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NINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MAY 21, 1973 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Johnson, Shaw and Van Valkenburg <br />and Mayor Bredesen. <br />JOSEPH E. ERICKSON PRD-5 ZONING REQUEST GRANTED FIRST READING AND CONCEPT <br />APPROVAL. <br />and ordered placed on file. <br />Erickson for zoning change from C-3 Commercial District to PRD-5 Planned <br />Residential District for Outloti 2, Southdale Office Park, located on the North- <br />west corner of France Avenue and W. 66th Street. Mr. Luce advised that the <br />site contains 8.4'acresy 2.8 acres of which are buildable, with the pond itself <br />consisting of 3.9 acres. He pointed out that it is proposed to construct a <br />twelve story, 150 unit DfI'' shaped condominium and advised that the staff and <br />Planning Commission have recommended approval at this time, inasmuch as it is <br />felt that this proposal would cause less traffic than allowable C-3 uses. It <br />was further pointed out that PRI>-5 does not restrict parking in the front yard <br />and would not, therefore, require any parking variance as has been necessary <br />with previous proposals. Mr, 'Joseph Erickson introduced his attorney, Mr. <br />Robert Hoffman, who, with the aid of the view-graph, presented slides dealing <br />with traffic studies in the area and advised that the proposal had received <br />approval of the Environmental Quality Commission and the Nine Mile Creek <br />Watershed District in that of the Planning Commission. He said <br />that the Planned Residential District was designed to preserve and protect <br />the natural amenities and to encourage imagination and flexibility in use. <br />Hoffman added that the proposal under discussion more than meets zoning <br />requirements in regard to the size of the site, number of units, open space <br />area, front and side yard setbaclcs and both enclosed and surface parking. <br />Hoffman referred to traffic problems in the area and advised that this proposal <br />will result in the least number of additional trip generations by a substantial <br />margin than any of the other reasonable or possible alternate developments of <br />the property. Mr. Donald'Brauer presented a model of the building, along with <br />slides which dealt with the site location and the visual impact of the project <br />on the surrounding area. <br />son with the relative size of surrounding buildings. <br />building will have two points of access to France Avenue and one point of <br />access to W. 66th Street syMch will be used by residents of the building. <br />Mr. Lloyd Bergquist, architect for the project reviewed the floor plans of the <br />building and amenities which he said will '*afford residents a life style not <br />now available to Edina residents. <br />easement to the pond, stating that they proposed,to enlarge the easement by <br />one additional acre. Mr. Glen Harmon, 6117 Brookview Avenue, objected that <br />there are already too many left turns being made to reach the entrance of the <br />Medical Building. Mr. Warren A. Strum, 6713 Southdale Road, was told that <br />the proposed building would be the same height as the Fairview-Southdale Hospital. <br />Mr. John Morfison, President of the Edina Homeowner's Coalition, opposed <br />the proposal on the grounds that it represents excessive use of the site. He <br />said that the site is an island surrounded by busy streets on three sides and <br />estimated that the development would generate approximately 1,000 trips per <br />day where the D.M.J.M. Report recommends only 500 trips per day. Mr. Mortison <br />read from an article in the.Minneapo1i.s Star for May 17, 1973, which quoted <br />Mr. William Crawford, State Highway Engineer. Mr. Crawford said that to comply <br />with the new Federal Highway Administration requirement that after June 30 <br />comprehensive environmental statements must be prepared for all highway pro- <br />jects involving any Federal funds, except for safety projects, it yill take <br />from one to two years to research the statements and submit them to the various <br />agencies which may review and comment on the plans., Mr. Mortison said that <br />because of this requirement, the improvement of France Avenue, and especially <br />access to T.H. 494 is becoming increasingly unlikely, since practically no new <br />State Highway jobs will be started in 1974 and 1975. <br />indicated that the widening of T.H.' 100 from Valley View Road to 14. 70th <br />Street which was to begin this fall has now been delayed for an unknown period. <br />Mr. Mortison said that this delay would mean that options that had existed <br />for disposing of the traffic generated by this site, and others which will <br />follow, are greatly reduced and will require that great care be taken in plan- <br />ning any development having the scope of the proposal now under-consideration. <br />Dr. James Lillehei, 6704 Southdale Road, objected that an additional twelve <br />story building, along with the additional traffic that it would cause, would <br />tend to trap gasses and contribute to pollution settling in low spots in the <br />area. <br />the effect a lmmer building would have on anv ?n!.l-iitinn nmhl.Pm. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form <br />Mr. Luce presented the request of Mr. Joseph E. <br />Mr. <br />Mr. <br />These slides ptctured'the proposed building in compari- <br />He pointed out that the <br />. <br />He guaranteed the maintenance of the Village <br />Mr. Crawford had also <br />Dr. Lillehei was unable to answer Councilman Courtney's question as to <br />Fry. 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