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MINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY , OCTOBER 15, 1973 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen 'Courtney, Johnson, Shaw and Van <br />Valkenburg who served as Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of September 17, 1973, were approved as submitted by motion of <br />Councilman Johnson, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried, as'were the <br />minutes of the Special Budget Meetings of September 12 and 17, 1973. <br />SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. P-SS-309 CONTINUED TO NOVEMBER 5, 1973. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. <br />action taken as hereinafter set forth: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEI?ER IMPROVEMENT P-SS-309 IN THE FOLLOIJING: <br />Pursuant to due notice given, public hearing was conducted and <br />, Easement line*from Motor Stxeet thru back yards to service from 4425 <br />to 4521 Brookside Terrace <br />Mr. Hyde presented total estimated project cost at $28,770.60, proposed to be <br />assessed against 7 assessable lots at $4,110.09 per assessable lot. <br />thak a hearing (called upon receipt of 100% petition) had been held for both <br />sewer and watermain on October 16, 1972. At that time the watermain had been <br />approved but the sanitary sewer was delayed for further study to determine if <br />a more economical route could be worked out along Minnehaha Creek. <br />has been received from the Minnehaha Creek Vatershed District to construct the <br />sanitary sewer using the route along and partially through the creek, but the <br />cost of protecting the creek has run the cost considerably higher. Mr. Dunn <br />advised that the low bid taken on October 12, 1973, had been $37,312.00, which <br />would bring the cost to almost $6,400 per connection. Council suggested the <br />possibility of obtaining either Federal funds or funds from the Minnehaha Creek <br />Watershed'District in order to prevent contamination of the creek. <br />Parsons, 4437 Brookside Terrace and Mr, T. S. Smith, 4433 Brookside Terrace, <br />objected to the cost of the improvement. Mr. Parsons said that the Watershed <br />District should pay to correct damage to an island in the creek, which damage <br />is being caused by drainage from Broakside Avenue. He said that he does not <br />want the island removed but that the channels on each side should be dredged <br />and the island built up further. Mrs. Mary Ann Kaufman, 4425 Brookside Terrace, <br />suggested that since their septic tanks drain to the creek, property owners <br />should not have to pay the full burden. <br />are not worth the cost of such an expensive assessment. Following considerable <br />discussion, Councilman Johnson's motion was then seconded by Councilman Courtney <br />and carried continuing.the hearing to November 5, 1973, so that the Enginqer <br />could examine other alternatives of locating the improvement and also examine <br />the possibility of obtaining other methods of funding the improvement. Dis- <br />'cussion then ensued on the island, with Mr. Dunn advising that he believCs that <br />the island xqill be considered at a hearing to be held by the Watershed District <br />in the near future. <br />He recalled <br />Approval <br />Mr. Dudley <br />She pointed out that these properties <br />BRAEMAR PARC PRELIMINARY PLAT CONTINUED TO NOVEMBER 5, 1973. Mr. Erickson said <br />that, in accordance with action taken by Council on October 1, 1973, a set of <br />restrictions had been delivered but that Mr. Luce had not had an opportunity to <br />check the dimensions thoroughly. Councilman Johnson, in response to Mr. Luce's <br />request for direction, said that as many trees as possible should be preserved <br />for a four lot plat. <br />motion was seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried continuing the matter <br />to November 5, 1973. <br />As recommended by Mr. Erickson, Councilman Johnson's <br />BXDS-Ai?ARDED FOR SS-297 AND WM-268. Mr. Hyde presented tabulation of, five bids <br />received in response to Advertisement for Bids in the Edina Sun and Construction <br />Bulletin on September 27 and October 4, 1973. Tabulation showed Q.R.S. Cans- <br />truction, Inc., low bidder at $50,6614; F. D. Chapman Construction, $66,018.15; <br />G. L. Contracting, Inc., $66,599.50; Nodland Associates, Inc., $75,700.50; <br />Northern Contracting Co., $79,766.05 against Engineer's estimate of $61,777.20. <br />Councilman Courtney's motion for award to recommended low bidder, Q.R.S. <br />Construction, Inc., was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />SANITARY SEIJER IMPROVEMENT NO. 88-309 CONTINUED TO NOVENBER 5, 1973. In accord- <br />ance with action taken on Sanitary Sewer Improvement No. P-SS-309, Council- <br />man Shawls motion to continue award of bid for P-SS-309 was seconded by Council- <br />man Johnson and carried. <br />ment for Bids in the Construction Bulletin and Edina Sun on September 27 and <br />October 4, 1973, had been presented as follows: G. L. Contracting, Inc., low <br />bidder at $37,312.00; Q.R.S. Construction, Inc., $43,650.31; Northern <br />Contracting Co., $60.718.50; Nodland Associates, Inc,, $66,529.00, against <br />Tabulation of bids received in response to Advertise-