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MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />JANUARY 26, 1976 <br />5:OO P.M. <br />I <br />P- 23 <br />?-4 <br />3 <br />3 r: <br />The Edina City Council met in special session with the Housing and Redevelopment <br />Authority. Answering rollcall were Council Members Courtney, Richards (also a <br />member of the H.R.A.), Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg. H.R.A. members <br />answering rollcall were Messrs. Freeberg and Nelson. Messrs. Rixe and Greer <br />entered the meeting later. <br />INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS, LOCAL NO. 49 WAGE SETTLEMENT <br />DISCUSSED. <br />national Union of Operating Engineers, Local No. 49, whereupon Councilman <br />Courtney offered the following resolution as recommended by the City Manager <br />and moved its adoption: <br />Mr. Hyde reported that an impasse has been reached with the Inter- <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING CONTINUED JOINT REPRESENTATION <br />IN REGARD TO INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS, LOCAL NO. 49 <br />WHEREAS, the City of Edina is being represented in negotiations witn I.U.O.E., <br />Local No. 49 by the Metropolitan Area Management Association Management Bargain- <br />ing Committee; and <br />WHEREAS, I.U.O.E., Local No. 49 has requested and was granted mediation regard- <br />ing 1976 contract negotiations; and <br />WHEREAS, I.U.O.E., Local No. 49 has petitioned the Bureau of Mediation Services <br />to certify that an impasse exists; and <br />WHEmAS, the Bureau of Mediation Services has certified that an impasse does <br />exist and has requested final positions; and <br />WEREAS, under Minnesota Statutes annotated 179.69, Subd. 5, the option of sub- <br />mitting to binding arbitration or not to submit to binding arbitration is <br />available when an impasse exists with organized, non-essential employees; and <br />WHEREAS, it has been determined that employees represented by I.U.O.E., Local <br />No. 49 are non-essential; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Edina that the <br />Metropolitan Area Management Association Management Bargaining Committee is <br />hereby authorized to represent the City of Edina continuing negotiations with <br />I.U.O.E., Local No. 49, and further directs the Management Bargaining Committee <br />not to submit to binding arbitration; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed <br />to file a copy of this resolution in the office of the City Manager, White <br />Bear Lake, Minnesota. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Shaw arrd on <br />rollcall of the Council there were five ayes and no nays and the resolution was <br />adopted. <br />5OTH AND FRANCE BUSINESS DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT DISCUSSED. Mayor Van Valkenburg <br />explained that this meeting had been called with the H.R.A. so .that Council <br />would be apprised of expenses and the progress of plans for new buildings in the <br />50th and France business district. <br />made under the Housing and Redevelopmeat Authority and outlined work which has <br />been contracted but which will not be completed until spring. <br />ments include completion of the 49% Street Ramp, walkways, the lot behind <br />Lund's former food store, the lot North of W. 49% Street, completion of W. 49% <br />Street and landscaping in the area. <br />completed this summer and that he hopfdthat the liquor store will be open by <br />November 1, 1976. <br />and France area has indicated that she favors improvement of the Minneapolis <br />side of France Avenue between W. 49% St. and W. 51st St. and the improvement <br />of W. 50th St. between France and Drew Avenues so that it will appear the same <br />as the Edina developments and added that the City of Minneapolis appears to <br />support the project also. In reviewing Financial Alternates 1 and 2 for the <br />area South of W. 50th Street, Mr. Luce explained that in Alternate No. 2, Mr. <br />Larson would build only on his site and lease a portion of the building for the <br />Edina Liquor Store, that the Red Barn would not build and that the existing <br />ramp would not be expanded, but that housing fcr the elderly will be constructed <br />next fall on the Southwest corner of 51st and FranceoAvenue. <br />that the Union Oil lot has been acquired by the H.R.A. and that the first floor <br />of Dr. Larson's building has been leased, provided the Edina Liquor Store <br />locates in the Southwest comer of the building. In respanse to a question of <br />the Mayor, Mr. Dalen said that he and Mr. Luce will be meeting with the Lunds <br />on February 2, 1976, and that the matter could be placed on the February 2 <br />agenda for condemnation if the Lunds do not agree to sell their property. Mr. <br />Luce recalled that the original estimate of the project was $3,300,000 and with <br />the elimination of some items, the increase in some costs and additional State <br />Mr. Luce reviewed the progress already <br />These improve- <br />Mr. Luce said that 50th Street should be <br />He advised Council that the Minneapolis alderman from the 50th <br />Mr. Luce added