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IiINU'IES CF'THE NEEkING 617 THE EDINA BOARD OF REVIEV * <br />HEGD WEDMESDAY, JUNE 11, 1975 I. <br />AT 4c00 P.M. AT EDTNA CITY HALL <br />Council Menbers Richards, Shav and Mayor Van Valkenburg served as Board of Review <br />at iEs meeting wSich convened at 4:OO P.N., pursuant to "Notice of Board of Review <br />tfeeting" published in the Edina Sun on May 22, 1975, and posted on City Bulletin <br />Boards on Hay 23, 1375. City Assessor Swanson advised that the estimated market <br />value for 1975 is approximately $1,000,000,000. Nr. Swanson explained that the <br />Assessor of each municipality is now required by State law to inspect and reap- - <br />praise every property at least once every Eoxr years and that at least 1/4 of the <br />properties must be reappraised every year. He recalled that, previous to 1975, <br />value increases for residential properties have been limited to 5%, regardless <br />of the market value, but that this limitation has now been changed to 10% of all <br />properties for the'1975 assessment by the Minnesota State Legislature. <br />Valkenburg explained that the purpose of this meeting <br />consider themselves aggrieved by their assessnent or who wish to complain that <br />the property of another is assessed too low, an opportunity to appear at the meet- <br />ing and show cause for having their assessment corrected. <br />that the only question to 3e discussed at this meeting is "market value" <br />advised that if property owners are not satisfied with the decision of the Board, <br />they may appeal to Kennepin County and then to the State of Minnesota. The Mayor <br />clarified that the amount of the tax on a pirticular piece of property will not be <br />hewn until spending levels for 1976 are determined by the City, the County and <br />the State. <br />Mayor Van- <br />is to give persons who <br />The Mayor emphasized <br />and <br />Nr. Michael J. Bolen, 5207 Doncaster Way, objected to his 1975 market value of . <br />$83-,570, saying that he believed the value of his property to be between $62,000 <br />and $63,000. <br />properties in his area, and said that Highlands Park is too actively used to be <br />or' any benefit to the area. Mr, Bolen reviewed his assessment over the past few <br />years as compared with other properties, stating that between 1968 and 1975, his <br />assessed value was increased by 91.1% as com9ared with an average assessed value <br />in his area of 492. <br />listed in a statement which he had presented and said that he believed that all <br />property on Doncaster Way was assessed at too high a cost. <br />the record also show that %-. Kenneth G. Anderson, 5205, Doncaster Vay, considered <br />his property over-valued and that he would be presenting his objection to his <br />assessment. <br />He said that his property had been increased more than other similar <br />tir. Bolen asked that Council review comparable properties <br />Mr. Bolen asked that <br />The Assessor will inspek Mr. Bolen's property. <br />Kr. Lee Jones, 4601 Cascade Lane, objected to his' 1975-market value of $39,200, <br />saying that he believed the value of his property to be $35,000. <br />that his house is the closest to T.H. 100 of any house in Edina and that his <br />house is not on the creek, as others on Cascade Lane. Mr. Jones said that the <br />house at 4605 Cascade Lane, which was superior to his, had sold for $32,500 in <br />1973. <br />Mrs. William 0. Lund, 4816 Vandervork Avenue, objected to her 1975 market value <br />of $72,330 but said that she did not know what the market value should be. <br />Lund referred to properties at 5224, 5235, 5324, 5229 Hollywood Road and 4821 <br />Vandervork Road as being basically thd same as her house, and added that the house <br />at 5241 Hollywood Road sold recently for less than the market vzlue. <br />Xr. Jones said . <br />tfr. Jones said that the Assessors had inspecised his property recently. <br />Eirs. <br />Nrs. Dorothy If. Loktu, 5238 Hollywood Road, objected to her 1975 market value of <br />$56,680, and said that she did not know what the market value should be. <br />Lokto said that houses at 5324 HOllyv700d Road and 5224 HOllyt.rOOd Road were <br />similar to hers and yet were assessed at considerably lower values. <br />said that the Assessors will review the property. <br />Nrs. <br />hIr. Swanson <br />Xr. Richard M. Koberts, 4813 W. 60th Street, objected to his 1975 icarket value of <br />$40,&20, saying that he believed that the value of his property is $35,000. <br />Roberts said that his market value had been increased from $35,100 in 1974. <br />Assessors will inspect the property. <br />Mr. <br />The <br />Xr. John Loegering, 5101 W. 66th Street, objected that the house next door to him <br />sold for almost twice the narlcet value of his house ($61,100) and that he believed <br />Mr. Loegering requested that <br />Co.Zmci1 respond to his lettes so that he would know the market value-and-the taxes <br />of this other property, adding that $e is concerned only with equity in his taxes. <br />.that that property should be paying twice the tax. <br />Kr. Eugene S. Iiauser, 5045 17. 66th Street objected to his 1975 market value of <br />$47,00O;stating that he believes the market value to be 42,400. <br />his letter objecting to the valuation and referred to the fact that W. 66th Street <br />Ee referred to