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I <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR-MEETING OF THE <br />EDXNA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL, <br />I. <br />SEPTENBER 13, 1976 <br />7:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt and Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of the meetings of August 16, 23 and 30, 1976, were approved as submitted <br />by motion of Councilwoman Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />DOROTHY KATHLEEN BENHAM. CONGGTULATED ON BEING CHOSEN MISS ANERICA. <br />Courtney offered the following resolution of congratulations and moved its adoption: <br />Councilman <br />RESOLUTION OF CONGRATULATIONS <br />WHEREAS, Dorothy Kathleen Benham, a resident of Edina, was crowned Miss America at <br />Atlantic City on September 11, 1976; and -. <br />WHERUS, Dorothy Kathleen Benham displayed great musical talent in the competition <br />for Miss America; and <br />WHEREAS, Dorothy Kathleen Benham fully exemplifies the passage in "Ode to Edina" <br />by the poet, Robert Burns, in which he writes: <br />"Thy daughters bright they walks adorn <br />Sweet as the dewey , milk-white thorn <br />Gay as the gilded summer sky, <br />Dear as the raptur'd thrill of joy!" <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, on behalf of the citizenry, the Edina City <br />Council extends its heartiest congratulations to <br />who, hecause of her beauzy, personality and high standards was named Miss America; <br />and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Edina City Council wishes every success to Dorothy <br />Kathleen Benham as she performs the royal duties of Miss America for the coming <br />year as a representative of Edina and does name her "Envoy Plenipotentiary of <br />Charm" for the City of Edina. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Richards and <br />unanimously carried. <br />DOROTHY KATHLEEN BENHAM <br />1977 BUDGE, 4- PRESENTED. Nr. Hyde the 1977 Budget for Councilts consideration, <br />recalling that by State lag this must be the first order of business at the first <br />regular meeting in September and that the budget must be adopted by October 1. <br />It was announced that a special meeting for consideration of the budget will be <br />held on September 14, 1976, at 4:OO p.m. in the Conference Xoom. <br />COUNTY ROAD 18/VALLEY VIEW ROAD INTERCHANGE DISCUSSED; CUL-DE-SAC TO BE DELETED.' <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg recalled that discussion of Count? Road/Valley View Road <br />interchange plans had been continued from the meeting of August 16, 1976, so that <br />the staff could consider comments made at that meeting. <br />petitions whfch had been received requesting the eliniination of the proposed cul- <br />de-sac at the hairpin curve on Valley View Road and the elimination of the "link" <br />road, so that traffic to and from areas outside of Edina would be discouraged <br />from ushg Edina's residential streets. Ccr;ncil's attention was also called to a <br />memorandum from Mr. Hyde advising that the staff has concurred with a letter of <br />September 1, 1976, signed by an ad hoc group of ten citizens, and has made the <br />following recommendations: 1) elimination of ths construction of the link from the <br />interchange directly East to Braemar Blvd. at this time, with the land required for <br />the link to be retained; 2) that the cul-de-sac on Valley View Road at the hair- <br />pin curve not be iqstalled; 3) that necessary action be pursued to have the West <br />Bush Lake Road/I.larth Road area ramps to 1-494 built. Mr. Hyde said that he did not <br />concur with the recommendation to continue McCauley Trail South beyond Braemar <br />Arena to W. 78th Street, inasmuch as considerable study is required as to feasi- <br />bility, cost, and acceptability by Hennepin County, He suggested that an alternate <br />to that recommendation is to support Eden Prairie's desire to have a W. 78th <br />Street overpass/underpass crossing County Road 16 to connect with the South end of <br />Washington Avenue so that Washington Avenue could serve'as a frontage/access route. <br />Nr.. Hyde advised that the staff reconmends securing the one piece of right-of-way <br />need& for construction of Amundson B'ivd. from Cahill Road to Dewey Hill Road so <br />that n public hearing could be conducted on the proposed construction which could <br />take place in 1977. .Mr. Hyde advised that the staff feels that Dewey Hill Road <br />could then be blocked from the new Amundson Blvd. to Cahill Road, thus discour- <br />aging through traffic. <br />of W. 78th Street' should not be built until lite. 1-494 access problem has been <br />resolved. Mr. Hyde also advised that the planning of theintersection of Valley <br />View Road and McCauley Traii, the tmprovement of safety conditions at the Valley <br />View Road hairpin curve, and a 4-way stop sign at Gleason and Dewey Hill Roads <br />Reference was made to <br />' <br />The pQrtion of road South of Dewex Hill Road and North <br />b