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CD 0 00 f9 W w <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITf COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON <br />FEBRUARY 3, 1975' <br />Answering rollcall were members Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Courtney who served as <br />Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of December 30, 1974, January 6, 8 and 13, 1975, were approved as submitted <br />by motion of Councilwoman Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Richards and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON STREET IMPROVEMENTS P-BA-202 AND P-A-175. <br />recalled that the following improvements had been continued from January 6, 1975: <br />Mr. Hyde <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF GRADING ,. 'GMVELING , CONCRETE CURE AND GUTTER, PERMANENT STREET <br />SURFACING, CONCFETE SIDEWALK., BRIDGE AND STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. P-BA-202 * <br />IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Dovre Drive from Parkwood Lane to Lincoln Drive (Access to the Dominick Road/ <br />County Road 18 Interchange presently under construction) <br />Mr. Dunn recalled that, at the meeting of January 6, 1975, the hearing on Street <br />Improvement P-BA-202 had. been approved in concept and continued to this meeting <br />to determine the feasibility of relocating the extension of Dovre Drive Northerly <br />thru Lot 3, Block 1, proposed Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition. Mr. Dunn said that, <br />because of the 15% grade at that location, the road would be impossible to use <br />except in the most favorable weather conditions. He said that the Rauenhorst <br />Corporation had requested that the matter be continued to the next meeting so that <br />they could give the use of their property more consideration. <br />that the project be approved, but that options as to the exact location of the <br />road be kept open until discussion of the Parkwood Knolls 19th Addition later in <br />this meeting. <br />said that, with the approval of the Council and the Rauenhorst Corporation, the <br />trees could be saved by going to the North on the East side of the creek, but that <br />the trees on the West side of the creek could not be saved in any event. Council- <br />man Richards suggested that the Dovre Drive extension could be constructed between <br />Field Way and the existing Dovre Drive and was told by Mr. Dunn that the grade at <br />this location would be too steep. Mr.'Dunn suggested the possibility of making <br />Dovre Drive from Biscayne Blvd. to'Parkwood Lane a one way westbound street which <br />would keep traffic from entering the area from the West. Reference was made to <br />a letter from Mr. Karl F. Diessner which alleged that the proposed improvement <br />would have no benefit to persons living on Knoll Drive and that the'proposed <br />extensive assessments against non-benefitted properties will result in litigation". <br />Mrs. Helen McClellan of the Parkwood Knolls Traffic Association said that one-way <br />roads would be awkward. <br />said that she could see no reason to hold up the improvement any longer. <br />woman Schmidt's motion authorizing the bprovemeilt and leaving the exact location <br />to the discretion of the Engineer was then seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />(See Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />5713 Camelback Drive, was told that any recommendations on whether the road would <br />be a one-way road would come from the Traffic Safety Comiiittee. <br />E. CONSTRUCTION OF GRADING, GRAVELING AND BITUMINOUS STREET SURFACING IEPROVEMENT <br />Mr. Dunn recommended <br />In response to a question of Mayor Pro Tem Courtney, Mr. Dunn <br />' <br />She suggested that a two-way street be tried first and <br />Council- <br />Dr. William Chandler, <br />NO. P-A-175 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Malibu Drive extended North from Parkwood Knolls 15th Addition, and Westerly <br />to Lincoln Drive (Access to the 7th Street/County Roaa 18 Interchange presectly <br />under construction) <br />Mr. Dunn recalled that Street-Improvement No. P-A-175 had been continued from the <br />meeting of January 6, 1975, 'so._that:-the overall plan for the area in question <br />could be reviewed to determine existing and proposed road alignments. Mr, Dunn <br />said that, after'talking with the Hansens about future development of the area, <br />he believed that it would be a restraint on the development of the property to <br />push the road through at this time. Mr. Jack Rice of the Park Board said that <br />he hoped a road would not. be an- encumbrance .on where a park might eventually go and <br />and said that any road West of Malibu Drive extended straight North would not <br />interfere with any plans of the Park Board. <br />of the cemetary should be clarified before any final decision is made and <br />requested that the Hansens make a firm commitment as to the location of the park- <br />land dedication before their next plat is approved. In response to a question of <br />Mayor Pro Tem Courtney, Mr. Rice said that it was his understanding that Mr. <br />Hmsen had agreed that the entire 100 acre area would be platted at one time. <br />Mr. Dunn explained that the proposed rcad would not be used for access to South- <br />bound County Road 18 until the highway is completed in approximately 1% years and <br />that it would be two or three years before the Northerly portion of County Road <br />18 is completed ghr? the City of Hopkins. He added that it will probably be 1979 <br />before County Road 18 is entirely completed in the area and that, therefore, there <br />is no particular rush in constructing the proposed street improvement. <br />Mr. Rice suggested that the future <br />Mr.