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MNUTES OF THE EGULAR BEETING OF THE <br />OCTOBER 7, 1974 <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />Aiiswering EdllcaZi were Council members Courtney, Johnson, Schmidt , Shaw and <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />+* HINTICES of September 9 and 16 and of the Special Meetings of September 12, 19 <br />and 26, 1974, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilman Shaw, seconded <br />by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />I PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS INPROVENENT ASSESSMENTS. Affidavits of <br />Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Mr. Hyde recalled that many of the improvements had been approved and constructed <br />some time ago for the Grandview Area and that they had not been brought for assess- <br />ment before because the City had not received the final cost for the work done by <br />the County. He added that, while additional improvements were contemplated orig- <br />inally, none of these improvements are planned for the forseeable future. Public <br />hearings were then conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded. <br />A. STREET IBPROVEMENT NO. BA-173 IN THE FOLLOWCNG: <br />County Road 158 (Vernon Avenue) from Gleason Road to 100 feet East of <br />Villa Nay <br />Mr. Hyde presented Analysis of Assessment showing total assessable cost of <br />$49,777.56, proposed to be assessed against 10,284.62 feet at $4.84 per assess- <br />able foot against estimated assessment of $4.09 per assessable foot. Mr. 11. G. <br />Granger,-5533 Vernon Avenue, said that he had never received notice of the improve- <br />ment hearing and that he had been told by a Mr. Mike.Stoner of the Highway Depart- <br />ment $hat there would be no cost to them for the- improvement. <br />Granger that his name was on the mailing list for the improvement hearing and <br />that he was not aware of a Mr. Stoner working for the Highway Department. <br />Eyde read from the minutes of the improvement hearing which indicated that a <br />number of property oviners had been in kttendance. <br />it is important to note at Mr. Stoner's comments were not made by a City <br />employee and told lir. Granger that he could make a claim against the County if <br />he so desired. Nr. Dunn advised Nr. Granger that he had corrected the footage <br />on his assessment. <br />authorizing the assessment was seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />(See Resolution Ordering Assessment later in Minutes.) Later in the meeting, <br />Mrs. Barbara Willey, 5521 Doncaster Way, was told by Nr. Dunn that the policy <br />of the City for assessment of corner lots called for full assessment of the front <br />footage, plus 1/3 of the side dimension and that the remaining 2/3 shall be <br />assumed and paid for by all the lots in the improvement area, including the <br />corner lot. <br />for any assessment for its improvement and that properties are only being as- <br />sessed a very small portion of the total cost. <br />too many heavy trucks are using Vernon Avenue and requested that trucks be <br />forced to use the Crosstown Highway or T.H. 100. Mrs. Willey was told that she <br />could talk to the County Commissioners if she wished, but that Council can do <br />nothing to reduce traffic on a road that was designed for trucks. <br />B. STREET IMPROVEIBNT NO. E-19 IN THE FOUOIENG: <br />llr. Hyde told Nr. <br />tlr. <br />Councilman Johnson said that <br />No further comments being .heard, Councilman Johnson's motion <br />Mr. Hyde added that Vernon Avenue property owners have never paid <br />lifrs. 17illey then objected that <br />fi.7~. 169-212 thru its intersection with Interlachen Blvd. and Brookside <br />Ave. with construction of a temporary connection on Hwy. 169-212 from <br />Interlachen Blvd. to Summit Ave. <br />Brookside Ave. connection from Rutledge Ave. and West 49th Street to <br />Interlachen Blvd. <br />Link Road from Eden Avenue to Hwy. 169-212 <br />Hr. Hyde presented Analysis of Assessment shoving total assessablezcost-of - . <br />$68,653.39, proposed to be assessed against 690,817 square feet at $0.09938 <br />per assessable square foot against estimated assessment of $0.07089 per assess- <br />able square foot. Of-the tot21 construction cost of $167,822.42, $102,410.01 <br />has been paid from State and County Eunds. <br />said that he had been under the impression that this improvement was to be paid <br />totally by the County and asked that the assessment be extended over a period <br />of 20 years, <br />over 20 years was seconded by Councilman Johnson and carried. <br />Ordering Assessment later in Ninutes .) <br />C. STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-100 IN THE FOUOT.TING: <br />East Frontage Road Highway 169-212 from Link Road 364 feet North <br />Mr. Hyde presented Analysis of Assessment showing total construction cost at <br />$27,818.32, proposed to be assessed against 109,867 square feet at $0.2532 per <br />assessable square foot against estimated assessment of $0.14556 per assessable <br />square foot. llr. Jerry Paulson of Jerry's Foods said that he objected stren- <br />uously to the assessment, stating that the road only hampers traffic into his <br />lir. Jerry Paulson of Jerry's Foods . <br />Councilman Shaw!s motion authorizing the assessment to be paid <br />(See Resolution