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6 / 14/7 3 <br />buildings should not be increased. i <br />Mr. Harold Roberts appeared to protest the increased valuation of the office <br />building owned by Oscar Roberts Co. at 7200 France Ave. S. from $900,000 in 1972 <br />to $920,000 in 1973. <br />between $800,000 and $825,000 inasmuch as the building is low and they have to <br />property. He suggested that the tax for office buildings should be 25% of the <br />total gross property income which would limit their tax to $28,000. Bir. Roberts * <br />was told that the Village would like to see qn appraiser's estimate but would <br />not be bound by it. Hr. Swanson will meet with FIr. Roberts. <br />Hr. Earl H. A. Isensee, 4617 Golf Terrace, objected to the increased valuation of <br />his propeety from $56,800 in 1972 to $59,700 in 1973, stating that the ,1972 <br />valuation is in line with recent sales in the area. Mr. Isensee said that the <br />house is now twenty-five years old and needs major repairs. <br />that the house at 4517 Golf Terrace sold on March 1, 1973, for $63,500. llr. <br />Isensee said that the house on Lot 9, Block 2, Golf Terrace Heights had sold for <br />$60,000 in September, 1969. Mr. Swanson will review the property. Mr. Isensee <br />then asked the Village Manager to close off the access to T.H. 100 at Golf <br />Terrace so that cars will not speed down Golf Terrace. <br />Hall, 4902 Lakeview Drive had refused,to sign a petition for this closing. <br />He said that he believes that the correct value should be <br />-furnish their own drainage and pumps since surrounding lands drain to this <br />-I <br />He advised the Board <br />He said that only Dr. <br />Mr. David Dietrich, 404 John Street, WAS not present at this meeting but had <br />left his objection on June 11, 1973, to the increase of his property from. <br />$33,300 in 1972, to $34,900 in 1973. He suggested that a correct valuation <br />would be $32,000 based on comparable costs of new construction and comparable <br />sales of property in the Village. <br />' <br />Nr. James A. Kelsey, 5720 Kemrich Drive, was not present at this meeting but <br />left his objection on June 11, 1973, to the increased valuation of his property <br />from $50,400 in 1972, to $52,900 in 1973. Mr. Kelsey had indicated that it is' <br />not fair to increase new'properties at the same 5% rate as older houses. <br />IIr. Robert V. Tarbox, 5001 Bruce Ave., was not present at this meeting but had <br />expressed objection to the increased valuation of his property from $55,000 <br />in 1972 to $57,800 in 1973. <br />property with 5506 Arden Ave., which had been valued at $62,500. <br />Mrs. Gladstone 31. Stenson, 4811 Bywood Vest, objected to the increase in her <br />valuation from $58,300 in 1972, to $G2,000 in 1973, stating that the correct value . <br />would not be over $59,000. <br />the house caused because the contractor had failed to make needed repairs as he <br />had agreed. <br />had petitioned at Crescent Drive and Bywood I.Jest would be checked out. <br />The Assessing Department suggested comparing his : <br />. <br />Eir. Swanson said that he would inspect the damage to <br />Mrs. Stenson was also assured that the street light for which she <br />No further business appearing, the meeting was adjourned at 5:40 p.m. and <br />continued to June 21, 1973, at 4:30 p.m. <br />Village Clerk <br />IIIJWTES OF THE CONTINUED MEETIKG OF THE <br />HELD THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1973, at 4:30 P.M. <br />Councilmen Courtney, Shaw and Van Valkenburg, serving as Mayor Pro Tem in the <br />absence of Mayor Bredesen, served as the Board of Review for the meeting contin- <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />I ued from June 14, 1973. <br />Following Mr. Swanson's presentation of his recommendations after reviewing the - various properties for which reduction of valuation had been requested;the <br />Board Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m. and continued to June 25, 1973 at <br />4:30 p.m. I <br />,A- b <br />Village Clerk