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5 c ..* 'MINUTES 03' THE CONTINUED MEETING OF THE <br />+ I' I EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD WEDNESDAY,. JUNE 18, 1975, AT 7':GO P.M. I' . <br />$ <br />Council Members Courtney, Richards and Mayor Van Valkenburg served as the Board <br />of Review for the meeting continued from June 16, 1975. <br />Mrs. Peter Johnson, Jr., objected to her market value for 1975 of $32,430 for her <br />property at 4309 W. 42nd St. Mrs. Johnson did not say what she thought her <br />market value should be. <br />City of Minneapolis is lowering its taxes while taxes in the suburbs are being <br />increased, Mayor Van Vallcenburg explained that the County Commissioners are try- <br />ing to make sure that all municipalities are assessed at the same ratio. <br />man Courtney added that the suburbs now pay 2/3 of the cost of General Hospital <br />while they previously paid only 1/3 of the cost. <br />pays for the Work House which was previously paid for by the City of Minneapolis. <br />Mr. Swanson told Mrs. Johnson that he would be glad to talk to her in his office <br />at a future time if she had any further questions and that a member of the assess- <br />ing staff would inspect her property. Mrs. Johnson was told that the Council will <br />continue in its efforts to keep the County from imposing additional costs on the <br />suburbs and to hold taxes to a minimum. <br />In response to questions of Mrs. Johnson as to why the <br />Council- <br />He added that the County now <br />crs C 00 93 tzl m <br />.. <br />tfr. Thomas J. O'Brien, 5220 Duncraig Road, objected to the 1975 market value of <br />$62,h20 on his property, advising that he believed the value should be $60,000. <br />Mr. O'Brien referred to the house at 5216 Duncraig Road which is comparable to <br />his house, and said that sold in the summer of 1974 in the high $50,000 bracket, <br />and referred also to other houses mentioned in the letter which he had written <br />to'the Assessor. In response to a question of Mr. Swanson, Mr. O'Brien said that <br />he had purchased his house in July, 1972 for $60,000, which price included <br />approximately $6,000 in personal property. <br />Mr. Thomas M. Byrnes, 5069 Normanddle Court, did not,appear at the meeting but <br />had submitted his chjection to his 1975 market value of $70,690, stating that he <br />believed that hi& property should be valued at $55,000. <br />.. <br />Mr. Gordon L. Schuster, 5809 Dewey Hill Road, objected to the 1975 market value <br />on his homestead of $375,200 and of the following market values of land which he <br />oms : Plat No. Parcel No. 1975 Market Value <br />73608 4 100 $ 54,000 <br />11 4270 101,700 <br />11 4300 202 , 500 <br />*4500 141 , 000 <br />5710 54 , 000 <br />6200 27 , 900 <br />6320 104 , 400 <br />11 <br />11 <br />11 <br />11 * $2,000 structure also included <br />Nr. Schuster said that development of his 70 acres of land had been held up be- <br />cause 0-f the difficulties in financing and that unless the valuation is left at <br />the 1974 value of $10,00Oper acre, he may have to sell the land to a developer. <br />Mr. Schuster left a letter for Council's review. <br />Mr. Jeffrey A. Belzer, 4511 Golf Terrace, objected to his 1975 market value of <br />$82,250, stating that the actual value should 3e $64,845. He said that the house <br />was on the market in March of 1973 for $63,500 (including $1,000 in personal pno- <br />perty) and that the only improvements made in 27 years were for combination win- <br />dows, ceramic tile, carpeting and a new roof, total cost of which was $5,045. <br />E%. Belzer referred to the house at 4501 Golf Terrace which sold for $62,000 and <br />said that house, vhile similar to his, had more improvements. <br />a list of other properties on Golf Terrace and Lake View Drive, along with their <br />market values, and said that he believed that the Assessor had made a mistake in <br />his calculations. The house had been recently inspected by the assessing staff. <br />Mr. Belzer submitted <br />.. <br />Mr. J. C. Thorp, 5901 Walnut Drive, registered his objection to the 1975 market <br />value of $58,750, but did not state what he thought the market value should be. <br />Mr. Thorp did not remain to make a presentation. <br />Mr. Joseph M. Klos,,4521 Hibiscus Ave., objected eo his 1975 market value of <br />$94,000, saying that he believed that his property is worth only $80,000. <br />Mr. Klos did not remain to be heard but said that he would write a letter to Council. <br />Mr. 0rvill.e Fisher, 5909 Merold Drive, had registered his objection to the 1975 <br />market value for his property of $46,870 but did not remain to niake his presenta- <br />tio-n. <br />.. <br />-