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Answering rollcall were Umbers Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg . <br />DIRECTOR OF PTJELIC SAFETY VAYXS W. BEhnlETT RECOGNIZED UPOM XETIREI4ENT. - Mayor Van <br />, Valkezburg read a Resolution of Appreciation in recognition of the forthconling <br />retirenient of Director of Public Safety, Wayne GJ. Bennett: <br />WHEREAS, Director of Public Safety Wayne W. Beilnett began his public service as <br />Chief of Police for the Village of Edina on August 1, 1455; and <br />ITdEREAS, because of his expertise in the field of public safety and his excellence <br />in his rapport with the officers of the Edina Police Department, May 14, 1962, <br />Wayne W. Rennett was appointed Director of Public Safety for the City of Edina; and <br />I~IHEREAS, over these twenty years, Wayne W. Bennett has served the citizens of <br />Edina most effectively, many times at great personal danger; and <br />WEEREAS, in 1965, Wayne W. Bennett was hnored by receiving the C. C. Ludwig <br />Award from the League of Minnesota l+iunici.palities in recognition of his outstanding <br />municipal service; and <br />I,U3EPE4S, Wayne W. Bennett now goes to fill. a position which will be less personally <br />demanding thm his positions as Director of Public Safety , Police Chief and Civil <br />Defecse Cfrector for the City of Edina; <br />NOW, THEFSFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Edina City Council does hereby cormend <br />DIRECTOR 03' PUBLIC SAFETY WAYNE W. BENNETT <br />on behalf of all of the citizens of Edina for his many years of unselfish dedicatlon <br />to'nalciiig Edina a better community; and <br />BE IT PLTKTI-IER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution be recorded upon the PEinutes <br />Book of the City of Edina and that an appropriate copy of this Resolution be pre- <br />sented tc Chief Bennett. <br />Motion for adoption of the'foregoing resolution was offered by Counciluan Courtney, <br />seconded by Councilman Shaw and unanimously carried.' . <br />RESOT,TJTION GP A?PRECL4TIGN --- <br />i' <br />9 .. <br />- MR. CARL MARTH THANKED FOR DONATING EVERGREEN TREES TO CITY_, Nr. Hyde calleci i <br />1 Council's attention to the fact that Nr. Carl Math has donated a number or' sub <br />expressed .ghe sincere appreciation of the City. <br />appreciation will be made. <br />t, .-.t--+z-i -__--_-I_- c.---.- -_ ~--zc-- 2, .._ __..-__ ..q, u.. L.----- ne---- --.? - -------- - . -- _---- -- --- -- -_-- --- , --_ _- L-+ - ---- ---- I --- 4 An appropriate gesture of Iv <br />SAZE OF BOhDS APPROVED. <br />official newspaper and in the Commercial West of the notice of sale of $3,500,000 <br />Imprsvement Bonds, $950,000 General Obligation Park Bonds and $2,200,000 General <br />Obliget5on Redevelapment Bonds of the City, bids for which were EO be considered <br />at this mtzet5-ng as provided by the Collncil resolution adopted Septexber 15, 1975. <br />The affict?vfts were exazined and approved and ordered placed cn file. <br />reported that .famesealedbids for the purchase of the bonds had been received a.t or <br />read 2nd considered, and were all foGnd to conform to the notice sf sale and to <br />be accompanied by the required security, and the purchase price, coupon races and <br />riel: interesc cost under the terms of each bid were founz to be as follows: <br />The Clerk presented affidavits showing pitblication in the <br />. <br />The Nanager <br />. before the time stated in the notice, and the bids were then opened snd publlcfy <br />Net Irrter- <br />est Cost - Rede re19 ment . Preiniun _I <br />Improvement <br />Rfdd er Bonds Park Bonds &on& - 1st Kat. 1977-1979 5.30 1977-1979 5.30 2978-iYi3 5.30 $2,650.00 5.864% <br />Bank Of 1980-1983 5.50 1980 5.59 <br />Mpls . L <br />1st: 1377-1983 5.50 1977-1980 5.50 <br />Chicago .. <br />Natl . Bank <br />or' Chicago <br />for the <br />1% nag c r s <br />1980-1983 <br />1984 <br />1985 <br />1986 <br />1987 <br />1988 <br />1989 <br />1990 <br />199 1 <br />1992-1993 <br />1978-1984 <br />1985 <br />1986 <br />1987 <br />1988 <br />1989 <br />1990 <br />1991 <br />1992 <br />1993 <br />5.50 <br />5.60 <br />5.75 <br />5.90 <br />6.00 <br />6.10 <br />6.20 <br />6.30 <br />6.40 <br />6.50 <br />5.50 <br />5.70 <br />5.85 <br />6.00 <br />6.20 <br />6.35 <br />6.50 <br />6.00 <br />6.70 <br />6.80 <br />$ 568.00 5977028%