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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />JULY 15, 1974 <br />Answering roll call were Council members Courtney, Johnson, Schmidt, Shaw <br />and Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of June 17 and July 1, 1974 were approved as presented by motion of <br />Councilwoman Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />WESTERN EDINA TRAFFIC CIRCULATION ISSUE AREA 2 -- APPROPRIATE SIGNAGE BY <br />CITY TRAFFIC ENGINEERS. <br />by Parkwood Knolls' residents for a STOP sign for eastbound Stauder Circle <br />traffic at 90' bend and a three-way STOP at Continental Drive and Stauder <br />Mr. Fran Hoffman, City staff, presented the request I <br />cp <br />Ez;) w <br />Circle, also the proposal by Mr. Cherne and Mr. Pearson, View Lane, for new <br />barricades located (1) View Lane as originally barricaded; (2) Schaefer Road, <br />mid-block between South Knoll Drive and Stauder Circle; and (3) Stauder Circle, <br />immediately east of the Stauder Circle and Londonderry Road intersection. <br />Mr. Hoffman gave the accident picture and a summary of the discussions as <br />outlined in the Minutes of the Traffic Safety Committee Meeting of July 10. <br />In answer to a Parkwood Knolls' resident inquiry if the barricades had been <br />evaluated on the basis of temporary or permanent reimplementation or both, <br />he replied that both had been considered. Mr. Erickson, City Attorney, sum- <br />merized his written legal opinion stating that "permanent blockades would be <br />tantamount to a vacation of the street which can only be done pursuant to <br />statutory procedures for hearing and finding that the streets no longer are <br />necessary to advance public interest". <br />barricades are within the police power of the City if they are in the interest <br />of public health, safety and welfare, but that permanent barricades are not <br />within the police' powers. Mr. Dick Wolsfeld remarked that closing streets <br />as proposed will do a better job of reducing volume on View and Schaefer than <br />the previous plan. Mr. Bill Chandler, 5713 Camelback Drive (President, Park- <br />wood Knolls Traffic Association) said the vast majority of people, 100-200 <br />families, in Parkwood Knolls object to the barricades, either temporary or <br />permanent; and the people who support the barricades, approximately nine <br />families, live very near View and Schaefer. Mr. David Taft, 5606 Schaefer <br />Road, remarked that the petition signed earlier is not relevant as a statistic; <br />the proposed barricades give people access to the park, as well as emergency <br />vehicles, etc. He continued to say that traffic is excessive in this area <br />and unless barricades, STOP signs or some type of slow-down is effective, <br />there will be real problems. In answer to Councilman Johnson's questions, <br />Mr. Chandler stated that his Association did consider the matter and the vast <br />majority of the people in their Association do oppose the new version as well <br />as the old version. He also replied that there is no unanimity of the members <br />on View as to pro or con barricades; and the people in the Camelback, DeVille, <br />Continental area feel the barricades are a major restriction to emergency <br />vehicle access. <br />by the City if barricades slow response time of emergency vehicles. Mr. Erick- <br />son replied "no" , as there is still access to the area. Ms. Sara Taft, 5606 <br />Schaefer Road, member of the Parkwood Knolls Ass'n, remarked that she feels <br />misrepresented as they are not against barricades and were not consulted. <br />also stated that instead of striving for an equitable solution for the whole <br />area, everyone is trying to protect his own interests. Mr. Chandler restated <br />that the majority reject barricades as it causes major problems. <br />McClelland, 5717 Continental Drive, (Vice-president of the Parkwood Knolls <br />Traffic Association) commented that five houses on the lower part of View are <br />against or question barricades; 1/4 to 1/3 of the total membership is on View <br />and Schaefer. <br />to the park, emergency vehicles, school bus routes, etc., and the Parkwood <br />Knolls Traffic Ass'n group agrees with them. <br />they may request barricades again. <br />to receive the brunt of 400 cars per day, and traffic did not disperse as ex- <br />pected. In answer to Councilwoman Schmidt's question about speed limits, Mr. <br />Erickson replied there is a specific State Statute of 30 miles per hour for <br />residential streets. Mr. Cherne remarked that there is a big difference of <br />opinion, and the whole issue should be reviewed and petition the people who <br />are affected. <br />tion, such as turning restrictions at Blake Road-Excelsior and County Road 18 <br />in Hopkins. Mr. Dunn stated he was not sure such signing would work, and <br />that one-way streets have not been thoroughly investigated. Mr. Taft remarked <br />that the topography makes 30 miles per hour too fast, and he is concerned about <br />the children and feels STOP signs will remind people to drive the speed limit. <br />He further stated that temporary <br />Councilman Johnson asked Mr. Erickson if there is any liability <br />She <br />Ms. Helen <br />She stated that the northern group's primary concern was getting <br />I If Alternate 3 is held up, however; <br />The previous barricades caused South Knoll <br />Councilwoman Schmidt asked about peak traffic periods regula-