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c MIBUTES OP THE SPECIAL NEETING 017 TIIE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON MONDAY, <br />PEBRIJARY 9, 1976 <br />Answering rollcall were members Richards, Schmidt and Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />MLNUTES of February 2, 1976, were approved as submitted by niotion of Councilwoman <br />Schmidt , seconded by Councilman Richards and carried. <br />1976 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGBAN FUNDING APPROVED. Recalling that this is the <br />second hearing on the 1976 Community Development Program, Mr. Luce presented the <br />following requests for funds which had been submitted by the close of business <br />on February 5, 1976: - Request Amount Requested By I Neighborhood Parks $23,000 Park Board <br />lcsl 00 <br />w w <br />m <br />50th and France $50,000 H.R.A. <br />Housing Rehabilitation $20,000 Staff <br />Ielorningside Area $40 , 000 Morningside Council <br />Tree Replacement $ 2,500' Environmental Quality 'Commission <br />Senior Citizens Center $ 2,355 Edina Senior Citizens <br />Lighted Rinks Not Specified Citizen <br />Architectural Barriers $ 1,688 Staff , <br />Historical Survey $ 5,000 Heritage Preservation Board <br />, $Ell Reconstruction $ 6,199 Heritage Preservation Board <br />f3redesen Park Soil $ 6,500 Environmental Quality Commission <br />*Solar System Not Specified Citizen <br />$<Art Center Not Specified Citizen <br />Street Lights Not Specified Citizen <br />W3C Mortgage $40 , 800 Ci t iz en <br />$<Transit System ' Not Specified League of Women Voters <br />Woint Study Not Specified District 273 <br />Bredesen Park Not Specified District 273 <br />Human Services Eot Specified District 273 <br />Mr. Luce advised that the staff has checked each project for its eiigibility and <br />in some instances called the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development <br />for its opinion and that the activities preceded by an asterisk are ineligible. <br />Mr. Luce advised that the staff had reviewed the remaining requests and makes <br />the following recommendations: <br />1- <br />3 L-. <br />3. <br />4. <br />5. <br />6. <br />That the request for lighted rinks be incorporated into the neighborhood <br />parks request; <br />That, if deemed desirable by the Council or administration, one of several <br />staff persons could conduct the architeccural Sarriers survey, inasmuch as <br />the low cost of this work would make it impractical to fund; <br />The Heritage Preservation Board, when given the choice of which of their two <br />requests t7as considered their top priority, chose the Edina Mill Reconstruc- <br />tion. Because this is a new commission, their ability to spend is limited and <br />the staff, therefore, recommends not funding their second choice, the <br />"Historical Building S ifrvey " ; <br />'That the request for street lighting be sent to the Engineering staff for <br />study and later action; <br />That the request for Bredesen Park development be senl: to the PLaiining Depart- <br />ment where Mr. Gordon aughes is presently seekin.g funding fox: this activity; <br />That, because there is a serious question of eligibility and constant audit- <br />ing of Human Services Programs funded by H.U.D. , it is reconmended that this <br />program not be included until it has been established and reviewed and <br />certified eligible by H.U.D. <br />Mr. Luce then reconuner,ded funding of the following programs as recommended at the <br />meeting of February 2, 1976: <br />Program .- Neighborhood Parks <br />50th and France <br />Housing Rehabilitation <br />Mornings id e Improvements <br />Diseased Tree Replacement <br />Senior Citizens Center : <br />Edina Ell Renovation <br />TOTAL <br />Am0 m t <br />$ 22,000 <br />20,000 <br />46 , 000 <br />37,000 <br />2 , 500 <br />2 , 355 <br />4,845 <br />$134,700 <br />Mr. Lute reconmendecl that the "Smokey Bear'' area South of the Crosstown be included <br />in the Bredesen Park project, and that Mr. Hughes should discuss this matter with <br />the School Eoard. In response to a question of Mr. Byde, Mr. Luce explained that <br />if the Public Works Act is adopted, additional funds could be used at: 50th and <br />Prance, for park programs <br />side area improvements. <br />and possibly for additional funding for the Morning- <br />Mr. John Jefferson, President of the Morningsidc. Associ-