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MINUTES OF THE REGULA3 MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COuhTCIL HELD AT CITYbI-IALL ON <br />JULY 7, 1975 <br />Answering rollcsll were members Courtney, Schfiidt, Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of June 2, 1975, Board of Review and Special Meetings of June 18, 26 and <br />30, 1975, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilwoman Schmidt, seconded <br />by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONS AWARD PRESENTED. Mr. Joel Jennings, <br />Chairman of the Edina Human Relations Commission, presented a plaque to the City <br />and read a letter from Mr. David Cowan, President of the League of Minnesota Human <br />Rights Commissions, extending congratulations to the Edina Human Relations Com- I * nissi.on upcn its receipt of the Fourth Annual Human Rights Award for its leader- <br />cp 0 ot) m w w <br />ship role- played on a-local and state-wide level. <br />letter were the Commission's Family Life Workshops, <br />for members of the Edina Police Department, development and implementation of an <br />Affirmative Action Plan for the School District and publication and distribution <br />of a Commission newsletter to interested individuals, clubs and community organ- <br />izations. Mayor Van Valkenburg congratulated the Commission and read a telegram <br />of congratulations from Congressman Bill Frenzel. <br />also expressed her congratulations to the Commission. <br />WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. P-W-294 CONTINUED TO JULY 21, 1975. <br />Mr, Dunn, Watermain Improvement No. P-blM-294, proposed to be constructed on <br />Doncaster Way from Croyden Lane to Ayrshire Blvd., and which had been continued <br />from June 2, 1975, was continued to July 21, 1975, so that the amount of the bids <br />would be known, by MOTION OF COUNCILMAN.COURTNEY, seconded by Councilman Shaw and <br />carried. <br />Listed specifically in the <br />human relations training <br />The Honorable Mary Forsythe <br />As recommended by <br />COLONIAL CHURCH OF EDINA GRANTED CONCEPT APPROVAL. ORDINANCE NO. 811-A62 GRANTED <br />FIRST READING. <br />for zoning change'from PRD-2 Planned Residential District to PRD-1 Planned Resi- <br />dential District for property located generally North of the Crosstown Highway, <br />South of Olinger Blvd., East of Bredesen Park and Village 9 and West of Country- <br />side Park -and the Edina Fire Station. Mr. Luce recalled that the hearing had been <br />continued from June 2, 1975, so that the church could discuss the location of the <br />parking lot and cutting down the hill with neighbors. <br />ing the church, showed slides indicating adjustments made to relocate the protective <br />berm so that the parking lot will be visibly concealed from the North. <br />also explained that the proposed ring road will be eliminated as requested by <br />neighbors. Council was advised that the Environmental Quality Commission had <br />voiced no opposition to using part of the pond for the building site and that, <br />"to the best of their understanding", the pond is not considered "public waters" <br />inasmuch as it was developed by PemTom only two years ago. Mr. Hammel said that <br />the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District had approved the plans and the concept has <br />been developed with their considerable help. <br />will be removed from the top of the hill to construct the berm, reducing the <br />elevation from 892 feet to 880 feet at thg highest point. Mrs. Phyllis R. Sever- <br />seike, 6244 Sandpiper Court, representing ten Village 9 families, objected to <br />the location of the parking lot on the FJest edge of the site, which lot is proposed <br />to serve members of the congregation who daily use the church facilities for meet- <br />ings and for the-nursery school and which would be used by delivery trucks and for <br />garbage pick-up. Mrs. Severseike suggested that the parking lot be replaced by a <br />turn-around which would be used to service the church, aid the traffic flow, be <br />.least disruptive to the natural beauty of the area, and which would prevent heavy <br />daily traffic in the area closest to adjacent dwellings. Mr. Lawrence A. Laukka, <br />member of Colonial Church, suggested the possibility of the church using the skating <br />rink parking lot for future overflow.parking in the event the church expands from <br />its proposed seating capacity of 660 to a possible 1,000. Mr. Laukka also clarified <br />that the building plans have not yet been approved by the congregation. <br />Virginia Scott, 6613 Southcrest Drive, was told that the construction of the church <br />would not increase-the amount of water draining from the property to Nine Nile <br />Creek, but wocld cause a more rapid run-off. <br />ing coacept approval, with the suggestion that the church work with residents to <br />the West in regard to the parking lot, was seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />Councilman Courtney thereupon offered Ordinance No. 811-A62 €or First Reading as <br />f ollows : <br />Mr. Luce presented the request of the Colonial Church of Edina <br />Mr. Richard Harnmel, represent- <br />Mr. Hammel <br />He clarified that ten to twelve feet <br />Mrs. <br />COUNCIW4N COURTNEY'S MOTION grant- <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811-A62 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE (NO. 188) <br />BY ADDING TO THE P~hWED RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT (PRD-1) <br />THE CITY CCUNCIL-OF THE CITY OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: