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00 b Kl M W <br />I <br />.. <br />MINUTES OF. SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING OF <br />SEPTEMBER 21, 1974, <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL, HELD AT cITy IWL ON <br />7:OO P.M. <br />Present were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Nayoy .Van Valkenburg. <br />Presentations requesting funds for the Human Relations Commission and for Youth <br />Action were presented by Mrs. Mary Anderson, Chairman of the Human Relations Com- <br />mission, Mr. Ed Orenstein, Chairman of the Board of Youth Action, and Mr. Steve <br />Lepinski, Director of Youth Action. Council was advised that increases in the <br />budget request of Youth Action was the i-esult of additional staff members, <br />rather than increases in salaries. Youth Action agreed that they would furnish <br />documentation of results of their prograq?, which is funded by the School District, <br />churches, civic organizations and private businesses. <br />the possibility of obtaining Law Enforcement Assistance Act (LEAA) Funds to help <br />to finance Youth Action. <br />The City will look into <br />Mr. Rosland described the present tree program which the City carries on with <br />its two trimming rigs, and advised that a high emphasis is placed on reforest- <br />ation and prevention as well as removal of diseased trees. <br />4214 Sunnyside Road, urged that additional funds be included in the budget and <br />suggested adoption of an ordinance which would permit fining persons for storing <br />elm logs. <br />Mr. Ronald Erhardt, <br />Council adjourned to the Public Works Garage for inspection of vehicles owned by <br />the City and returned to :the City Hall to review budget requests with Mr. Dunn <br />and Ms. Eatko. It was generally decided that 50th and France snow removal.would <br />be done on a contractural basis, rather than by the City. <br />Following genera1,discussion of Police and Fire protection, it was decided to wait <br />for the consultant's recommendations before making a final decision on budget <br />requests. <br />Mr. Hyde said that.Counci1 would receive a report showing the present budget <br />.standing and reflecting cuts made to date at the next meeting, which will be held . <br />OR Monday, September 27, 1976, at 7:OO p,m. <br />The Mayor declared the meeting adjourned at llt55 p.m. <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL BZiDGET MEETING OF <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON <br />SEPTMBER 27, 1976, <br />7:C)O P.M. <br />Present were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg.' <br />Following discussion with C'nief Merfeld during which Council was advised that <br />Youth Action fills a need which other agencies do not fill, Councilman Courtney's <br />motion to give Youth Action $13,800 .in the 1977 budget was seconded by Councilman <br />Shaw and carried. <br />Department functions. <br />whether to join with Bloomington in a combined public he.alth service. <br />requests of all departments having been discussed, Councilman Shaw offered the <br />following resolution and moved its adoption, setting the 1977 mill rate at 8.437 <br />(an increase of 3.97% over the 1976 Budget) and moved its adoption: <br />Mr. Rcsland was present to discuss financing of various Park <br />It ~73s generally decided to continue the decision on <br />The budget' <br />?