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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />MAY 20, 1974 <br />1 <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Johnson, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of May 6 , 1974, were approved as presented by mhtion of Councilman <br />Courtney, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />CREEK VALLEY SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIES CLASSES RECOGNIZED. Members of Mrs. McKerson's <br />fifth and sixth grade social studies classes at Countryside School were recog- <br />nized and welcomed by Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />what they had learned from the course on local government. <br />Two girls from the group explained <br />WESTERN EDINA TRAFFIC TASK FORCE REPORT CONSIDERED; CONTINUED TO JUNE 3, '1974~ <br />already received by Council from residents of Western Edina and from the West- <br />,TEMPORARY BARRICADES TO BE INSTALLED. Mayor Van Valkenburg explained the input <br />ern E&na Traffic Task Force and advised that, after everyone at the meeting <br />desiring to be heard has spoken, he w6uSd recommend continuing the matter SO <br />that Ridge Road residents would have an opportunity to study the problem and SO <br />that Council would have an opportunity to further study the Task Force Report. <br />Note was made of receipt of 'letters from Mr. J. J. Liebenberg representing the <br />Ridge Road Edina Associates, Mr. Richard C. Cross, 5804 View Lane, Mr; and.Mrs. <br />Robert J. Schramm, 5800 View Lane, Mr. Robert W. Amis, 5720 View Lane, Earl A. <br />Emmer, 5724 View Lane and Kenneth C. Joas, 6209 South Knoll Drive. <br />attention was also called t;;-hhe Traffic Safety Committee Minutes of May 15,~'1974, <br />in which the following recommendations were made: (See Western Edina Traffic Task <br />Force Report incorporated in Minutes of April 15, 1974) <br />1. That Olinger Blvd. be completed as soon as possible from the Blake Road- <br />Vernon Avenue intersection to the Olinger Road-Olinger- Blvd. intersection. <br />2. That Alternative 1 in Issue Area 1 be adopted. <br />3. That Alternative 1 in Isssle Area 3 be adopted. <br />4. That Alternative 2 in Issue Area 4 be adopted. <br />5. For Issue Area 2 , it was recommended that Alternative 3 be adopted in con- <br />junction with Alternative 1, Issue Area 3. <br />Councilman Johnson suggested erection of temporary blockades as described under <br />Alternative 6 of Issue Area relieve the traffic flow on View Lane and <br />Schaefer Road until the final decision is reached. Mr. Richard Wolsfeld of <br />Bather, Ringrose & Wolsfeld reviewed action taken by the Task Force as pereained <br />to various issue areas as had been described in the meeting of April 15, 1974. <br />Nr. James,Thorpe, 5901 Walnut Drive, spoke as a member of the Majority on the <br />Task Force. He recalled that a petition had been submitted to the Council in <br />the fall of: 1973, expressing opposition to opening Walnut Drive to the North. <br />He referred also to a current petition which was designed to slow down traffic <br />on Vernon Avenue. Mr. Thorpe spoke in'opposition to opening Walnut Drive and <br />recalled that only a culvert; and not a bridge,existed over Nine Mile Creek. <br />recalled that the culvert had been removed as it had been considered dangerous <br />for children, as well as restricting the flow of the creek. Mr. Thorpe added <br />that the traffic count of 2,200 trips per day which is used to indicate heavy <br />traffic in the View Lane - Schaefer Road area exists only for the length of two <br />lots. Mp. I.Jilliam Stickel, 5900 Tamarac Lane, recalled that Walnut Park was <br />established as a watershed and area flood plain. He objected to the suggestion <br />of Mr. Lloyd G. Cherne, 5704 View Lane, that AZIernative No. 5 which calls for <br />a road thru the park, would be a suitable solution. Dr. Wm. Chandler, 5713 <br />Camelback Drive, said that he is President of the Parkwood Knolls Traffic Assn., <br />which had submitted the "Analysis and Position Paper Concerning Issue Area 2 <br />of the Western Edina Circulation Plan", along with a petiti-ssl containing 120 <br />names of Parkwood Knolls.residents urging the rejection of Alternatives Nos. 2, <br />4 and 5, adoption of Alternative No. 1 and Alternative No. 3 and implementing <br />'Alternative No. 6 on a temporary basis until the completion of Alternatives Nos. <br />1 and 3. of the Parkwood Knolls Traffic Association urged that <br />early relief be given to the traffic problem at Schaefer Road and View Lane. <br />?IT+ H2de..said. that Qe.:had €8lked-.ta~iNr? :I?ZQiarx J;"Sime~~.Br~Sc5929 ,Walnut Drive , <br />mho recalled- t~at-~~he~~dulverti-,had~-been put&xcb$ Ssme Xdanuandaneverb used <br />as a right of way. Br. Hyde recalled that the culvert had been installed so <br />that the Simes could get to their land on the North side of'the creek and that <br />it had never been used as a public road, never any dedication of right-of-way <br />and never any pidespread usage of it. In response to a question of Councilmen <br />Shaw and Courtney as to the reason there was no second to a motion made in the <br />Traffic Safety Committee With reference to erecting te9orary barricades , Mr. <br />Dunn said that the Traffic Safety Committee had felt that traffic problems <br />should be.solved by additional access routes rather than closing streets. <br />Council's <br />- <br />He <br />Mr. John Sear