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5/2/72 67 :. <br />t Mr. Gerald Hirsch, 5345 Division Street, objected to the 1972 market value <br />of $57,500 of his property as compared with 1970 market value of $50,990. <br />Mr. Swanson said that the Assessors had reviewed the property in accordanqe <br />with Mr. Hirschls request after,he had received his 1972 property valuation <br />and that an adjustment was made to $56,000. Mr. Hirsch contended that, inas- <br />much as he had paid $52,000 for the property of March 3, 1971, the present . <br />market value was not realistic. Mr. Hirsch was told to advise the Assessor <br />if he know of any other sales in- the area so that prices on these properties <br />could be checked. <br />Mr. Dixon F.Jightman, 4616 Valley View Road, protested that he had been denied <br />a homestead exemption for the year 1972. He said that he had been living <br />and working in Minnesota since September while.his family had remained in <br />Illinois while attempting to sell their home. Mr. Wightmad advised that he <br />had selpt in this home on January 2, 1972, and was a tax paying resident of <br />the State. <br />into the legality of the matter, I <br />The following persons were in attendance but their valuations were not cone: <br />sidered at this meeting: Mr. B. A, Umhoefer; 4612 Concord Terrace; Mr. <br />William F. Erickson, 4613 Concord Terrace; and Mr. Roland C. Danielson, 6209 <br />Loch Moor. <br />The matter was continued so that the Village Attorney could look <br />The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m. and continued to May 3, 1972, at <br />5:OO p.m., at which time the property owners had not been heard agreed to <br />return. <br />MINUTES OF THE CONTINUED MEETING OF THE <br />HELD WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1972, AT 5:OO P.M. <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />Councilmen Johnson, Shaw and Van Valkenburg, acting as Mayor Pro Tem in the <br />ued from May 2, 1972. <br />Mr. B. A. Umhoefer, 4612 Concord Terrace, protested'his 1972 market value of <br />$42,700 which had been increased from $39,240 in 1970. Mr. Swanson pointed <br />out that the 1970 valuation included, in addition to the reassessment, air <br />conditioning and the addition of the property of a 225' family room which <br />had been added in 1969. Mr. Umhoefer contended that other properties in <br />his neighborhood had three bedrooms and double garages which his house does <br />not have, and that those valuations were lower than his. Mr. Swanson pointed <br />out that the square footage of Mr. Umhoefer's house was considerably higher <br />than the other properties mentioned. <br />and Mr. Umhoefer was asked to advise him of any other properties in the <br />neighborhood which had recently sold so that these selling prices can be <br />checked. <br />I absence of Mayor Bredesen, served as Board of Review for the meeting contin- I <br />The Assessor will go through the house <br />Mrs. William Erickson, 4613 Concord Terrace, had been in attendance but unable <br />to remain. <br />been increased to $44,100 in 1972 over the $42,020 market valuation placed <br />on the property in 1970. He noted also that after the 1970 assessment was <br />made, the owners requested a new appraibal but that no change was recommended <br />at that time and nothing further had been heard from the Ericksons until this <br />time. Mr. Swanson will call Mrs. Erickson for an appointment. <br />Mr. R. C. Danielson, 6209 Loch Moor, protested the 1972 market value of his <br />property which had been built in 1970 and valued at $81,000 in 1970. <br />Swanson said that perhaps Mr. Danielson had not been award that the 1972 <br />market value had originally been set at $89,000 but had been revised to <br />$87,500. Note was made that Mr. Danielson had obtained two independent <br />appraisals, one foe $77,500 and the other for $80,000. Mr. Swanson indicated <br />that he would like an opportunity to study these appraisals. <br />The meeting was then adjourned and continued to May 10, 1972 at 5:OO p.m. <br />Mr. Swanson noted that the market price for this property had <br />I <br />Mr. <br />'