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MINUTES OF THE MJ~ETING OF TEE EDINA BOARD OF REVIE\? - <br />HELD TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1976 <br />AT 4:OO P.M. AT EDINA CITY HALL <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt and Van Valkenburg <br />who served as Board of Review at its meeting which convened pursuant to "Notice <br />of Board of Review Meetini' published in the Edina Sun on May 19, 1976, and <br />posted on City Eullet Boards. Councilman Shaw arrived later in the meeting. <br />City Assessor Swanson advised that preliminary figures indicate an estimated <br />. Assessor of each municipality is required by State law to inspect and reappraise <br />every property at least once every four years and that at least 1/4 of the pro- <br />perties are, therefore, reappraised every yegr. Mr. Swanson recalled that, <br />previous to 1975, value increases for tax calculation on residential properties <br />. have been limit-ed to 5X, regardless of the market value, but that this limita- <br />tion was changed in 1975 to 10% by the Minnesota State Legislature and now <br />applies to all properties. Mayor Van Valkenburg explained that the purpose of <br />this meeting is to g$ve persons who consider themselves aggrieved by their <br />assessment or who wish to complain that the property of another is assessed too <br />low, an opportunity Lo appear at the meeting and show cause for having their <br />assessment corrected. <br />at this meeting is "market value" and advised that if property owners are not <br />satisfied with the decision of the Board, they may appeal to Hennepin County and <br />then to the State of Minnesota. <br />I ' market value for the City of Edina of $1,045,027,655. He recalled that the <br />' <br />The Mayor emphasized that the only question to be discussed <br />The Mayor clarified that the amount of the tax <br />on a particular piece of property will not be known until spending levels for <br />1977 are determined by all units of government which levy property taxes, <br />.. <br />.. <br />I&. Robert H. Larson, 4013 Sunnyside Road, objected to his 1976 market value of <br />$31,900 which had been increased from $29,980 in 1975. <br />premises had been last inspected in July, 1972, and that he knew of no other <br />sales of comparable properties in the area. <br />offer to make a new inspection of the property. <br />Mr. Larson said that the <br />Mr. Larson declin.ed Mr. Swanson's . <br />Mrs. Henry L. Perry, 4724 W. 70th Street, was told b; Mr;. Swanson thav her pro- <br />I <br />perty value has not-been reduced because- a smaller house was constructed adjacent <br />to this property. - <br />Mr. Robert Hastings, 6400 York Ave. S., Apt. 615, objected to his 1976 market <br />value, advising that he had only recently purchased his condominium for $44,000 <br />and the unit is now a market value of $46,600. <br />to bring his purchase agreement to the office for review, <br />Mr. Swanson asked Mr. Hastings <br />Mrs, Jack Dunn, 6444/46 Xerxes Ave., recalled that she had purchased this double <br />bmgalow from the City of Edina in May, 1975, for $61,000 and objected to her <br />1976 market value of $65,700, Mrs. Dunn left a copy of an independent appraisal <br />for $60,000 for Council's review. <br />Mr. Michael 0. Ovikian, 5119 Valley View Road, objected to his 1976 market value <br />of $50,290 which had been increased from $47,090 in 1975. He recalled that this <br />house was the former parsonage of Normandale Church and that it is in need of <br />'renovating. Mr. Ovikian also commented that neighboring properties are assessed <br />at considerably lower rates. <br />his market. value and declined further review. <br />Mr. Ovikian accepted the Assessor's explanation far <br />&. Joyce J. Gutoske, 4825 W. 60th Street, objected to her 1976 assessed value <br />of $49,900, advising that she purchased her home three'years ago for $38,300. <br />Ms. Gutoske expressed particular concern over the fact that her taxes are higher <br />than she can afford. <br />recently sold in the neighborhood. <br />(Councilman Shaw entered the meeting at this time.) <br />Mr. Arnold I. Feinberg, 5309 Kingsberry Drive, objected to his 1976 market value <br />of $140,700 which had been increased from the 1975 value of $130,740. <br />that he had objected to his 1975 value also, but that no change had been made at <br />that time. <br />taxes are $800 higher because his house is in the Hopkins School District. <br />She was not aware of any other properties which had been <br />The Assessors will inspect the premises. <br />€?e recalled <br />Mr. Feinberg said that his house was only worth $122,000 and that his <br />Note was made of the objection by letter of Mr. C. M. Erickson, to his 1976 <br />market value of $68,600 which had-been raised from $64,200 in 1975. <br />perty will be considered with other written objections at a later meeting. <br />This pro-