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270 MINUTES OF Si'ECLU, BUDGET MEETING OF <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HAL,L ON <br />SEPTEFWER 27, 1977 <br />4:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney , Richards , Schmidt , Shaw and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg . <br />Pursuant to due notice given, Council met in special session in the City Hall <br />Conference Room to continue discussion of the 1978 budget. <br />I Assistant Fire Chiefs Frank Wellman, William Hansen and William Feck were pre- <br />sent to answer questions of the Council. <br />equipEent and the importance of a preventative maintenance program. <br />was advised that it is hoped to get into a radio leasing program with Hennepin <br />There was discussion as to age of <br />Council <br />county. <br />Chief Craig Swansm was present to review budget needs for the Police Depart- <br />ment. It was clarified that 1% Money now goes to pay pensions, whereby it <br />previously was used to purchase equipment. <br />is presently waiting for a grant from the Hennepin County Criminal Justice <br />System. <br />mobile radios now in use are effective in only 90% of the City and that the <br />expenditure of approximately $6,000 would permit acquisition of equipment which <br />would make radios now in use 100% effective in the City. Two Community Service <br />Officers were eliminated from the budget. <br />budget request and wks told that plans are being formulated to work with South- <br />dale Center for tornado warnings. <br />of the Animal Control Officer to 60 hours per week so as to free Police <br />Officers for Police business. <br />be recognized periodically by the Council. <br />Chief Swanson also advised that he <br />In response to questions of the Council, the Chief said that Police <br />Council considered Civil ilefense <br />It was also proposed to expand the hours <br />Mr. Hyde recommended that the volunteers should <br />Nr. Hughes reviewed responsibiities for members of the Planning staff, point- <br />ing out that Nr. Craig Larsen is responsible for the various housing assistance <br />programs and Mr. Gary Winter is responsible for Mandatory Land Planning, as <br />well as for H.R.A. projects. <br />for 1978 in accordance with Metropolitan Council directives so as to be <br />eligible for the $10,700 grant. <br />politan Council =til absolutely necessary. <br />staff will be retained in the 1978 budget. <br />It was generally agreed to fund these programs <br />The programs will not be sent into the Metro- <br />All four members of the Planning <br />Mr. Jack Rice, Chairman of the Park Board, expressed concern that City parks <br />might suffer because park personnel are busy reaoving diseased shade trees. <br />The various Park Department programs were reviewed, and several items elim- <br />inated or reduced. <br />Mrs. Mary Ness, Chairman of the Human Relations Commission, introduced Hr. <br />Bernard Greensweig and Mr. Steve Lipinslci of Storefront/Youth Action who spoke <br />of the ongoing need for support by the City for a community based professional <br />counseling service. She deplored the fact that the Human Relations Commission <br />was not at its full complement and said that she would have trouble justifying <br />her proposed budget unless the appointlrents are made to bring the Commission <br />to full s.trength. Mr. Hyde said that, while activity reports of Nr. Sylvester <br />are better, they are.stil1 not as complete as they should be. Suggestions were <br />made that a member of the Huinan Relations Commission attend each Council Meet- <br />ing and that'news from the Commission be included in City News Letters. Mrs. . <br />Ness suggested that a member of the Council be appointed to serve on the Con- <br />mission. Councilman Courtney's motion that $2,400 be allowed in the budget, <br />with an additional $2,600 to be put in the Contingency Fund, was seconded by <br />Councilman Richards and unanimously carried. Mrs. Ness was reminded that <br />Council must approve all Human Relations expenditures. <br />budget of $16,000 was reviewed. <br />Edina is paying a disproportionate share of the cost in comparison with other <br />mmicipalities. Councilman Courtney's motion to approve a budget request of <br />$16,000 €or Storefront/Youth Action was seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt and <br />carried , with Councilman Richards voting "May". <br />Storefront/Youth Action <br />Councilman Richards expressed his concern that <br />. Councilman Richards suggested that a portion of the empl.oyees' Christmas party <br />be funded by the City and asked the staff to see whether or not such expenditure <br />"of public funds would be legal. <br />The Finance Director was asked to provide liability insurance for the CounciL <br />boards, and commissi-ons at a cost of approximately $3,500.