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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUMCIL ilELD AT CITY HALL, <br />SEPTDIBER 20, 1976 <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Hayor Van <br />Valkenburg. <br />I-IORZD LIO'NS SERVICE DAY RECOGNIZED. <br />declaration in recognition of World Lions Service Day: <br />WE live in a world of marvelous technological progress, where continents and <br />oceans can be spanned in mere hours. <br />contact people anywhere in the world in minutes. Men have walked upon the moon. <br />Yet, in ail corners of the earth, poverty, sickness, loneliness and starvation <br />are to be found - lnd millions still need compassion, love, medical care and <br />assistance. <br />IT is toward this objective - service to the'needy of the world - that more <br />than 29,000 Lions Clubs, comprised of more than one million members, are at <br />work in 148 nations and geographical terrltories around the globe. These one <br />million mzn,.unified by humanitarian service, have but one objective: to <br />bring to the needy, sick and lonely in each community, the help and assistance <br />they need to live with grace and dignity. <br />ON October 8, 1976, the 29,000 Clubs of the International AssociatioE of Lions <br />Clubs will meet in their home communities to perform a special act of humani- <br />tarian service. This special act will symbolize the-unity of purpose which is <br />best defined by the motto of the worldwide Lions organization: "We Serve". <br />THE Edina Lions Club will observe this day by kicking off the club's annual <br />Fruit Cake Sale. <br />TEE Edina South Lions Club will observe this day by supporting Fire Prevention <br />Week in Edina with promotion of an early warning fire protection device for the <br />home. <br />TO make all people more fully aware of the significance of the achievements of <br />the Lions Club, members at work today throughout the world, I, James Van Valken- <br />burg as Playor of the City of Edina, do hereby proclaim October 8, 1976, as <br />WORLD LION SERVICE DAY and urge all citizens of Edina to mark this occasion as <br />a special observance in recognition of the numerous services provided by the <br />Edina Lions Cicb to the aeedy, the ill, and the lonely. <br />Councilman Shaw's motion endorsing-the declaration of the Mayor was seconded by. <br />Councilman Courtney and unanimously carried. <br />KRAHL HILL NEIGIFBORHOOD CONTRIBUTION TERMS DETERMINED. <br />advised the Council that Mr. Crane Bodine and Mr. Richard Seaberg have been <br />meeting with residents in the Krahl Hill area,and are now within $4,000 to <br />$4,500 of their goal for their contribu'tion to the purchase of Krahl Hill. Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg recommended that the Council be flexible in view of the near suc- <br />cess of the program so that the matter can be closed by September 22, 197G. Nr. <br />Erickson said that in so doing, the City and Krahl Hill property owners would be <br />acceTting the Commissioners' award and both would waive all rights of appeal. <br />He clarified that the City would then be the owner of the property which will be <br />used f.or open space. Following discussion, Couilcilman Richards moved that: <br />d <br />Piayor Van Valkenburg read the following <br />DECLARATION e <br />I <br />Through modern communications, we can <br />The proceeds of this activity will help build and support the <br />I Lions Children's Eye Clinic and Hospital at the University of Minnesota. <br />.- <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg <br />1) <br />2) <br />30% in cash of the enforceable pledges by paid by September 22, 1976; <br />that the City fund a parr; of the amount required from citizens, but: <br />not to exceed $6,000, with the understanding that all required <br />pledges will still be obtained in a six month period; and <br />that the. City allow substitution of pledges already given with other <br />pledges but without reducing the total pledges below the required <br />.amount. <br />Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw, Van Valkenburg <br />3) <br />Xotion was seconded by Councilman Courtney. <br />*Ayes: <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />Kr. Bodine t7as assured that no interest would be charged on unpaid pledges, <br />thyor Van Valkenburg told Mr. Hyde that, for the time being, the money needed to <br />purchase Krahl Hill should be paid from the Park Bond Fund, but that an analysis <br />would be made at a later date, <br />-ASSESSMENT - BEARINGS CORDUCTED FOR "XkOUS IXF'ROVEMEHTS . <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form axid ordered placed on file. 'Pursuant to <br />due notice given, assessntent hearings were conducted and action taken as herein- <br />after recorded. <br />Affidavits of Eotice were