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101' <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR 1EETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />APRIL 15, 1974 <br />Answering rollcall were Council members Courtney, Johnson, Schmidt, Shaw and <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />KRAHL HILL PRD -3 PLANNED RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT ZONING DENIED. Affidavits of Not - <br />ice�,were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Mr. Luce pres&fited`.the. request of Mr. Melvin Gittleman for PRD -3 Planned Resi- <br />dential District Zoning for Krahl Hill, located gene= lly South of Vernon Avenue <br />and West of Arctic Way, noting that this zoning change is being reconsidered at <br />this time because some believe that the higher and greater use of the property <br />would permit development of the site with less damage to the hill. He advised <br />that the Planning Commission had unanimously recommended the Planned Residential <br />District zoning proposed by Mr. Gittleman. Mayor Van Valkenburg reviewed the <br />background for development of the'site and emphasized the fact that Council has <br />no preconceived ideas as to action to be tacen`at this hearing. He referred to a <br />letter from Mrs. Beverly Schiffman, 6120 Arctic Way, opposing the proposal and to <br />a letter from Mr. Roy H. Peterson urging that-the zoning be approved. Mr. Git- <br />tleman made a presentation of his proposed 72 unit condominium, advising that <br />the proposal will consist of three 24 unit buildings, with nine dwelling units <br />per acre. He said that the development would least destroy the contours of the <br />site as compared to single family development. Mr. Gittleman said that he, too, <br />is interested in solving traffic problems in the area and would not object to a <br />cul -de -sac on Vernon Avenue at Walnut Drive. He made a comparison of the single <br />family development with the Planned Residential District development and said that <br />less than 20% of the hill would remain undestroyed with the presently approved 20 <br />home plat. He added that he would be willing to sign a deed restriction, if it <br />could be done legally, agreeing not to sell to people with children. Mr. Mar- <br />shall Pieczentkowski, 6535 Polar Circle, introduced Mr. Richard Seaberg, 6108 <br />Arctic Way, who said that Mr. Gittleman's statements about the difference in the <br />undisturbed area of the hill under the two proposals are misleading and added <br />that residents on Walnut Drive, Aspen Road, Tamarac Drive, Arctic Way and Polar <br />Circle do not want the site developed with condominiums. Mr.,Seaberg intro- <br />duced Mr. James Mildes, Vice President of Edaw, Inc., specialists in environmental <br />planning, urban design and landscape architects, which firm was retained by property <br />owners in the area to study both proposals as to the impact on the site. Mr. <br />Mildes presented graphics which compared the cut and fill for the two proposals <br />and advised that, after analyzing both plans, he felt that the Council should be <br />aware of the impact that grading.for either tape of "ddvelopmerit::%,zouldl-cause on <br />the-�siteY c$ezclaf field that -he'was not supporting or endorsing either plan. For <br />the record, Mr. Seaberg then read from two petitions which were circulated in the <br />neighborhood which were worded as follows: (1) "As a homeowner in Western Edina <br />and in support of the Viking Hills Association, I support all their efforts to <br />protect our area from the encroaching multiple dwelling rezoning requests before - <br />the Village Council. I strongly urge the Edina Council to deny the rezoning <br />request for multiple units, and request that single family homes can be built on <br />the property known as Krahl Hill property. I recognize that the approved Krahl <br />single - family plan may leave less than 39.8% of the area undisturbed. According <br />to the Gittleman Corporation proposal, cut and fill necessary to remove 36 -40 - <br />feet from the crown of the hill (as required by the approved Krahl single - family <br />plan) may drastically reduce the 39.'8% of undisturbed area "; and (2) "As a <br />homeowner in Western Edina I do not support the Viking Hills Homeowners Association's <br />advocation of the approved Krahl single - family plan which would reportedly leave <br />less than 39.8% of the area undisturbed (cut and fill would further reduce this.) <br />I recommend approval of the proposal to change the "property to R3 zoning so that <br />multiple unit construction can be made. I am in favor of the Gittleman Corpora- <br />tion proposal to construct 3 buildings containing a total of 72 apartment units. <br />According'to the Gittleman proposal as presented, 63.9% of the.area would remain <br />undisturbed." Mr. Seaberg said that out of 114 area homes, 111 were actually <br />polled. 107 families signed the petition for R -1 zoning, none signed the petition <br />for PRD -3 zoning and four did not sign either petition. Mr. Jack Ziegler, 6012 <br />Tamarac Drive, spoke in opposition to the proposal, stating that 'such a develop- <br />ment would increase traffic and change the fiber of the community. Mr. Dunn <br />explained calculations made which indicated that the green area on the R -1 plat <br />is 22.06% of the total tract and the green area on the PRD -3 proposal is 45:57% <br />of the total area.- Councilman Johnson pointed out that if the figures on the charts <br />are not accurate, Mr. Dunn's figures would not be valid. Councilman Shaw was told <br />by Mr. Dunn that the green area referred to did not necessarily mean "'undisturbed <br />area't, but an area possibly reseeded and with newly planted trees. In response <br />to a question of Councilman Johnson, Mr. Mildes said that he estimates that 647. <br />of the hill would-be disturbed with the PRD -3 plan and 59% would be disturbed under <br />the single family plan. Councilman Shaw made it clear that it was without prejud- <br />ice in any way that he moved for the reopening of the zoning within a period of _ <br />�J <br />I <br />1 <br />