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OF THE <br />EDINA CITY <br />Answering rollcall were members <br />Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES <br />REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />DECENBER 5, 1977 <br />Courtney, 'Richards, Shaw and Mayor Van <br />LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS PRESENTATION OF 1978 CALEhDARS was made to the Council <br />by Mrs. Marion White, in.the absence of Mrs. Kay Bach, League President. <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg asked Mrs. White to convey the Council's thanks for the <br />calendars to the League of Women Voters and to express their apprecfation for <br />the League's continuing service to the City. <br />MRS. MARION WHITE COMMENDED. Mayor Van Valkenburg presented Mrs. Marioa White <br />with a Commendation Award from the City of Edina in recognition of her faith- <br />ful service for many years as Council Observer for the League of Women Voters. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811-A CONTINUED TO DECEMBER 19, 1977. Affidavit of Notice was <br />presented by Acting Clerk. Mr. Erickson advised Council that because proper <br />notice had not been given, Council could hear the matter but could not take <br />action. Nr. Hughes presented the petition of Edina Cleaners and Launderers, <br />4500 France Avenue, to amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow laundries as a <br />principal use in C-1 Commercial Districts.' He advised that the proponent had <br />requested permission to expand its present dry cleaning and laundry facilities - <br />into the rear portion of the Westgate Theater Building and had been informed <br />that 1) the existing laundry site and theater are presently zoned C-1, that <br />2) laundries are not an allowable use in C-1 districts and thus the present <br />laundry is a non-conforming use, that 3) 1aundries.are allowed in C-2 districts <br />provided that the rooms containing the laundering process do not exceed 2500 sq. <br />feet. It was determined that the existing establishment contains approximately <br />7000 square feet, with the exact area devoted to laundering processes not <br />determined and the proposed expansion of the laundry facility would add approx- <br />inately 3000 square feet. <br />accomplish the required expansion, the City would have to either rezone the <br />property C-2 or amend the zoning ordinance to allow laundries as a principle <br />use in C-1 districts; and that if either of these actions were taken a variance <br />would be required to exceed' the 2500 square foot limitation. . <br />advised Council that the Planning Commission recommended an ordinance amendment <br />which would allow laundries in the C-1 districts and that a variance be granted <br />by the Board of Appeals. Mr. Howard Dahlgren, representing Mr. Martin Stein, <br />owner of the Westgate Theatre and Mr. Davis Stotts, owner of the Edina Cleaners <br />and Launderers, both being present, presented graphics of the proposed ex- <br />pansion including improvement and landscaping of the existing parking lot and <br />relocation of the loading area to the rear of the building. <br />Council that businesses and residents in the area have been contacted and had <br />signed a letter of support for the proposed expansion. <br />expressed concern regarding the excessive variance of approximately 10,000 sq. <br />feet which would be requested of the Board of Appeals and possible future <br />variance requests in other C-1 districts. <br />was made by Councilman Richards and seconded by Councilman Shaw to continue the <br />matter to December 19, 1977, to provide proper notice and additional time to <br />consider the matter. <br />Staff had further advised the proponent that to <br />Mr. Hughes <br />He informed the <br />Councilman Richards <br />After considerable discussion, motion <br />Ayes: Courtney, Richards, Shaw, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />RYAN CONSTRUCTION COIPANY GRANTED PRELIMINARY APPROVAL OF PRD-3 ZONING; <br />PRELIMINARY PLAT HEARING DATE SET. <br />had last heard this matter, the proponent was able to Lnclude an additional one <br />acre parcel of property into the development proposal, which would bring the <br />total number of townhouse units to 90 for low and moderate income families. <br />He recalled that the Planning Commission in a preliminary review had recommeoded <br />approval of the rezoning for the original 80 units and that the proposal was <br />designed in anticipation of including the one acre parcel at a later date. <br />granted preliminary rezoning by the Council, final plans will be submitted, to <br />the Planning Commission for review. Mr. Hughes also advised the Council. that <br />he had received word from Hennepin County that the tax increment district for <br />southeast Edina, which would include the Ryan deyelopment, was accepted and <br />certified. <br />hearing. <br />on the preliminary plat for the low and noderate income development. <br />Mr. Hughes advised that since the Council <br />If <br />Mr. Alan Schaclcman of Ryan Construction Company was present at the <br />He requested the Council to set a hearing date of January 16, 1978, <br />He was