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I <br />L. MINJTES OF THE SPECIAL XEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HASL ON HONDAY., <br />OCTOBER 27, 1975, <br />4:30 P.M. <br />Answerhg rollcall were Council Members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw aaE <br />Nayor VanlValkenburg. <br />'ZUXh? RELATIOFIS CO3DlISSIClN TO RECOMEND DISTRIBUTION OF FUmS TO COUNCIL. <br />Hayor Van Vallcenburg advised that this meeting had been called at the request of <br />Mr. 3oel Jennings, Chairman of the Human Relations Cmmission, in order to <br />clarify the Commission's position in the distribution of funds allocated in the <br />1976 Budget to the 9umarz Relations Commission. Mr, Jennings introduced Cornmi:;- <br />sion officers, YES. Mary Anderson and Messrs. Charles Clay and Tom Oye. Mayo;. <br />Van T,Tslkenburg recalled that $20,000 had been included in the 1976 Budget for th.7 <br />Human Relations Commission, with the understanding that the Commission analyze <br />and recommend to the Council the allocktion of funds for Youth Action and for <br />other programs that it considered worthwhile. <br />Relations Commissibn had been the parent organization of Youth Action znd, thrzre- <br />fore, should be in Ehe best position to recommend the allocation of funds. <br />Couccilman Richards said that Mr. Orenstein of Youth Action had been unhappy <br />aboxt the amount of funds allocated to Youth Acticn and that he had understcod <br />&at Council could be'approached for additional funds out of the Coctingency <br />Fund at E later date. Councilman Shaw said that, since the Contingency Fund <br />was made up from the proceeds from the sale of the Library to Kennepin County, <br />he believed that th5s fund should be sat-ed for capital improvements and not UE~CZ, <br />for operating expases. Mr. Hyde recalled that on the date of the last Bud;ct <br />Meeti-ng, Colonial Church of Edini had also requested that the City budget fuzds <br />for the colony, a drop-in center at the church. <br />finds s'nould be given to any group in the commumity or limited to Youth Act.ion <br />or the Colony. Mr. Eyde suggested that Mr. Phil Riveness <br />be contacted as a resource person to.recommend how all of these group cou2-d <br />cooperate. 2e also recalled that there are CETA funds in the mount of $50C <br />per, math availzblc until July 1, 1976. Councilwoman Schmidt suggcsted that: ?':c <br />3Eais~erial Association be asked if 'they woa! d be interested in particioati:x; ..A: <br />.'a CCXltTCi ranamg pool. 'Me Hman KelatiOnS GOaiisSioii was gTvm Lk CIlargL 2:tb <br />retome;ldtto the Couricil the best way to distribute funds allccated to it Lr e::=( <br />1976 3udget. Mr. Melena will continue to represent the sraff zt Hman Rclstrio~,.$ <br />Conmission meetings. b <br />The meetkg wzs declared adjourned at 5:25 p.m. i, <br />I <br />It was brought out that the HUI<~IL <br />Discussion ensued as ?lo whetkt-sr <br />u <br />\ <br />d. d-, 1-1 <br />'25 aA&AL <br />City Clerk