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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1977 <br />AT 7 :CO P.M. , AT E"UIXA CITP HALL <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg who served as Board of Review at its meeting which convened. pursuant <br />to "Notice of Board of Revisw Meeting" published in the Edina Sun on May 11, <br />1977, and posted on City Bulletin Boards. The audience was reminded that the <br />purpose of this meeting is to give persons who consider themselves aggr;xed by <br />their assessment, or who wish to complain that the property of another is assessed <br />too low, an opportunity to show cause for having their assessment corrected. <br />Swanson explained that the Assessor is charged with valuing property based on <br />recent sales; <br />Mr. Rick Davies, Vice President of the Edina Coalition, advised that the Coalition <br />has received a number of informal requests to look into the whole question of taxes <br />and valuations and that they will be "reviewing matters further down the road as <br />far as taxing procedures are concerned". <br />Mr. . <br />Mr, Donald Modeen, 5156 Tifton Drive, objected that the market price of his home <br />is too high in comparison with other homes <br />other houses in his neighborhood, along with the valuations placed on them. <br />objected to the inethod of adding a percentage value each year to the market value <br />which, he said, penalized owngrs of higher priced properties. Market price of <br />Mr. Modeen's house was <br />in his area and left pictures of <br />He <br />given at 64,000. <br />14.r. Lewis B. C. Logan, 4909 Hibiscus Ave., objected to his 1977 market value of <br />$64,100, stating that the value should be only.$54,100 because of the noise and <br />other inconveniences from living next to T.H. 100 and because the house itself <br />was built of the cheapest construction and the basement floor is uneven. <br />Logan knew of no other comparable recent sales in his neighborhood. <br />wiL1 inspect the property. <br />Mr. <br />The Assessor <br />Mr. and Mrs. E. J. WSliams, 6237 Darcy Lane, objected to their 1977 estimated <br />market value of $89,900 as being too high to comparable properties, even though <br />they paid $92,500 for the house in March, 1976. Mrs. Williams claimed'that she <br />has been house hunting and found that houses that are selling for over $100,000 <br />have taxes that are less than they are paying. Mr. Williams requested that his <br />house be valued along with three or four other houses. <br />The daughter of Mrs. Charles W. Loufek, claimed that the property of her mother at <br />6600 IGterlachen Blvd. is raw land without roads, sewer or water and that her * <br />property is valued at $60 per acre higher than that of Carl Hansen which is immedi- <br />ately adjacent. Mr. Swanson explained that small portions of property do have a <br />highec <br />special assessments levied against the p,roperty. <br />per unit value than larger pieces of property. He will check on the <br />Ms. Arne11 Jackson, 6325 Peacedale Ave., recalled that she had appeared before the <br />Board in 1976 and expressed her objection to her 1977 market value of $49,800 which <br />had been increased from $46,000 in 1976. <br />income and cannot afford the higher taxes on her home which she compared with sev- <br />eral properties in her area. <br />an illegal fence adjacent to the Crosstown Highway which prevents residents in her <br />neighborhood from walking to Southdale. She also objected to a "junk yard" at the <br />end of Peacedale Ave. and was assured that the-City would check on both matters. <br />The Assessor will review the values of the other properties mentioned by Ms. Jack- <br />son. <br />She objected that she is on a fixed <br />Ms. Jackson also objected to the fact that there is <br />Mr. B. J. Allard, 6021 Zenith Ave., objected to his 1977 market value of $41,700, <br />advising that it had increased 13% over two years ago. He advised that his house <br />is the smallest in the neighborhood and has few of the anenities of surrounding <br />houses. The Assessor will inspect the property. <br />Mr. Wm. T. jardine, 5400 Malibu Dr., objected to his 1977 market value of $91,000 <br />which had been increased from $84,600 in 1976 and requested that a value of $82,000 <br />be placed on the house. Mr. Jardine referred to the Citizens' League survey which <br />appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune which showed that Edina had a higher aggreg- <br />ate assessment/sales ratio than other Hennepin County'municipalities. Mr. Swanson <br />said that he would review Mr. Jardine's home and the materials which he left. <br />' <br />Nr. F. X. McCarthy objected :i/ the market value of $1,030,000 Zor apartments located' <br />at 4200, 4250, 4280 Pnrklawn Ave. and 4415 Parklawti Court, advising that he pur- <br />chased them in June, 1976, for $750,000. Mr. McCartIiy explained that the apartments <br />have consistently lost money inasmuch as they do not have the amenities of neighbor- <br />ing apartments.