlenson, 4811 Bywood West, advised that her house had never been <br />,inspected and an insDection aDpointment was arranged. -