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271 Tlie meeting was declared adjourned at 10:45 p.m. so that the PInnager :111(1 b'in- <br />ancc Director i~i31 be able to prcscnt revised figures which will reslllt 111 a <br />tax levy within statutory liuiits. <br />raising levy limits by means of a reverse referendum. <br />reconvene on September 30, 1977, at 7:30 a.m. in the City HaJ.1 Confcrc*iicc. Room. <br />Also discussed was the possibility 01. <br />The meeting wiJ 1 <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET PEETING OF <br />EDINA CITY COuiKIL HELD AT CITY HALL ON <br />SEPTEMBER 30, 1977 <br />' 7:30 A.M.. <br />hswering rollcsll were members Courtney, Richards, Shaw and Nayor Van Vallcenburg . <br />Council met in special session in the City Hall Conference Room to adopt: the 1978 <br />Budget. <br />Mr. Dalen advised that he had worked out a budget for 1978 which established a <br />mil rate of 8,995 (an increase of 6%% over the 1977 budget. Councilman Courtney <br />then offered the following resolution adopting the 1978 budget and moved its <br />adopt ion : <br />RESOLUTION AIiOPTIhtG BUDGET FOR THE CITY OF EDINA <br />FOR THE YEAR 1978, AXD ESTAJ3LISHIK TAX LEVY FOR <br />THE YEAR 1977 PAYABLE IN 1978 <br />THE CITY COUKC'LT, OF THE CITY OF EDINA? MINNESOTA, DOES RESOLVE AS FOLL(1WS: <br />Section 1. The Eudget for the City of Edina for the calendar year I978 is <br />hereby adopted as hereinafter set forth; and funds axe hereby appropriated <br />therefor : <br />GENERAL WND -- GENERAL GOVERNMENT -- Mayox and Council $ 23,560 <br />Pla nnixrg 75 844 <br />Administration 169,914 <br />Pina nc e 148,828 <br />Assessing , 120,524 <br />Legal and Court Services 78 e <br />Election 35,334 <br />TOTAL GENERAL GOVERNMENT <br />PUBLIC WORKS <br />Administra tZon $ 47,473 <br />En% ineering 224,93 I <br />Highways <br />PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PBOPERTY <br />Police <br />1,326,6 18 <br />$1,407,422 <br />. Fire 738 9 531 <br />Civilian Defense 8,297 <br />Pub lie Rea 1 th 153 046 <br />Animal Control 22,640 <br />Inspec tion 100,150 <br />TOTAL PR.OTECTIOM OF <br />PERSONS AND PROPERTY <br />NON-DEPARTNENTAL EXPENDITURES <br />Contingencies $ 110,000 <br />Settlement of Suits <br />Special Assessments on City Property 80 000 <br />Unallocoted Capital Outlay 2,650 <br />Capita 1 Improvemerits 50,000 <br />Commissions and Special Projects 102,850 <br />2 9 500 <br />TO TAL M 1;s CELL ANEOU S <br />AND CONTINGENCIES <br />$ 652,004 <br />$1,599,022 <br />$2,430,686 <br />'IO"& GENERAL FU2m