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206 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />7:OO P.M. <br />c <br />JUNE 26, 1978 <br />Edina City Council met in special session pursuant to due notice given. <br />ing rollcall were members Courtney, Schmidt, Shaw and Mayor Van Valkenburg <br />Answer- <br />MORNINGSIDE AREA TREE AND LIGHTING CONTRACT WITH N.S.P. DISCUSSED. Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg recalled that at the Regular Meeting of June 19, 1978, Council had <br />continued the matters of boulevard trees and the Northern States Power Lighting <br />contract for the Morningside area to this Special Meeting. Mr. Rosland reviewed <br />the general policy proposed by the City, advising that every effort will be made <br />to save each tree that was originally marked with green paint. He explained <br />the possibility that the trees would be more apt to be blown down in a severe <br />storm if the roots are cut, but that the City will try to narrow some streets <br />and widen some boulevards to minimize this possibility. <br />reviewed his discussion with Northern States Power Company officials during which <br />he was told that N.S.P. could not consider replacing the system with underground <br />wires unless the additional cost would be borne by the benefiting customers. It <br />was pointed out that the system is in generally good condition, with approxi- <br />mately 25 years of useful life remaining. Mr. Rosland advised that it would <br />cost approximately $1,500 per lot adjacent to Morningside Road to remove the <br />existing overhead line and replace it with an equivalent underground system. <br />Additionally, each customer receiving service off of the line on Morningside <br />Road would have to have an electrician rewire their service to accept the under- <br />ground service lateral and install the meter outside the hohse. <br />wiring satisfies the current National Electric Code standards, it is estimated <br />that this would cost approximately $300 per home, with an additional cost of <br />approximately $1,000 if the wiring were not up to code. Residents were also <br />advised of an additional charge of $2.40 per month for the underground service. <br />Council's attention was called to a tabulation of responses to a poll taken-from <br />50 to 60 homes in the area, which tabulation showed that most residents favored <br />a four foot sidewalk and restricting parking to one side of the street only. <br />Residents were advised that telephone lines will be installed underground >ecause <br />Northwestern Bell already has conduit underground in the area. <br />that he would check to see why Northern States Power could not run their lines <br />in the existing conduit. <br />authority to assess the installation of underground wiring against benefited <br />property owners. Mr. John Maloney, 4014 Sunnyside Road, expressed concern <br />about the number of poles in his block and was assured by Mr. Rosland that he <br />would talk to N.S.P. about reducing the number. Mr. Lee Pertl, 4309 Morningside <br />Road, objected to electric lines in front and behind his house. <br />recalled that there would be a charge to change the service and that all neigh- <br />bors would have to be agreeable to this charge. <br />Ave., was told that the City has tried to control the spread of Dutch elm dis- <br />ease through a sanitation program but had not used any attempts at chemical ~ <br />control. In response to a question of Mr. Richard Novak, Mr. Rosland recalled <br />that, if the city removes trees for construction, they will be replaced by the <br />City with a 2% inch tree. He explained that if the tree is removed because of <br />Dutch elm disease, it will fall under the general reforestation policy of the <br />City. He added that people could buy and plant their own trees if they wish. <br />Mr. Rosland emphasized that it would be the homeowners' responsibility to pay <br />for any future damage to curbs and sidewalks which might be caused by tree roots. <br />The Engineering Department recorded all requests concerning boulevard trees and <br />agreed to do as residents wished in all cases. Following discussion, it was <br />generally decided that a decision as to whether there should be sidewalks on <br />ynn Avenue and on the West side of Crocker Ave. will be determined at a later <br />date. Councilman Courtney's motion was seconded by Councilman Shaw, approving <br />the following street widths: <br />I <br />Mr. Rosland also <br />If their <br />Mr. Rosland said 1 It was clarified that the Council does not have the <br />Mr. Rosland <br />Mr. Alden Stafford, $226 Grimes <br />I Sunnyside Road - 28 feet, widening to 38 feet at France Ave. <br />TJ. 44th Street - 30 feet, widening to 36 feet at Eton Place and to 40 feet <br />a$ France Ave. <br />Morningside Road - 30 feet, widening to, 34 feet adjacent to Edina Morningside <br />Church <br />Branson St. - 24 feet <br />Littel St. - 24 feet <br />W. 40th St. - 30 feet <br />Eton Place - 28 feet <br />W. 42nd Street - 30 feet, widening to 32 feet adjacent to Morningside School <br />Alden Drive - 24 feet <br />Crocker Ave. - 26 feet <br />Curve Ave. - 25 feet <br />Kipling Ave. - 30 feet