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J <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE :HALL ON <br />AUGUST 6, 1973 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Johnson, Shaw, Van Valkenburg and <br />Mayor Bredesen. <br />PAMJOOD KNOLLS AREA ACCESS ROUTES TO BE STUDIED FURTHER. <br />that the hearing for Improvement No. P-BR-4 across Nine Mile Creek from Walnut <br />Mr. Hyde recalled <br />Drive to Londonderry Road had been continued from July 16, 1973, for recom- <br />mendations by the Traffic Safety Committee. <br />ents and opponents of the improvement had participated in a special meeting of <br />the Traffic Safety Committee to consider the matter of alternate access routes <br />to Parkwood Knolls, with emphasis on the proposed connection of Londonderry. <br />Road to Walnut Drive across Nine Mile Creek and thatqthe Traffic Safety Committee <br />had adopted the following motions: <br />1. <br />line of the Parkwood ~011s Additions, the East line of Lots 19 thru 27, Auditors' <br />Subdivision 325, the North line of the South one-half of Section 30, Township <br />117, Range 21, and the West line of Parkwood knolls 15th Addition extended to <br />the North until such time as the alignment for a road connecting the park- <br />wood Knolls area to the proposed interchange at County Road 18 and 7th Street <br />has been determined, construction of the road authorized by Council, and the <br />right-of-way acquired for the road; and <br />2. That further investigation be made of alignment for the road connecting Park- <br />wood Knolls to the proposed County Road 18 and Londonderry Drive interchange <br />either directly at Londonderry Drive or indirectly via Lincoln Drive at another <br />location between Londonderry Addition and the North line of Prestige 2nd Addition. <br />Council's attention was also called to the interim report of the County Road <br />18/Valley View Road Interchange Task force by Mr. Darrell H. Boyd, which report <br />indicated that the key considerations in establishing a procedure to develop <br />reasonable alternatives include: <br />1. Anticipated traffic load on Valley View Road and W. 66th Street and/or <br />Antrim Road and I?. 70th Street if access to County Road 18 were'made available <br />at Valley View Road; <br />2. <br />Road and the Crosstown Highway or Gleason Road and Interstate 494) in the event <br />that all traffic into and out of Southwest Edina did not have access to County <br />Road 18 at the aforementioned interchange. <br />The Task Force had recommended further that a professional analysis be made by <br />an outside engineering firm to determine an estimte of both jxaffic volume <br />and peak loads at spe,cified points in the Southwest Edina rlbad system, based <br />on full land development of Southwest Edina, Eden Prairie and Bloomington, and <br />further to obtain an estimate of the traffic volume on the basis of no inter- <br />section, a partial intersection and a full intersection at County Road 18 and <br />Valley View Road. <br />tion will be beneficial in establishing the merits of an intersection at <br />Gleason Road and Id. 78th Street. <br />study proposed by the Traffic Safety Committee would be done within the next <br />three or four months and that, if any projects were authorized by the Council at <br />public hearings, construction could 'take place next year. He added that the <br />only thing that could be constructed this year would be the Londonderry Drive <br />crossing, if that crossing should be approved. Councilman Johnson suggested <br />that, in view of the undertainties that exist with the connections to County <br />Road 18, an interim solution might be approved and an outside firm employed <br />with the cooperation of the cities of Hopkins and Minnetonka, the Village of <br />Eden Prairie, Hennepin County, the Metropolitan Council and the Nine Mile <br />Creek Watershed District to study the County Road 18 corridor from the South <br />Village Lipits to the North Village Limits. Mayor Bredesen expressed disap- <br />pointment with the delay caused by appointment of various task forces and sug- <br />gested that, if Village employees could not make a determination, an outside <br />consultant should be employed. Mr. Fletcher Naller, Jr., 5601 Schaefer Road, <br />with the aid of the viewgraph, reviewed traffic flow figures in the area and <br />said that these traffic patterns are determined by the access to the Crosstown <br />Highway on Gleason Road. <br />lector streetstt and that traffic problems will increase with the construction <br />of the apartme* complex North of Vernon Avenue and East of County Road 18. <br />Mr. Waller contended that the Traffic Safety Committee recommendations calling <br />for a Westerly route out of Parkwood Knolls would not be completed until 1975. <br />Mr. Waller suggested opening the area West to County Road 18 and not crossing <br />Nine Mile Creek at Walnut Drive. He suggested erection of temporary blockades <br />at South Knoll Drive and View Lane, at Sch$efer Road at South Knoll Drive and <br />Mr. Dunn advised that both propon- <br />That no further development be allowed in the area bounded by the North <br />Anticipated traffic load on other arterial/freeway intersections (e.g. Gleason <br />It was the opinion of the Task Force that this same informa- <br />Mr. Dunn advised Mayor Bredesen that the <br />He said that View Lane and Schaefer Road are "col- <br />I