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157 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR IBETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />' JUNE 3, 1974 <br />Answering rollcall were Council members Courtney, Johnson, Schmidt, Shaw and <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />1.IIMUTES of May 20, 1974, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilman <br />Courtney, seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt and carried. <br />BRAENAR PAPX STADIUM DISCUSSED AT JOINT EEETING UITH SCHOOL - BOARD. Mr. Fred <br />Richards, a member of the Citizens' Study Committee, reviewed briefly the report <br />of the CcjmrhitteA as formally submitted to the School Board and to the Council. <br />The Citizens' Committee, as Mr. Richards pointed out, was originally formed by <br />the School Board to study the question of whether artificial turf should be <br />placed on the present stadium site located on the Edina East Campus. After <br />several meetings, the Committee reported back by letter to Dr. Lieber that <br />artificial turf t7as not the answer to their problem and that the Committee <br />would be willing to study further the total athletic space problem r- both at <br />Edina East and Edina West. Four study sub-committees were appointed from the <br />Citizens' group as follows : <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. To study Braemar Park as a site for the stadium. <br />1. <br />To study the Edina East Campus; <br />To study the Edina West Campus; <br />To study what potential open space was left in the City on which a stadium <br />could be placed; <br />The Committee kubmitted two basic recommendations as follows : <br />Edina East site is totally inadequate. <br />the total area be redesigned for better use prior to any additional <br />improvements or alterations made; <br />2. The stadium be moved to Braemar Park. <br />The stadium should be moved and <br />Although not included in any of the four reports, the total Committee felt that <br />both campuses should have a practice track and that a competitive all-weather <br />surface track be designed for both schools at a neutral site since both campuses <br />are overcrowded. Dr. John Hoyt, Chairman of the School Board, commented that he <br />could not see the expenditure of capital funds for this type of improvement when <br />it has been necessary to curtail many other school programs. Councilman Courtney <br />said that he did not believe that temporary measures should be taken and that if <br />a stadium is needed and approved, it should be constructed properly at this time. <br />Discussion ensued as to the legality of construction of this facility on land <br />which is not situated within the boundaries of School District 273. <br />Valkenburg reiterated that the purpose of this meeting is merely to get the <br />reaction of the School Board and the Council. As recommended by Councilman <br />Johnson, it was informally agreed that two members of the School Board and two <br />members of the Council be appointed to serve as a liason to investigate the <br />legal problems of use of the Braemar site and methods of financing the improve- <br />ment. Mayor Van Valkenburg expressed his thanks to the School Board and to Mr. <br />Richards and the Committee for holding this joint meeting with the Council. <br />' <br />Mayor Van <br />8 <br />ISSUE AREAS 1 AND 3 OF WESTERN EDINA TRAFFIC TASK FORCE REPORT APPROVED; ISSUE <br />AREAS 2 AND 4 CONTINUED TO JULY 1, 1974. <br />Western Edina Traffic Task Force Report had been continued from the meeting of <br />May 20, 1974. Mr. James Thorp, 5901 Walnut Drive, presented a petition represent- <br />ing 114 homes in Issue Areas 1 and 2 which requested the adoption of Alternative <br />2 for Issue Area 1 (which calls for a road going on the South side of Krahl Hill <br />and with a cul-de-sac on Vernon Avenue near Walnut Drive) and the adoption of <br />Alternatives 3 and G for Issue Area 2 (which calls for a Westerly exit to <br />Lincoln Drive and the removal of barricades in the Parkwo.od Knolls area). Mr. <br />Thorp described the consequence to properties at the North end of Walnut Drive <br />if the bridge should be constructed over Nine Mile Creek and said that there is <br />no real traffic problem except for the intersection of View Lane and Schaefer <br />Road which had a traffic count of 2,200 per day. <br />were Messrs. Lowell Holden, 6016 Tamarac Avenue, Robert Burgoyne, 5936 Walnut <br />Drive, the resident at 6108 Arctic Way and Dr. Roy-Dickman, 6420 Aspen Road, <br />who said that it would be too costly and would spoil the natural swampy area <br />and game preserve to build a road thru the park. <br />Nr. Henry Hodde, 6600 Londonderry Road, said that he represented the ovemhelm- <br />ing majority of residents on Biscayne Blvd, Dovre Drive, Londonderry Drive, <br />Londonderry Road, Field Nay and Newport Drive. He reviewed the various alterna- <br />tives for Issue Area 2, along with traffic patterns, and recommended that all <br />alternatives be rejected except Alternative 3. He explained that Alternative <br />3 pr0yides.a circuitous outlet from the neighborhood which "gives general dis- <br />comfort to the entire area". Mr. ,Douglas Johnson, 6650 Parkwood Road, and Mr. <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg recalled that the <br />' <br />Concurring with Pfr. Thorp <br />With the aid of the view-graph,