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mN&$ OF SPECIAL comc-ir, mmi& <br />HELD MON?lhY , JUEE 30, 1975 <br />IHMEDIATELY POLLO'iJING BOAlID OF REVIEW MEETING <br />6:30 P.M. I ; <br />Council met in special session immediately following Board of Review lieeting. . <br />Answering rollcall were meinbers Courtney, Richards , Schmidt , Shzw sild Hayor Van 8- <br />Vzlkenburg. <br />P-2A WOOD RETAINING FJAJ>L IMPROVENENT CONTRACT AWARDED. <br />cion of bids for Wood Retaining Wall Improvement No. P-2A for the parking lot <br />Nr . Cunn presented tabula- <br />cr behind the Grand View Liquor Store. Tabulation showed All American, Recreation. <br />& Sales, Inc. , low Sidder at $25,900.00, Bituminous Roadways, Inc. , at $31;995.00, <br />Park Construction Co. at $33,348.00; Metro Engineering, Inc. ,. at $35,200.C0, <br />' <br />against Engineer's estimate of $37,500.00. Councilman Courtney's motion was <br />seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt and carried, awarding contract to recommended .- <br />low bidder, All American Recreation & Sales, Inc. <br />The Mayor declared the meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m. . <br />A, <br />City Clerk . <br />c <br />d