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MINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HED AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />NONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1973 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, Van Valken- <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of February 5, 1973, were approved as submitted by <br />man Johnson, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />motion of Council- <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON STREET IEPROVEMENT BA-168 AND SANITARY SEWER NO. <br />SS-310. <br />ordered placed on file. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and <br />Pursuant to.due notice given, public hearings were <br />conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF CURE REPLACEMENT ^AND STREET OVERLAY AND TJATER SERVICE. <br />REPLACEMENT IN THE FOLLONING: (P-BA-168) <br />Sunnyside Road from the East line of Block 2 of Country Club District <br />Grimes Ave. from Sunnyside Road to the North line of Sec. 18, T. 28, R. 24 <br />Arden Ave. from 187. 50th St. to Sunnyside Road <br />Bruce Ave. from 17. 50th St. to Sunnyside Road <br />Casco Ave. from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Drexel Ave. from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Edina Blvd. from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Moorland Ave. from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Browndale Ave. from Browndale Bridge to 1.7. 44th Street <br />Edgebrook Place <br />Country Club Road from Arden Ave. to Browndale Ave. <br />Bridge Street from Arden Ave. to Ilinnehaha Creek <br />$lackey Street from Sunnyside Road to North line of Country Club District, <br />3€r. Ihnn presented total estimated project cost at $641,412.83, advising that <br />it is proposed that the Village of Edina would pay 50% and the property owners <br />would pay 50% of the total estimated project cost. Estimated assessable foot- <br />age of 37,346.47 feet is proposed to be assessed against abutting properties <br />at an estimated cost of $8.59 per assessable foot. It is p-roposed to replace <br />Village water services which have not already been replaced. <br />4511 Browndale Ave., said that he is the Chairman of the Wooddale Neighborhood <br />Council and that his group had met four times with Mr. Dunn and recalled that <br />the initial concern was the effect the improvement would have on the trees in <br />the area. <br />fifty-f6ur trees would be damaged and would become potential safety hazards. <br />Nr. Horn read from "The Bard" which was sent out with the improvement notice, <br />noting that the Vooddale Neighborhood Council f'supports the general replacement <br />of the curbs throughout the Country Club area to avoid the increased cost of <br />alternative approaches and to expeditg the benefits of the projact". <br />advised that the Vooddale Neighborhood Council supported the ''principle that <br />alternate methods be used on streets where tree damage is potentially heavy, <br />i.e. Edgebrook, West Sunnyside and Moorland, as determined by a majority of <br />of the residents on these streets. The proviso on this support is that the <br />entire street be treated with the same method." <br />to future utility installations, Mr. Dunn said that all water lines which had <br />not been previously replaced would now be replaced from the main in the street <br />to a point behind the curb where the shut-off is located. Mr. Horn recalled <br />that he had received nineteen calls supporting the proposal of the t7ooddale <br />Neighborhood Council, five calls opposed to the overall curb project and three <br />calls which stated a moderate position. <br />from officers of the Wooddale Neighborhood Council or from block workers. <br />cussion ensued as to the particular methods which would be used for curb install- <br />ation where trees might be saved. tlr. James Rubin, 4619 Moorland Ave., objected <br />to the improvement on the grounds that his assessment would lje $2,800 and that <br />his curb is still in good condition. Mayor Bredesen advised Mr. Rubin that he <br />believes that his curbing runs from 'aadequatet* to 'every and that he was <br />sure that Nr. Rubin would not lilce his curbing to be patched. Nr. Thomas Har- <br />mon questioned what would be done if the Gas Company lines should need to be <br />replaced. Mr. Dunn said that the Gas Company would be notified of the pro- <br />posed improvement and that the improvement would be held up if they felt it <br />necessary to replace their pipes. <br />Ralph Tully, 4619 Bruce Ave., objected to the proposed lmprovement and the <br />grounds that there is not a need at this time and that the engineering and <br />clerical costs are too high. Nayor Bredesen pointed out that each time the <br />hearing is continued, the engineering costs increase. IIr. Dunn advised Mr. <br />Fairway Section to Highway 100 <br />Brown Section <br />Blr. William Horn, <br />He referred to a report of the consulting arborist which stated that <br />Mr. Horn <br />In response to questions as <br />He added that none of these calls were <br />Dis- <br />Nr. Frank Thorpe, 4614 Edina Blvd., and Nr. <br />I