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81 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF -THE. <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON <br />MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1974 <br />\ <br />Answering rollcall were Council Members Schmidt, Shaw and Courtney who <br />served as Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of February 25, 1974, were approved as submitted by motion of Council- <br />woman Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />KARL KRAHL PETITION FOR REZONING PERMITTED TO BE FILED. <br />.were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Hyde recalled that at the last meeting he had suggested that an informal <br />meeting be held with Mr. Gittleman,, the Viking Hills residents, Mr. Krahl, <br />Affidavits of Notice <br />Mr. <br />Mr. Hanson, someone from the County Highway Department and owners of the land <br />to the South of Viking Hills. He said that upon thinking the matter over, he <br />had met instead with the Partnership Investments people, owners of the <br />property immediately South of Viking Hills and had reviewed their plans <br />as they pertain also fo the Robert Hanson plans. <br />contemplate construction of forty to forty-six double bungalows which will be <br />started as soon as the road pattern is determined. <br />'Dunn and Mr. Luce had met also with Mr. Gittleman and.reviewed his new plan <br />for development of the Krahl property, which plans call for three buildings <br />of twenty-four units each. <br />proposed. <br />be destroyed <br />approximately 70 to 80% disturbance if Mr. Krahl's single family plan goes <br />through. Mr. Hyde said that he and Mr. Dunn had also met with Mr. Herbert <br />Klossner, Hennepin County Engineer, who said, that the County's last. stand is <br />that if the Frontage Road has to go in, it is all right as long as it is not <br />on County or State right-of-way. <br />information obtained in these meetings, it is his feeling that there is new <br />evidence and the petition for rezoning the Karl Krahl property should be per- <br />mitted to be filed. Mr. Luce said that he concurred with Mr. Hyde's recom- <br />mendations. Mr. Marshall Pieczentkowski, 6137 Polar Circle, said that. he <br />represented the Viking Hills Homeowners Association and the Walnut-Tamarac <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg on March 1, 1974, at which members of the City staff <br />were in attendance along with Mrs. Carolyn Dencker, the Krahls and Mr. Robert <br />Hanson. <br />invite Mr. Melvin Gittleman since l%e had no vested interest in the situation <br />being discussed that day". <br />the development of the area were discussed at this meeting in hopes that <br />they could come to a conclusion.acceptable to all parties conce'med and that, <br />at the-close of the meeting, there was an understanding that there wou1d:be <br />no further meetings prior to April 1, 1974, which was the date agreed upon <br />in order to gather additional information so that a finalized plan could be <br />presented on April 1 and Council could consider a petition to deny or permit <br />for rezoning in keeping with Ordinance 811-A28. He said that those attend- <br />ing the meeting had been'assured by the Mayor that no notice for public hear- <br />ing would be permitted before April 1 and objected to the action taken by the <br />Council on March 4, 1974, in setting a hearing for March 18, 1974 on the <br />"Petition to Deny or Permit Petition fbr Rezoning Karl Krahl Property". Mr. <br />Pieczentkowski also said that because a meeting of concerned parties set for <br />March-9, 1974, had been cancelled, there cannot be the necessary information <br />to produce a change of conditions. <br />meeting, the Mayor, 'hFd said that without any change of conditions, the <br />property would remain R-1 until another hearing after April 1, 1974. <br />Pieczentkowski submitted that since the March 9 meeting was cancelled, the <br />commitment made to the participants was not fulfilled and a presentation by <br />Mr. Gittleman at this time is completely out. of order and that the zoning of <br />the property should not be reconsidered unt'il after July 16, 19.74. Mr. <br />Pieczentkowski said that Nr. Gittleman should limit his remarks at this <br />meeting to matters germain to the issue of whether or not there has been a <br />change of conditions. <br />for March 9 had b'nly been tentative-and had been changed because he felt <br />that he knew the positions of Viking Hills property owners, the Krahls and <br />Mr. Gittleman ,and felt that it would be of more value to learn tlie opPnions <br />of the others with whoni he did meet. He said that Mr. Pieczentkowski's <br />recital of the fact that no hearing should be held before April 1, 1974, is <br />germain because this is not a hearing on the merits o,f the new plan. In <br />response fo Mr. Pieczentkowski's contention that the Notice of Public Hearing <br />for this Hearing is illegal inasmuch as it referred to Ordinance 811, rather <br />Partnership Investments <br />Mr. Hyde said that he,,Bfr. <br />A recreation building and a tennis court are also <br />Mr. Gittleman had indicated that about one-third of the trees would <br />and about one-third of the area distutt'bed by grading, as against <br />. <br />Mr. Hyde said that on the basis of <br />.Homeowners Association. He said that he had attended a meeting conducted by <br />He said that Mayor Van Valkenburg had said that he had declined to <br />Mr. Pieczentkoyski said that various plans for <br />He also said that at the March 1, 1974, <br />Mr. <br />Mr. Hyde explahed that the meeting suggested by him