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MINUTES OF SPECIN, l4EEZ'ING <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />JUNE 15, 1978 <br />Pursuant to due notice given, Council convened in special session immediately <br />following adjournment of the Board of Review. <br />HOXER R. RINNEY APPOINTED TO HEALTH ADVISORY CONMITTEE. <br />aRpointment of Mr. Homer R. Kinney to succeed Dr. Cardle as a member of the Health <br />Advisory Committee. I a- Councilman Richards'.motLon <br />-*Ps seconded by Councilman Shaw confirming the Mayor's recommendation of the <br />Ayes: Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Shaw, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />MORNINGSIDE TREE PROBLEMS DISCUSSED. <br />the questions arising in regard to boulevard trees in the Plorningside area. <br />Discussion was generally had relative to <br />Coundil was advised ;hat residents have'been objecting to the proposal to remove <br />certain trees in connection with the street and sidewalk improvements. <br />act ion was taken . No formal <br />COUNCIL PICTURES REQUESTED. <br />selves which can be used for a display in the lobby of the Council Chambers. <br />Council was requested to furnish pictures of them- <br />No further business appearing, the Mayor declared the meeting adjourned at 6:lO <br />1, <br />D .m. .. JL B- 4.L/ <br />City Clerk <br />i