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130 ( 6/11/73 <br />that they would put the house up for sale at $35,000 and had advised him to <br />take anything over $30,000. <br />in the neighborhood and had found that houses have sold between $44,000 and <br />$46,000. Mr. Swanson will inspect the property in question. <br />Mr. Spafford Cavanor, 4900 11. Sunnysldpe Road, objected to the increase in his <br />property from $4,800 in 1972 to $47,009 in 1973. He said that he believes <br />that the true market value would be $44,652 and that loss of market value was <br />caused by the widening of T.H. 100. <br />cost of a hedge, sod, trees and fence posts lost because of flooding caused by <br />highway construction would be $2,342.00. <br />should have been reduced by the amount of his replacement costs. <br />said that if the damaged trees, shrubs, etc. were replaced, the Assessor's <br />estimate would be correct. <br />The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m. and continued to June 13, 1973, at 4:30 <br />p.m.. <br />Mr. Hyde said that he had observed selling prices <br />Mr. Cavanor estimat'ed that the replacement <br />He submitted that the market value <br />Mr. Cavanor <br />Mr. Swanson will look at the property. <br />Village Clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE CONTINUED IEETING OF THE <br />HELD WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 1973, AT 4:30 P.M. <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />*. <br />. *' .. <br />Councilmen Courtney, Shaw and Van Valkenburg, serving as Mayor Pro Tem in the <br />absence of Mayor Bredesen, served as the Board of Review for the meeting contin- <br />ued from June 11, 1973. <br />Nr. IJaldo T. Mareck, 5101 57. 44th Street, objected to the increased valuation <br />on his four pieces of property. <br />subject to obtaining R-2 Multiple Residential District Zoning, €or Lots 1 and <br />2, Block 3, Arden Park Third Addition for $10,000 plus special assessments, and <br />objected to the market value established by the Assessor in 1973 for $12,500 <br />for the two lots. <br />sell Lot 3, Block 4, Arden Park Third Addition for $6,000, whereas the 1973 <br />market value establishment by the Assessor is $9,000. Mr. Swanson noted for <br />the record that the lot just East of T.H. 100 with R-2 Multiple Residential <br />District Zoning was recently sold for $9,500. <br />valuation placed on the lot on which his home is located which was increased <br />from $54,100 in 1972 to $56,800 in 1973. <br />a triangular shaped parcel located between his house and Minnehaha Creek, stat- <br />ing that he paid $1,000 for this land in 1970, and that the market value est- <br />ablished by the Assessor is now $2,000 <br />He said that he now has a purchase agreement, <br />I Mr. Mareck objected further that he would be willing to <br />Mr. Mareck also objected to the <br />He also objected to the valuation of <br />Mrs. Lloyd Cherne, 5704 View Lane, said that she represented 21homeowners in <br />the Parkwood Knolls area who considered their property depreciated by the <br />increased traffic in the area inasmuch as their land is no longer in the quiet <br />neighborhood into which they originally moved. Mrs. Cherne presented a peti- <br />tion requesting that the 1973 increase in assessed valuation on the fallowing <br />properties be revoked: <br />Name <br />Woyd Cherne - <br />David D. Taft <br />Anthony D. Nunster <br />L. E. Pearson <br />William J. Hunt <br />Donald D. Graceman <br />G. A. Van Doren, Jr. <br />Robert 8. Amis <br />David L. Blair <br />Edward P. Donatelle <br />M. J. Schumacher <br />Robert J. Pond <br />D. J. Nordstrom <br />I). 8. Morisette <br />Robert A. Cooper <br />Thomas E. Fournier <br />H. M. Baskerville, Jr. <br />.Warren Christianson <br />Address <br />5704 View Lane <br />5605 Schaefer Road <br />5609 Schaefer Road <br />5700 View Lane <br />5708 View Lane <br />5712 View Lane <br />5716 View Lane <br />5720 View Lane <br />5717 View Lane ' <br />5724 View Lane <br />5728 View Lane <br />6412 Stauder Circle <br />5701 Camelback Drive <br />5700 Camelback Dr. <br />5701 Deville Drive <br />5701 Schaefer Road <br />5113 Schaefer Road <br />5717 Schaefer Road <br />1972 <br />76,900 <br />83,300 <br />77,700 * <br />83,800 * <br />76,600 <br />72,900 <br />67,300 <br />94,800 <br />75,800 <br />74,800 <br />63,800 <br />130,500 <br />97,500 <br />91,300 <br />93,000 <br />76,700 <br />(74,000) <br />91,200 <br />84,900 <br />-". ' 1973 <br />80,000 - <br />86,600 <br />83,900 <br />90,400 <br />79,700 <br />75,800 <br />69,900 <br />98,800 <br />78,800 <br />77,800 <br />66,200 <br />135,900 <br />101,600 <br />95,100 <br />96,800 <br />74,500 <br />94,900 <br />88,300