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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING,OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />NOVEMBER 17, 1975 <br />7:OO P.M. <br />Answering roll call were,Members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of October 20 and 27, 1975, were approved as presented by motion of <br />Councilman Courtney, seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt and carried. <br />MORNINGSIDE AREA IMPROVEMENTS P-WM-299, P-BA-204, P-S-14, P-ST.S-145 and P-L-14 <br />CONTINUED INDEFINITELY. Upon the recommendation of Mr. Hyde, Councilman Courtney's <br />motion that the hearings be continued indefinitely was seconded by Councilwoman <br />. Schmidt and carried. <br />IMPROVEMENTS P-0119 AND P-BA-214 ABANDONED AT PUBLIC HEARING. Affidavits of <br />Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Due notice having been given, public hearing was conducted and action taken as <br />hereinafter recorded. <br />CONSTRUCTION OF GRADING, GRAVELING, PERMANENT STREET SURFACING WITH CONCRETE <br />CURB AND GUTTER IMPROVEMENTS NO. C-119 AND NO. BA-214 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />North Frontage Road <br />TF 62nd Street Crosstown from Gleason Road to Vernon Avenue 00 €- Mr. Dunn, noting the location of the proposed frontage road off of the public <br />right-of-way, proposed taking.a 60' foot right-of-way from private property at a <br />total estimated cost, exclusive of right-of-way costs, if any, of $245,888.23; <br />the improvement to be assessed at $30.00 per assessable front foot against the <br />abutting property and the balance of the cost to be paid from Municipal State-Aid <br />gas tax funds. Mr. Hyde stated the matter was brought to hearing since it has <br />been in the Western Edina Plan for some time and recent planning and zoning <br />decisions involving affected property owners have necessitated a final decision <br />on the construction of the road. He recalled the last action was in June, '74 <br />when the Council said the cul-de-sac on Vernon near Walnut would go in when <br />traffic becomes excessive and after the construction of the frontage road. Mr. <br />Dick Seaberg, 6108 Arctic Way, President of Viking Hills Homeowners Association <br />and representing the majority of people in the Tamarac-Walnut Drive.area as well <br />as Killarney Shores, spoke in opposition to the frontage road. He said there <br />would be a significant traffic increase due to Opus I1 development on the west <br />side of County Road 18, thus generating additional traffic through the County <br />Road 18 diamond interchange and onto the new frontage road or Vernon Avenue; <br />potential traffic accidents at frontage road & Gleason and Tamarac &Vernon; and <br />additional noise generated. Mr. Katter of Partnership Investments stated their <br />site as currently preliminarily platted is based on a private roadway, and if <br />the frontage road is constructed, their structures would be in violation of the <br />ordinances. <br />and the existing hazardous condition of speeding was noted by Mr. Jim Johnson, <br />6134 Arctic Way. Mr. Seaberg then gave a possible solution: use the existing <br />highway system, County Road 18 and Crosstown 62, with private drives for access <br />to the property along the Crosstown and the construction of a cul-de-sac on <br />Vernon Avenue west of Walnut Drive. He presented petitions from 116 homes oppos- <br />ing the frontage road and requesting a cul-de-sac west of Walnut Drive on Vernon. <br />Because of lower traffic volume past residential homes and better pedestrian <br />safety, Mr. Jack Ziegler, 6012 Tamarac, opposed the frontage road, even though it <br />causes personal inconvenience to him. Mr. Clyde Hegman, Chairman of the Board of <br />Edina Masonic Lodge, indicated the Lodge accepts the proposal as submitted by <br />Mr. Dunn, Director of Public Works, and would support it enthusiastically. He <br />further remarked that the site was purchased on the basis that the Western Edina <br />Plan showed a frontage road. <br />designed for emergency vehicles, Mr. Ziegler stated an effective police patrol <br />could control the traffic; however, Mr. Bob Nolan, 6153 Artic Way commented <br />emergency vehicles would use the freeway system. Jim Thorpe, 5901 Walnut Drive <br />and Helen McClelland, Parkwood Knolls Traffic Association, requested more time <br />for notification to residents involved. Mr. Robert Hanson, owner of property <br />south of Edina West and west of Fountainwood, south of Krahl Hill along Vernon <br />Avenue, approved the frontage road. Mayor Van Valkenburg expressed concerns on <br />traffic patterns, emergency vehicle access, and land use for the road; and, <br />therefore, suggested denying the frontage road and delaying the cul-de-sac project. <br />In answer to Councilman Shawls question on the inconvenience on the Masonic Lodge <br />property, Mr. Hegman stated a public service road would add greater access to the <br />property than private entry. <br />cul-de-sac on the general principle that it doesn't make much sense to provide <br />access to one part of the community while walling off another, no matter how much <br />m <br />I <br />The obstruction of view by trees at the bend of the road on Gleason <br />In answer to Mr. Hyde's concern on a cul-de-sac <br />Councilman Shaw also commented that he opposed the