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MINUTES OF THE CONTINUED MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD MONDAY, JUNE 27, 1977, at 430 P.M. <br />179 <br />Answering rollcall for the continued meeting of the Board of Review were members <br />Courtney, Richards, Schmidt,. Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />Council reviewed a memorandum from MS. Arlin Waelti about what possible action <br />could be taken by the City to address the inequity caused to the City of Edina <br />in particular and Hennepin County generally by the differences in market value <br />throughout the State. Ms. Waelti pointed out that, assuming an inflationary <br />rate of twelve percent on real property in the City over a given period of time <br />and a statutory limitation of ten percent, the effect would be to eventually <br />reduce the City's limited market value, <br />interested in pursuing this matter.further, officials might 1) meet with inembers <br />of the Department of Revenue staff to disccver what action might be taken; 2) <br />declare the Statute on limited value unconstitutional; and 3) instigate legisla- <br />tive lobbying. <br />after the Managers'meet on June 30, 1977, so that they can respond to questions <br />raised in Mr. Hyde's letter. <br />Discussion ensued as to Ms. Waelti's conclusion that the Board of Review may <br />reduce the entire valuation of the City by no more than one percent of the aggreg- <br />ate assessment made by the Assessor during the year 1977. It vas generally agreed <br />to continue this matter to see what other municipalities are doing to solve the <br />problem. <br />She concluded that if the City is <br />It was generally agreed that the matter be continued until <br />Mr. Hyde invited Council to attend the Managers' Meeting on June 30. <br />Being advised by Assessor Swanson that additional applicatidns for assessment <br />review are still being received, Councilman Richards' motion that applications be <br />closed as of June 28, 1977, was seconded by Councilman Shaw. <br />Ayes: Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />Mr. Swanson presented the foilowing applications for review which had been received <br />after June 13, 1977: <br />. <br />1977 value of $73,200 from $67,800 in 1976, stating his concern about low valu- <br />ations in his area. Mr. Swanson said that he believed that nearby houses might <br />be under valued and that will be revalued during future eazlu- <br />ation of the area. <br />Mr. Robert W. Olson, 5600 Johnson Drive, objected to the increase in his <br />Wickes Furniture Co., 6725 York Ave. S., presented their objection to their <br />market value of $1,500,000 which had increased from $1,355,000 in 1976. He <br />explained that the value was reduced to a figure shown by the Hennepin County <br />Board and further appealed by the owner. <br />analysis does not indicated the property to be overrated. <br />He clarified that the Assessors <br />Mr. Peter Weiss, 5300 Evanswood Lane, objected to his value of $116,700 which <br />had been increased from $112,000 in 1977. Mr. Swanson said that this property <br />would continue to be inspected annually. <br />Mr. Swanson said that Mrs. Thelma Dodge, 5232 Millpond Place, had dropped her <br />objection to her 1977 market value of $31,600. <br />The Board reviewed the adjusted values of the Assessor for persons who had <br />appeared in person or who had written applications at the previous meeting, <br />whereupon Councilman Courtney moved that the recommendations of the Assessor be <br />accepted on all applications including the following whose values had been <br />adjusted by the Assessor: * <br />e <br />Name <br />F. X. McCarthy <br />Address Value <br />4200-50-80 Parklawn Ave.) <br />4415 Parklawn Court 1 $900 , 000 <br />David Thomas Vacant Land on County Road 18 LOO, 000 <br />Thomas P. Keyes 5528 W. 70th St. 49,700 <br />James T. Deusterhoff 6320 Peacedale Ave. 56,500 <br />Knut A. Reishus 7309 Schey Dr. 67 , 900 <br />Joseph Jellen 5221, Minnehaha Blvd. 51,500 <br />Amid D. Adclman 5418 Creek View La. 75 , GOO <br />Note was made of the intention of Mr. William Jarcline, 5400 Malibu Dr., and <br />The Colony at Southdale to appeal their.assessments to Hennepir! County. <br />noted also that Mr. tiedberg, owner of a number of parcels in Southeast Edina <br />are still in Court over their 1976 assessment. <br />Councilman Courtney. <br />It was <br />Notion was seconded by