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?IINhlr:S DF '.C1115 RFGULAR tIKGr1f:G OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL KELD Kt CITY EIiU ON <br />JANUARY 6, 3975 '. <br />Ansvering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards., Schmidt: and Nayor Van <br />Vclicenburg , * <br />- OATEI 03 OFFICE was adininistered by thc Clerk to Councilmn Frederick S, Richards <br />for a term of office to expire on January 1, 1979, <br />- COEXXIA3LLu\I COURTNEY APPOIETED t-L\ETOR PRO 'T& Gouncihoman Schmidt seconded Nayor , <br />Vzn Yalkenburg's recornendation for the appointnht .of Councilwn Cocrtney as <br />Hqor Pro Tern, <br />. <br />The motion carried. <br />-- P'EiLIC IIEARlXGS COWLXT-E~! 027 STREIT IXPROVENEES~CS. P-B.4-202 AhQ P-A-175 <br />Afridavits of Xotice were presented by Clerk, cpproved GS to fcrm and ordered <br />placed on file. Pursuant to due notice given, public hearings were con6ucted con- <br />currently and action talien as herein recorded: <br />.A- COXSTXETiOM CS GWIXG, G?3AVEUIIsc; , CQiL'CPSTFI- c'iR3 -AX3 GLTTER, PEX*X-IENT <br />STPSET SUN?ACI!G, CCKCWTE SIDE\J-.UK, EIUCGE ~'Li4 STOX4 SWER IUPBOVEENT NO. <br />P-SA-202 IN TIE HOiLGTiXG: <br />Corjre Drive from Parlczood Lane to Liccoln Drive (Access to the Domj.n?'_ck <br />ba6,'Ccun"iy Rmd 18 Interchange presently under construction) <br />COXST2IJZTiCN 07 G?i?ES, GILC,VELIHG AN3 BITLXINOLrS STRZET SUXFACTXG X3EROVE- <br />>ZIE NO, P-A-175 LW THE FOLLGIIKG: <br />Kalibu ljrive kxtended Morth from Parkwood Knolls 15th Addition, and Fksterly <br />to Lincoln Drive (Access to the 7th St/ County Road 18 Interchange presently <br />un&r cor,struction) <br />B <br />I <br />Go-mcil was reninded that a citizens' cornittee had been appointed to work with <br />professional traffic engineers on various proposals to solve proSlens caused <br />by Cbe lack of alternate access and egress routes for the developing Parkwood- <br />Kmlls area. Fran a study of'the data gathered zad citizen reaction to various <br />proposais, the stafr' has recornended these two irqrcweroents for public hearing, <br />$2~~ 3uzn e2Tlained that these improvements would provide rccess and egress <br />routes to both krth and South bomd County Road 18 and shclulct decrease Crar'fSc <br />in pzrts of Parkwood Knolls since all Par'mood Knolls trzffic mst r13w travel to <br />Zl&.e, Vernon or InCerlackn, even though such Crafffc dcskes to trzvel. on <br />Coi:i._ty Road 18.- Total estinated cost of L~pr~res~~zt So& F-3A-202 wss give2 at <br />ShO,L20,23 ad the estiznatcd cost 05 Lrr,;zrovemen? <br />$3i,652.i2, <br />assessed against the undeveloped praperrg tnrough which it wfll <br />cil a front footage basis, It is proposed that the norm1 cost of a ccqletely <br />iz?rmed street ($25.00 per assessable foot) ha assessed i,gsi=lst thp_ undevelo?ed <br />Fropzrty through wiiFc1.- ~nprovsnmt t?o, p-M-ZC2 is proposed to bc coiisi:nicted, <br />vith the approxinxitely $L05,000.00 balance to be assessed equally agzins: each <br />&elling unit or dwelling site in the ParkiooZ Knolls Adciitions, existing ad pro- <br />pnsed, ths 3iiILbu lieights Addition, the Walnut Zidge 3rd Addlcion Zorth of 3Jil1,a: <br />ESie Creek, ,?rd the proposed Edinz Green Mdltion at aii estimted rate cf $260.00 <br />per d57elIkg tmit or &ze?Xng cnit site. <br />Lzare, cbjected that he 6oas rrcr feel that traffic on hls rosci is excessive znd <br />tb~r he silocld no'i b2 assessed for the groposcd iqrovemcnts. <br />clarification of "excessive traffic". ~+r. Dr?nn szi6 that there are al;prcxi- <br />mtzly 4,500 vahicles per day on 31ake RoaZ z~cl approsirriarely 2,000 vzhlcles ?er <br />Gay cn View.Lane znd Sckefer bad. He raid that the assessm?nt could :lave been <br />proposed on the basis of traffic volumes and agrzed that tzaffic is not 8s exces- <br />sive in W. %ysteic's area as on view h~e 'anci Sclzcieikr, but that it is te'lieved <br />Chat residents who live in Eas2 PZL~~WOG~ Knolls would bzner'it betatlse of the <br />Lighter trafflc and that residents 97ho live in West Z'Zckdcod ikolh wo;~ld <br />benefit bzccuse of better Eccess. <br />gcs'iea that it wozld do more gcod io de.-,wlq Olicgzr &ad beceusc ~ost of eke - <br />resi6rtss have no need to go to County Paad lS, and also saggeated that the bar- <br />ricade be replaced OG hnclr:nderry bail. & expressed concern that this route ' <br />i.:orrld gcve zccess through tk area tfi peopie wing th-2 shqping center Vzst oE <br />Co.c;lty RQad 18, <br />primarily use the Dominick %ad interchagc. Ex, Ean~y ii~csen, 6629 E?.sc~Y~~ <br />Elvd., snd dsvelopar in thc arca, szid t3~t the Ikiibu wtensim proposal i:; pre- <br />rrattlre because. his con-qazy wil.1 not: klzov just wiicra they WiiL be rski1.1g Che?C <br />parkl~~d dcdi.carion unti.2 3 ph: for the ate2 is developed. <br />EGV~C crossiag \~oulri not \>e used by nzny rcs2dcr;ts acd vould bxZns additional <br />-v&icles into clic are3 frcn tire ::iest, <br />thLibu Dzive, TeIemxk Trail, the l-jrillbu Ikights Addition and the nei? Village <br />Grccii Addition vou'ld not bcncfit by t!ic Dovre CXOSS?~~. <br />P-A-175 was SLvm at <br />It is proposed that the total cost of Improvement No* P-8-175 L= . be constl-icted <br />Xr. i:. G. P. Ez~sisek, 6204 IB~.~.woo~ <br />53 askd for a <br />Kr. Victor L. Oii-Jer, 6620 Park~ooJ ibaci, sug- <br />>zr, EcrAi1 that: tyaffic g-zzlcrzted by the shopping CSrter WGdd <br />- - <br />Eb added that the <br />Xr. :kxcn con~endcc thec prsperries cn <br />Bc. sugzested that the <br />,'. <br />. <br />=.. .. <br />! .. . . _. <br />-. <br />.' r