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MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 1972 <br />5:OO PiM. <br />.- <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, Van, Valken- <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. <br />Mayor Bredesen advised that at its meeting of May 18, 1972, the Board of <br />Appeals and Adjustments had granted variances from the required underground <br />parking, total parking, closet and storage size requirements and unit size as <br />requested by Nessrs. Archie Givens Jr. and Sr.. for' Federally Subsidized 236 <br />Housing for the elderly proposed for property located just south of the Hennepin <br />County Regiond Library property in Yorktown, subject to review by the Park <br />Board and the Housing Needs Committee and the approval by the Village Council. <br />Cpuncilman Van Valkenburg recalled that the proposed variances had been presented <br />to the Park Board and Housing Needs Committee on May 23. At that meeting, the <br />Park Board had indicated that it wanted to cooperate in every way possible, <br />but that it had not had sufficient information on the proposal to make any <br />decision at that time. <br />of questions and discussLon and it made no recommendation. Mr. Hyde advised <br />that because the proposed apartment is designed exclusively for the elderly, <br />it is believed that one parking space for every four units would be adequate. <br />Also, the square footage per unit of 525 square feet is in'excess of the federal <br />minimum of 440 square feet for this same type of housing in Minneapolis. <br />Councilman Courtney said that since the Council has appointed a Housing Needs <br />Committee to study whether or not medium and low cost housing is needed by the <br />Village, he believes that any decision by the Council should be withheld until <br />the Committee can make its determination by next September. <br />an inquiry as to the shortness of notice and the apparent rush on the Council, <br />Mr, Van Valkenburg indicated that the meeting had been held on May lath, by the <br />Board of Appeals and that the effect of the Board of Appeals meeting was to <br />approve the variance, but that because of the various policy and public questions <br />involved, that it should be considered by and approved by the Council. Thus <br />fhe Board of Appeals indicated its desire to have the Park Board and the Hous- <br />ing Needs Committee hear the matter and make what comments they want, but that <br />it was only conditioned on the approval of the Council. He further pointed <br />out that as a matter of practice, the same could have been approved by the <br />Board of Appeals without any appearance before the Council, but that it had <br />been done-as a matter of courtesy to the entire Council. Councilman Johnson <br />said that it is not fair to ask the Council to make a decision of such import- <br />ance without having time to get input from various groups of citizens. <br />added that this would be setting a precedent for future requests and that the <br />proposal would effect the development of the Village in a very significant way. <br />Mr. Hyde explained that the urgency vas because of constraints in the avail- <br />ability of federal funds and added that the proposed building is within per- <br />Fitted zoning and that the only question is the matter of variances. Council- <br />men Shaw and Courtney questioned Mr. Gene Rancone of Yorktown about the twelve <br />story height of the proposed building, recalling verbal cormioitments made by Mr. <br />Ablah that the height of buildings in the development would probably not exceed <br />eight stories. Mr. Rancone said that it was now believed, after discussions <br />with Hr. Luce, that it would be more desirable to build a higher building and <br />leave more open space. Mr. Givens, Sr., explained that statistics show that <br />of the 263 one bedroom units in the building, 200 to 225 wiLl be occupied by <br />single women, with a few couples and the balance by single men, <br />will also contain two units with two bedrooms each for caretakers. <br />to a question from Councilman Johnson, Mr. Givens-said that the maximum annual <br />income limitation to qualify for the monthly rental of $132.00 was $5,000 for <br />single people and $6,300 for couples and that 25% of a tenant's income must be <br />paid for rent. Those with incomes exceeding those amounts could get into the <br />apartment by paying market rent of $216.00. Mr. Givens added that there is a <br />tect showed site plans indicating amenities which would be highly desirable for <br />the elderly, including an outdoor recreation area, an area on the first floor <br />which will be dedicated to the Village's program for senior citizens and an <br />atrium of 163' x 63' which will be heated in the winter. Mr. Hyde referred to <br />pressures of certain groups for this type of housing and said that he would <br />take full responsibility for encouraging this project and that there is a need <br />for some elderly subsidized housing in the community. Mayor Bredesen said that <br />he believed that the Village would be making a serious mistake if the variances <br />were not granted. He added that it was time that Edina assumed its responsibil- <br />ities toward the underprivileged and try to dispel the "snobbish reputation" <br />of the Village. <br />The Housing Needs Committee action was more in the form <br />In response to <br />I <br />He <br />The building <br />In response <br />B _restriction on income only, with no restriction on assets. Mr. Givens' archi- <br />Mr. Rancone advised that four other proposals for 236 housing