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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1978 <br />AT 4:OO P.?f., AT EDINA CITY HALL <br />188 <br />* <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg wino served as Board of Review, which meeting convened pursuant to <br />"Notice of Board of Review Meeting" published in the Edina Sun on May 3, 1978, <br />and posted on City Eulletin Boards on April 29, 1378. <br />that the purpose of this meeting is to give persons who consider themselves <br />aggrieved by their property assessment, or who wish to complain that the pro- <br />perty of another is assessed too low, an opportunity to show cause for having <br />their assessment corrected. bfr. Johnson explained that the Assessor is charged <br />with valuing property based on recent sales, Assessor Johnson also explained <br />that residential property values have been increased over 1977 values by 20%'on <br />land and by 15% on structures, resulting in increases of 14 to 18% with an <br />average increase of 16%. <br />i <br />The audience was reminded <br />I <br />Mr. Stanley Tabor, 5709 DeVille Dr., referred to his letter to the Council <br />dated May 25, 1978, in which he referred to an article in the Minneapolis Trfbune <br />which indicated that his taxes on his house would have been $157 less had he <br />lived in Shorewood, rather than in Edina.. Nr. Tabor was reminded that the issue <br />at this meeting is whether the property has been properly assessed and that, if <br />there is a difference, to show where the Assessor is wrong. Mr. Johnson said <br />that tir. Tabor was referring to 1976, rather than 1977 figures and that the 1977 . <br />were not yet available. <br />labeled "Tax Court" which is a part of the 1977 study, but which uses more cur- <br />rent sales than the study which will come from out through the Citizens' League <br />for which he has been waiting. <br />which is considerably lower than the 94.6% referred to by Mr. Tabor. <br />Johnson also noted that the chart referred to "estimated market value", whereas <br />the chart referred to by Mr. Tabor was for "limited market value". <br />that the estimated-market value of Mr. Tabor's house was $126,000. <br />Mr. Gerald Rauenhorst, 5151 Blake Road, wzs represented by Mr. George Connor,'who <br />asked that Mr. Bauenhorst's objection to the market value of $448,600 be noted. <br />Mr. Johnson referred to a chart provided by the State <br />He noted that the ratio on "Tax Court" is 87% <br />Mr. <br />It was noted <br />Hr. Keese L. Bevan, 6308 Chowen Ave. S., 'objected to the estimated market value <br />of $57,900 on his property, advising that he believed 'that the proper value <br />would be $52,100, based particularly on the fact that the house is in the Rich- <br />field School District. The Assessor will inspect the property. <br />Mrs. Henry Lemmerman, 7120 Glouchester Dr., objected to her estimated market <br />value of $62,600, stating that she believed that the value should be $53,800. <br />Mrs. Lemmerman said that they had paid $74,000 in December, 1977. <br />will inspect the property. <br />Mr. Craig Harringtbn, 7321 Corneli'a Drive, said that he objected to "equity", <br />rather than the actual assessed valuation. .He contended that houses of new <br />construction have a higher percentage of value than older houses. <br />ton gave the Assessor ratio studies showing ratios lower on other properties <br />than the ratio of $79;500 assessor's value to his own appraisal of $83,500. <br />The Assessor <br />Mr. Harring- <br />. . <br />Mr. Albert S. Campbell, 7312 Glouchester Rd.,. objected to his markat value of <br />$93,500, which, he claimed, was built for $76,000. <br />ations of other similar properties, <br />owning a newly constructed house. <br />14r. Jeffrey Jonswold, <br />$77,500. <br />rate than older houses. Nr. Jonswold said that he concurred with other property <br />Mr. Johnson said that he would like to inspect the house again. <br />Mr. Robertxerrif%eld, 6000 Kaymar Drive, had appeared and filled out a slip <br />indicating his objections to the market value of $68,900 for his property. <br />left before this property came up for discussion but had stated that he believed <br />that the market value for his house should be $65,000 based on its proximity to <br />Vernon Ave. and to the gas statian, <br />>Ire George Fisher, 7000 Tupa Drive, objected to his estimated market value of <br />$159,400. <br />should be reduced and cited other houses to prove his point. Mr. Fisher said <br />that he would give copies of his 1f.L.S. offerings and sales to Nr. Johnson. Mr+ <br />Johnsol1 <br />question. <br />He reviewed assessed valu- <br />He claimed that he is being penalized for <br />7320 Cornelia Dr,, objected to his market value of <br />He complained that new construction is consistently valued at a higher <br />. owners who had contended that Edina is out of line with other municipalities. <br />He <br />r <br />He-said that he believed that the estimated value on his home <br />invited-Mr. Fisher to stop^in the office and review the properties in