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PROPERTY OWNER'S <br />SIGNATURE <br />4-9t4L-ei_ <br />OWNER'S NAME <br />(PRINTED) <br />Int \ C3 VS) 1,C5 <br />PROPERTY ADDRESS <br />(PRINTED) <br />573 biroc)k5c1.-_,. v Lc Q. <br />This petition was circ, lated by: <br />NAME PHONE <br />APRIL 2008 <br />City of Edina, Minnesota <br />CITY COUNCIL <br />4801 West 50th Street • Edina, Minnesota 55424 <br />(952) 927-8861 • (952) 927-7645 FAX • (612) 927-5461 TDD <br />DATE RECEIVED: <br />PETITION TO THE CITY CO CIL <br />Petition to Edina City Council <br />STOP! Don't pave over history on Brookside Terrace. <br />This gravel road has served our neighborhood for over a hundred <br />years. Brookside Terrace retains the bucolic charm of our historic <br />Edina. Development is changing the face of Edina. We need to <br />preserve our connections to the past by maintaining Brookside Terrace <br />as a gravel Road. <br />IMPORTANT NOTE: THE PERSONS WHO HAVE SIGNED THIS PETITION UNDERSTAND <br />THAT THE CITY COUNCIL MAY ASSESS THE COSTS OF THESE IMPROVEMENTS AGAINST <br />THE PROPERTIES BENEFITING FROM THE IMPROVEMENTS IN AMOUNTS DETERMINED <br />BY THE COUNCIL AS AUTHORIZED BY CHAPTER 429, MINNESOTA STATUTES. <br />• ) 3Aroo, e !err <br />ADDRESS <br />There is space for more signatures on the back.