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MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING OF <br />. 'SEPTEMBER 17, 1973, 4:OO P.M. <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL <br />Present were Mayor Bredesen and Councilmen Courtney, Johnson and Van Valkenburg. <br />The discussion of many detailed i'tems in the Proposed Budget ensued, and it was <br />generally agreed that the following reductions in the Budget should be made: <br />Planning : <br />Salary - Director !$ 800 <br />'Salary - Environmental Planner 9,900 (A) .~$10,700 <br />Street Naintenance : * <br />." Public Works : <br />General Maintenance - Commodities 7,000 <br />Street Name Signs - Commodities . 2,000 <br />Village Properties : <br />Lakes and Ponds Maintenance Commod- ities 2,000 11,000 <br />Zire Protection: Conferences and Schools 300 <br />Hose 500 800 <br />Human Relations Commission:. <br />Cdmmissions: <br />Education Program 800 <br />Park and Recreation: <br />Tree Spade 6,500 (A) <br />Capital Outlay - Unclassified 2,000 8,500 <br />$31,800 <br />(Note A - Transferred to Revenue Sharing Budget) <br />Mrs. Meridith Hart, Chairman of the Human Relations Commission, explained the <br />Commission's request, and asked for clarification of how funds should be <br />handled. <br />from its checking account, and that the Village Finance Department should <br />exercise greater control* over disbursements. <br />Mr. Hyde suggested that if the-Council desired to avoid a tax rate increase as <br />the Recommended Budget proposed, a portion of the General Fund Unappropriated <br />Surplus could be transferred to 1974 revenue. <br />It was. decided' that Mr. Dalen should prepare a tabulation of all changes <br />decided upon for presentation and consideration at the 7:OO p.m. meeting; <br />which would result in a revised levy of $1,965,417, and an estimated mill rate <br />' It was decided that the Commission should not make direct payments <br />.. <br />This met with approval. <br />of 6.34 ells. ..I <br />Village Manager