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MINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1972 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney and Van Valkenburg . No <br />quorem being present at 7:35 p.m., Councilman Van Valkenburg announced that <br />the meeting would be open for informal discussion only. <br />audience were advised that no formal action could be taken. All matters on <br />the agenda for the meeting of December 4, 1972, were continued to December <br />18, 1972. <br />Members of the <br />MELISSA BLUNT PRESENTED &ERICAN RED CROSS CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION. Mr. <br />Richard McFeters, Director of Safety for the Northwest Reglon of the American <br />Red Cross presented a Certificate,, o-idcognition for Extraordinary Personal <br />Action to Melissa Blunt, 4 Merilane, for her quick action preventing the near <br />drowning of a two-year old boy from becoming a fatality., <br />and Van Valkenburg extended their personal congratulations and commendations <br />to Helissa.: <br />Councilmen Courtney <br />LIFT STATION BIDS AVARDED SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION. llr. Dunn advised th?t>i$ <br />is imperative that bids be awarded €or the lift stations so that contractors <br />can place their orders €or parts. Nr. Hyde then presented tabulation of five <br />bids for Proposal A (Eden and Arcadia Avenues) showing G. L. Contracting, Inc., <br />low bidder at-$16,750.00; Hetro Contracting, Inc., at $19,750.00; Barbarossa <br />and Overdahl Construction Co. at $45,550.00. Tabulation of four bids for <br />Proposal B (Oaklawn Ave. at W. 72nd Street) showed Industrial Construction <br />Division low bidder at $40,161.50; G. L. Contracting, Inc., at $40,981.50; <br />Dverilahl Construction Co. at $44,804.00 and Barbarossa & Sons, Inc., at <br />$45,874.00. <br />recommended low bidder in each case, with the understanding that-the awardb <br />will not become official until approval .by a third member of Council and, <br />further, with the understancing that the award be ratified and confirmed at the <br />next Council Meeting. <br />& Sons , Inc., at $20,700.00; Industrial Construction Division at $25,461.00; ~ -* <br />Councilman Courtney then moved that the contracts be awarded to <br />Motion was seconded by Councilman Van Valkenburg. Carried. <br />I ADMINISTRATIVE CARS BIDS AIIARDED. <br />bids received in response to Advertisement for Bids taken by Hennepin County <br />and advised that i$ js-iaperative that-these bids be ajqarded'before the-next <br />meeting. <br />Valkenburg and carried that a cooperative award be made to American Central <br />Automotive, Inc., with 1/2? discount for pyament.of invoice in 20 days after <br />receipt of complete delivery. <br />Brooklyn-American, Inc., $3,070.80; Penn Auto Plaza, Inc., $3,075,80; American Central <br />AutQploZiQe, Xnc.;$3;078;62 (1/2% discount for payment of invoice within 20 days <br />after receipt of complete delivery); Chrysler City, Inc., $3,196.81; Central <br />Hotor Sales, Inc., $3,204.63; Freeway Dodge, $3,207.85; Barnett Chrysler <br />Plymouth, $3,246.46; Broolcdale Ford, $3,368.29.* Councilman Courtney's motion , <br />was conditioned that the award will not become official until approval by a <br />third member of Council and, further, with the understanding that the award <br />be ratified and confirmed at the next Council Meeting. <br />BICYCLE PATHS CONTINUED TO JANUARY 8, 1972. Mrs. Jeanenne Chizum, 6709 Gleason <br />Road, representing the Junior Federated Women's Club. of Edina, spoke of Itover- <br />whelming public support'* of construction of bicycle paths which had been appar- <br />ent in a survey conducted by her group. She expressed the hope that a primary <br />functional route could be constructed beginning in the spring of 1973. <br />unidentified lady in the audience added that most people surveyed indicated <br />that they would be willing to paymbmfor bicycle licenses in order to have <br />the paths. Councilman Van Valkenburg said that Cobcil wccld probably make <br />a decision as to how to use.Federa1 Revenue Sharing Funds sometime during the <br />month of January, 1973. <br />report and told that the matter would be discussed further on January 8, 1973. <br />Mr. Hyde presented a tabulation of eight <br />Councilman Courtney's motion was then seconded by Councilman Van <br />Tabulation of bids was given as follows: <br />An <br />The Bicycle Paths Committee was congratulated on their <br />F&IILY LIFE CONFERENCE FUNDS REQUESTED BY HUMAN RIGHTS COII$ESSION. Nr. Roger <br />F. Heegaard, Chairman of the Edina Human Rights Commission, called Council's <br />attention to a letter from the Human fiights Cormnission advising that the Com- <br />mission hopes to co-sponsor, along with several civic organizations, a "Family <br />Life Conferencet' to be conducted in the Village in early spring. Mr. Heegaard <br />advised that the Human Rights Commission hopes that the Council will approve <br />an initial request for $1,000.00 from its 1972 budget to be used as E%eed" <br />money for planning and implementing the proposed conference. Councilmen