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1'68 f' 6/10/76 <br />- .. . F- ad gutters and because of the poor water pressure. <br />Assessors have looked at the houses in. the Eorningside area which are under dis- <br />cussion tonight but have not as yet conpluded their analysis. <br />sales of other recently constructed houses in the Morningside area. <br />Mr. Robert L. Mellema, 4208 Grimes Avenue, objected to his market value for 1976 <br />of $84,800 which had been increased from the 1975 market value of $78,770. He <br />said that his lot was marginal, that errors in construction had run up the orig- <br />inal cost of the house, that'there is an easement across the property 2nd that <br />houses in the Morningside area do not command the same prices as houses in other <br />areas of Edina. He sugested that a more realistic market price would be $69,800. <br />Mr. Francis Lang, 6616 Kenny Place objected to his 1976 market value of $160,700. <br />He advised that he had bought his two.lots for $30,000 and that the cost of his <br />house was $92,000. He added that he had spent approximately $5,500 to make the <br />lots buildable. lk. Lang said that the house had been appraised for a mortgage <br />loan at $118,000 on April 8, 1975, but that price had not included the extra lot <br />OF the;sod and the driveway. He said that the contractor had estimated that the <br />cost should be $122,000 on today's market. Mr. Lang left his contract documents <br />for the Assessor to review. Mr. Swanson will also make an inspection of the <br />property. (Owner's value opinion was $130,000.) . <br />hr. Swanson said that the <br />They will check <br />-. <br />. <br />' <br />. <br />-I <br />a <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg then declared the meeting continued to Monday, June 14, <br />1976, at 7:OO p.m. .. <br />-4 YP&,A& City Clerk 'I <br />MINUTES OF THE CONTINUED MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1976, AT 7:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall for the continued meeting of the Board of Rev <br />Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />.. .. ,. <br />Mr. Vernon Holy Jr., 5304 Birchcrest Dr., objected to his 1976 market value of <br />$82,700 which had been increased from $77,080 in 1975. He objected that his <br />valuation is $17,000 higher than a neighboring house that is very little smaller. <br />Mr. Swanson explained the criteria used in determining market value and said <br />that he believes that the value of Mr. Hol's house is somewhat conservative. <br />Discussion ensued ss to the relative value of a swimming pool which Mr. Hol con- <br />tended is often a detriment to the sale of a house. Mr. Swanson pointed out <br />that the value of a pool is determined by using approximately half of the current <br />construction cost. <br />sell at the market value set by the Assessor. <br />. <br />Mr. Hol said that properties in his neighborhood will not <br />Mr. Joel D. Long, 5600 Dundee Road, objected to his 1976 market value of $75,000 <br />which had increased from the $70,970 market value set in 1975. <br />that he had purchased the house in January, 1976, for $65,000 after it had been <br />on and off the market for some time. Mr. Swanson said that he had reviewed the <br />property after the transaction was closed and had found no discrepancy in the <br />market value set by his office. <br />Mr. Donald Johnson, owner of a double bungalow at 6312 Brookview Ave., objected <br />to the 1976 market value of $60,000, recalling that the County had adjusted his <br />value in 1975 to $51,000. <br />Mr. Long said <br />He said that his bungalow was valued $4,600 higher <br />than.any other similar properties in the block, none of which have been sold <br />recently. <br />Mr, Donald Johnson, owner of a double bungalow at 5128-30 Richmond Drive, objected <br />to the 1976 market-value of $44,000, recailing that the County had adjusted his' <br />value in 1975 to $37,700 because of the closeness to the railroad tracks. <br />Mr. William Hope, 6801 Telemark Drive, objected to his 1976 market value of <br />$101,000 which had been increased from the 1975 market value of $94,000. <br />said that he had purchased the house last fall for $94,000, plus $6,000 for <br />personal property which included draperies and furniture. Mr. Hope contended <br />that the fact that his house is in the Hopkins School District hurts the value <br />of the property, <br />with the house for the Assessor's information. <br />He <br />Mr. Hope will bring a list of his inventory of items purchased