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58 <br />"UTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />IWCH 5, 1973 <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Van Valkenburg <br />and Mayor Bredesen. I <br />r. .' -2 <br />BICYCLE-PEDESTRIAN PATHS REFERRED TO ENLARGED CO3EETTEE, <br />on February 23, 1973, was presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. Mr. Dunn advised that this is an informal public hearing on <br />the construction of 23.16 miles of bicycle-commuter paths as set forth in a <br />proposal submitted to and approved for hearing by the Council on February 5, <br />1973, notice of hearing for which was sent to all property owners whose <br />boulevard area will be affected by the proposal. <br />Gleason Road, Chairman of the Committee which had made the original proposal <br />to the Council, presented transparencies of the report contained in the "Bicycle <br />and Commuter Paths". She pointed out that the plan calls for a bicycle com- <br />muter path network consisting of a primary route by which users could travel <br />safely to various points of interest, with a smaller system of connector routes <br />allowing for easy access to the primary routes. The third facet of the program <br />would be a scenic route for enjoyment. It was pointed out that routes were <br />selected after taking into consideration existing side.c;ralke, physical features <br />and safety factors, with financing of these paths proposed to be by Village <br />funds. Numerous residents were in the audience and numerous letters and peti- <br />tions had been received prior hereto, both favoring and opposing construction <br />of the paths. Approximately 374 residents had signed a petition circulated by <br />the Cornelia P.T.A. requesting: <br />1. Installation of sidewalks in the vicinity of Cornelia School -- along <br />11. 70th Street from France Ave. to T.H. 100 and beyond, along 72nd <br />Street from France Avenue West to Wooddale Avenue, along Cornelia <br />Drive from t1. 66th Street to W. 72nd Street, along Dunberry Lane from <br />Wooddale Ave. to Cornelia Drive, around Southdale and elsewhere as <br />appropriate. <br />Establish tighter traffic controls at 11. 70th Street and Cornelia <br />Drive, and reduced speed signs along 17. 70th Street on approaches to <br />Cornelia School. <br />Install "Local Traffic Only" and reduced speed signs on Cornelia <br />Drive from 1.7. 66th to 11. 72nd Streets, and on 8. 72nd Street from <br />France Avenue to residential streets West of France. <br />and France Ave. and elsewhere as appropriate to protect pedestrian <br />access to Southdale, Yorktown and the new Hennepin County Regional <br />Library. <br />Assure appropriate salting or sanding of the V. 70th Street and Corn- <br />elia Drive intersection. <br />Arrange funding for sidewalks, pedestrian overpasses and other safety <br />needs through sources other than assessing properwomers on the streets <br />affected. <br />Affidavit. of Hailing <br />Nrs. Robert 11. Chizum, 6709 <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. Consider construction of pedestrian overpasses at k1. 70th Street <br />. <br />5. <br />6. <br />Total cost was given by llr. Dunn, estimated at $514,275 <br />one-half of TJ '%hi$" proposed to be paid from State Aid Funds and the balance <br />from Revenue/ P unzs 6f the Village. It was also suggested that the Bicycle <br />Ordinance aould be amended so that, rather than a license of $3.00 for each <br />bicycle as long as it is owned by the same family, an annual license fee P70Uld <br />be established with the proceeds to be applied toward maintenance of the paths. <br />In reply to a question from Mr. 1-7illiarn Howard, 5808 Dewey Hill Road, Mayor Bred- <br />esen recalled that Council had briginally approved the concept of bicycle paths <br />for recreational purposes and that additional areas were added subsequently. <br />pointed out that safety is one of the prime reasons hhe exfepded plan is now <br />being considered. 3fayor Bredesen suggested the possibility of installing only <br />one portion of the recreation area and one portion of the paths which had been <br />recommended because of safety at this time, before proceeding further, to see <br />thE results. Mr. Barry Stivers, 5403 IJooddale Ave., presented a petition <br />objecting to installation of the paths along Wooddale Ave. Mr. Curtis King, . <br />6800 Brook Drive, objected that his notice reached him at a late date and asked <br />that a future hearing be held at a larger meeting place. Ffrs. John R. Schedin, <br />5937 17ooddale Ave., offered to serve on the enlarged committee and said that she <br />believes that it is dangerous to allow bicycles on pedestrian paths. Nr. Marx <br />of Cahill Road said that he had lived in other municipalities that had bicycle <br />paths and that cyclists left litter all along the paths. <br />that residents had not received notices even though the paths were going along <br />their property. Nr. Harold Jastram, 6804 Brook Drive, urged that the path be <br />constructed across the creek from his home, rather than in his back yard. Nr. <br />Robert Ahl, 5409 Wooddale Ave., was told that there is no intent to destroy <br />He <br />Objections were heard <br />trees along the route. An unidentified gentleman in the audience was told by