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107 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />WCH 6, 1978 <br />POLICE RESERVE OFFICERS RECOGNIZED. <br />Edina Police Reserve Officers who have distinguished themselves during the last <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg presented awards to <br />year by providing over 1,800 hours of voluntary service to the community. <br />Mayor expressed the appreciation of the Council and of the citizenry as a whole <br />for the multitude of service projects in which the officers participated. <br />then presented awards to Ronald Craig, Loren Hallonquist, Scott Johnson, Tim Kane, <br />Sandi Quint and Marc Thielman who were present at the meeting, <br />not in attendance but who had also given generously of their time and efforts <br />were Michael Bodeen, Jens Hovelsrud, Lowell Howard and Maryanne McCauley. <br />The <br />He <br />Others who were <br />MRDSEN PROPERTYfROGER FINDELL PROPERTY ZONING CONTINUED TO APRIL 17,.1978, <br />davits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed <br />hffi- . <br />on file. Mr. Hughes presented the request to rezone the 0. Madsen property, <br />generally located North of Dewey Hill Road and West of Cahill Road from R-1 Single <br />Family District to Planned Residential District PRD-3 and the request for plan <br />approval and a zoning change for property owned by Roger Findell (located West of <br />Cahill Road and North and South of Amundson Ave. extended) from R-1 and R-3 Resi- <br />dential District to Planned Residential District PRD-3. Mayor Van Valkenburg <br />explained that, while these hearings will be conducted at this meeting, he believed <br />that no action should be taken until a decision has been reached regarding Amundson <br />Ave. and Delaney Blvd. inasmuch as the zoning and the pdtterns of streets in the <br />area are closely related. He explained that the hearing on the roads would be con- <br />ducted on April 3 and recommended.that the zoning hearings be continued to A?ril 17. <br />Mr. Hughes advised that the Madsen property is located immediately North of the <br />Williarzr Wardwell Lewis Park West of Cahill Road and does not have frontage on a <br />public street at the present time. He advised that the proponents have requested <br />PRD-3 zoning to allow construction of two 60 unit three story condominiums,. <br />that the City has retained right-of-way across this property for Amundson Ave., and <br />that access to the buildings is proposed to be from Cahill Road by way of a 60 foot <br />wide roadway easement which was granted by the City at the time property was <br />acquire'd for William Wardwell Lewis Park. He clarified that there is a 75 foot <br />publicly otmed strip of land. between the subject property and Lanham Lane. He. <br />recalled that the Southwest Edina Plan not only includes Amundson Ave., but also <br />Stipulates that the land lying West of Amundson Ave. should be dedicated for public <br />park purposes. Mr. Hughes pointed out that the plan now under consideration does <br />not include that dedication but would, in fact, have one of the condominiums loc- <br />ated in that area. Council was also advised that the staff has calculated that <br />there should be only 60 to 61 units on the site, rather than the 120 units pro- <br />posed. Mr. Hughes recalled that the Planning Commission had reviewed the proposal <br />on January 4 and had referred the matter to the Council with the comment that it <br />believed that some resolution of the Amundson/Delaney roadway decisions would have to <br />be reached prior to further review of the plan on their part. Mr. Stanley Taube <br />representing Lanvesco Corp., the developer, introduced architect Ronald Erickson <br />who presented a model of the proposal, showing access from Cahill Road with a <br />circular drive to each building. Mr. Erickson said that it is proposed to create <br />a pond froni the existing swamp, that the buildings will be a.tota1 of 165 feet <br />from the <br />elevation of the houses on Lanham Lane. Neighbors were assured that residents will <br />not be permitted to park their cars outside during the night and that there will be <br />no campers or trailers permitted. <br />that he will be living on Lanham Lane <br />area. He said that the staff had recommended to t! Commission' <br />that the proposed zoning be denied and that neighbors concur with the following <br />reasons: <br />the proposal does not conform to the density reduction plan; and 3) the proposal <br />does not conform to the Southwest Edina Plan which provides for park property <br />West of proposed Amundson Ave. <br />the fourth reason set forth by the Planning Commission (that roadway easements for <br />Amundson,Ave. need be retained - and the building does infringe on the roadway <br />easement) because they think that the Amundson roadway easement must be abandoned. <br />Mr. Winnick pointed out that neighbors would be looking dotm upon the roof of the <br />buildings in an area that they were led. to believe was to be retained as parkland. <br />Mr. Winnick objected to the impression that the buildings are 165 feet away from <br />the homes, stating that they are only 105 feet away, <br />that, under the Southwest Edina Plan, only twelve units are permitted per acre on <br />the subject property and that only 60 units would be allowed for the area if the <br />density reduction formula adopted more recently by the Council is followed. <br />. <br />adjacent property lines and that the buildings will be 24 feet below the <br />Mr. Stephen Winnick, 7004 Bristol Blvd., said <br />and spoke on behalf of residents in the <br />1) the proposal does not conform to the Open Space Committee Report; 2). <br />Mr. Winnick said that neighbors do not agree with I <br />Councilman Courtney recalled