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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />FEBRUARY 2, 1976 <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />Answering rollcall were members Richards, Schmidt and Shaw who served as Mayor <br />Pro Tern in the absence of Mayor Van Valkenburg and Councilman Courtney. <br />PASTOR DONALD C. CARLSON RESOLUTION OF CONDOLENCE ADOPTED. Councilwoman Schmidt <br />offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION IN MEMORY OF <br />THE REVEREND DONALD C. CARLSON <br />WHEREAS, the Reverend Donald C. Carlson was the first pastor of Normandale <br />Lutheran Church of Edina, starting a mission group in 1950; and <br />WHEREAS, during the Reverend Mr. Carlson's ministry, Normandale Lutheran Church <br />grew to become one of the most influential congregations in Edina's community <br />life; and <br />WHEREAS, the Reverend Mr. Carlson was an active and effective participant in many <br />civic matters during the rapid development of Edina; and <br />WHEREAS, the Reverend Mr. Carlson passed away very suddenly on January 30, 1976; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edina that on <br />behalf of all of the citizenry, profound grief and deepest sympathy be expressed <br />to his family and to the members of Normandale Lutheran Church; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Edina memorialize "Pastor Don's" out- <br />standing and significant contributions to the entire community; and <br />BE IT FTJRTHER RESOLVED'that appropriate copies of this resolution be transmitted <br />to the members of his family and to Normandale Lutheran Church. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Richards and <br />unanimously carried. <br />MmUTES of January 19 and 26', 1976, were approved as submitted by motion Of <br />Councilwoman Schmidt, seconded. by Councilman Richards and carried. <br />- <br />'- <br />1976 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM HEARING CONDUCTED. Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Advising <br />that this is the first of two public hearings required by law in order for the <br />City to provide additional community development and housing assistance programs, <br />Mr. Luce said that the City of Edina has joined with more than twenty cities in <br />Hennepin County to submit a joint application for federal assistance under the <br />Urban County Community Development Block Grant Program. He explained that the <br />actual amount of funding Edina will receive is determined by the total popula- <br />tion, total extent of poverty and the total extent of housing overcrowding. <br />said that it is expected that Edina will receive about $134,000 for 1976 and that <br />these funds must be used only for "Community Development Activities". <br />recalled that Edina is committed to certain carry-over programs from last year <br />which will use about $50,000 of the funds, leaving about $84,000 unbudgeted. Mr. <br />Luce reviewed eligible and ineligible activities noting that February 2 had been <br />given as the deadline for submission to the City for suggestions regarding expendi- <br />tures. <br />the following: . <br />Request Amount Requested By Recommendat ion <br />50th & France 50,000 H.R.A. 46,000 <br />Housing Rehabilitation (Morning- <br />Morningside Improvements (for 40,000 S.R.A., M'side 37,000 <br />Diseased Tree Replacement Program 2,500 E.Q.C. 2,500 <br />Senior Citizens Center 2,355 Edina Senior Cit. 2,355 <br />Lights for Skating Rinks Not specified Citizen request Included above <br />Architectureal & Historical ) 5,000) Historic Preserva- <br />Edina Mill Reconstruction ) 6,199) <br />Bredesen Park Soils Testing 6,500 ' E.Q.C. Ineligible <br />Solar Heat System Not specified Citizen request Ineligible <br />Art Center Not specified Citizen request Ineligible <br />TOTAL ALLOCATION $134,700 <br />Jlr. Luce added that additional requests for funds had been received from Mrs. <br />Dale Kattleman, 6416 Rest Shore Drive, for installation of street lights on the <br />North side of W. 66th Street: between Cornelia Lakes, fwm the Fdina League of <br />Women Voters for funds for a circulator transit syrtem, fi-ttni signer:; of a petition <br />requestinf: $34,000 for the Edina Art Csritc-r which was previously propwed rjnd a <br />letter i~-orn Pir. John 12. JeE ferson, President of thc Plorningiidc Conr;nun.i ty e~ssoci- <br />ation of EJina urging that fu1id.i ~JC itseci to provide a soli~~ion to. the f ire-Llow <br />problem in the Eorningsidc area. Nr. Byde pointed nut that tlie 1iE;lits on W. G6th <br />strcet need not be financed from these ÔéČunds and reiterated that thc Art Center <br />He <br />He <br />Mr. Luce presented a preliminary list of requests which consisted of <br />Requested <br />Neighborhood Parks $23,000 Park Board $22,000 <br />side) 20,000 H.R.A. 20,000 <br />Engineering Costs) Community Assn. <br />Architectural Barriers Survey 1,688 Staff /H . U. D. 0 <br />Building Survey 1 1 tion Board 4,845